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chapter 18 : Archer & Healer

It was supposed to be like any other day, meeting up with friends, eating together and hunting monsters in the dungeon to earn a bit of coin to last us another week or so. Everyday was an adventure, that was until a giant cube of light started to appear in the sky and quickly descending upon us.

Our group started to panic and entered the unexplored labyrinth which the guild cautioned us to be wary of. However, because of the unknown magic threatening to end our lives, we were forced to enter the labyrinth to take shelter. We went deep inside, avoiding some of the straggling monsters until we reached a good enough distance away from the entrance of the labyrinth.

Then, when it descended. We were surprised that the light was slowly getting closer and coming from the walls and the ceiling, desperate to save our lives we went even deeper into the tunnels, until the light completely devoured us. The light was warm and gentle like a parent hugging its child, it was a good feeling.

When the light soon vanished, we realized the mistake that our small group have done. Different monsters were coming in from all directions, we tried to break our way towards the exit but their numbers were increasing by the minute, with no where else to go, we decided to go even deeper, into the abyss, inside the unexplored Perdulin's Labyrinth.

My name is Reina a healer and my friend Sylvia is an Archer, this is our story.

Cocks, cocks, everywhere I look.

I'm not sure how long it has been since these disgusting monsters started to defile our bodies. judging from the smile on this guys face, it looks like they don't plan on letting us rest.

I'll try and think of other things just to get my mind off from what is happening to us.

I'm starting to remember the face of a young adventurer.

his name is Kaito, he was a kind and honest man.

a good person and a good leader that protected his party members.

I was surprised when he first approached me and confessed his feelings for me, i was really happy because I liked him as well, however, since  my friend Sylvia also harboured feelings for him too, I was reluctant to answer him.

If I had known that this was going to happen to us, I should have given him my first, instead of this ugly Orc. I'm sure having sex with him would have felt wonderful, and I would look back on it as a precious memory until the day I died

I could still remember it clearly,  Kaito was looking at me when he was slashed in his gut by a sword, and a giant spiked mace smashed his head completely. its his fault for being careless, I  wanted to scream but if I started to panic the rest of our group would fall without my support, I guess it was useless though, the last two men in our group was easily disposed of and both Sylvia and me have to suffer this hell because of their weakness.

ahh I guess he's coming again, this ugly orc has been using my mouth as a cum bucket ever since we started.

I try to relapse back to me own little world but the constant pounding on my pussy and ass is preventing it.

two fully grown orcs are taking turns slamming their cocks inside me and pumping me with this white sticky liquid.

some of the Orcs even got impatient and now i'm using both my hands to stroke their huge cocks.

The same hands that touched Kaito's face when I told him to wait for my answer.

I have to endure this, if I do everything that they want, they would atleast let us live, this hope was the only light that I have other than Kaito's headless body that lay lifeless infront of us. If we manage to keep our lives, we can eventually find a way to escape.

This was the only thing going on in my mind as of the moment, the world was funny, who knew that the guy I loved would die the next day after he confessed his feelings, I would have started laughing if it wasn't for the cock lodged in my mouth.

I guess its only natural for the white haired girl and her group to abandon us, if they decided to help its possible that they would end up the same way that we did.

suddenly the three Orcs released me and layed me on floor, I thought they were going to allow me some rest but then another Orc raised both of my legs and inserted his huge cock inside my wet pussy.

It was a lot bigger than the rest and I almost screamed out when he started pounding me, I kept on telling myself that I had to endure, but then my body began to react to his huge member.

no, this isn't good, it doesn't feel good at all.


" I'm cumming! I'm cumming!!! from his huge cock!!! Ahnnn~ "

" Ahn~ Ahnnn~ fuhehe.... "

I look to the side after hearing another woman's voice and saw the lewd smiling face of my friend Sylvia. In that moment, I lost all hope, it was over for us, who am I kidding, we will never be able to escape these monsters, and I was probably making the same face that she was while being raped.

That was when I heard voices, I thought that I was going crazy, but the voices of two laughing and screaming women was getting closer and closer, and one by one the Orcs fell, some Orcs began to make angry sounds and grunting until the group that was raping us moved towards the direction of whatever it was.

" Die! Die!! Die!!! Ahahaha!

" Ugly pieces of shit need to be killed! Ahahah!

" Weeeee Weeee Weeee!!! Ahahaha!

" Save some for me! Ahahaha!!!

We stayed there, too tired to even stand up, and we listened to the screams of the Orcs as they were killed.

I reached out my hand and grasped Sylvia's, she then looked at me and started to cry while saying my name.

" hik.....hik....Reina.......Reina...... "

" I'm right here Sylvia, I'm right here. "

Soon enough, the figure of our savior came to our sight, It was the white haired girl!!! she was wearing a strange set of armor that only protected her hands and feet, and her slender body was visible from the thin white fabric that was sticking to her skin completely, she looked at us with an angelic face but her cold blue eyes told us that she was no Angel.

Sitting between me and Sylvia, she placed her small hands on top of our abdomen then proceeded to say a few words.

" This is going to hurt a bit, but its better than getting pregnant with an Orc, please endure this as much as possible, I don't want you both to die on me after all the trouble I went through just to save you. "

then, she used lightning magic on us both and we immediately lost consciousness, that was the last thing that I remembered.

chapter end




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