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chapter 17 : I love you

- Aria

When we got back to the Labyrinth, we were greeted by the crying face of Kim as the unconscious body of Centor lay before her. To my suprise, it had not even passed a long time since Athen and I entered the custom battlefield. Meaning, it was like the time inside that place was a lot faster in comparison to the outside. So I made a mental note to myself to do my homework and studying there if I ever get the chance.

I really wanted to run up to Kim and hug her right there and then because I was relieved that nothing bad happened to her, but I didn't, I was afraid that she would slap me again. It wasn't because I was traumatized or anything, but since I was dragging a naked red haired woman by her hand on the floor of the dungeon, it would definitely lead to a lot of questions and those questions will end up with me being hit yet again.

Athen was right when she said I had no luck when it comes to interpersonal relationships with other people. I realized it a long time ago, even before I came to this place, but what can I do? I know that what I did to her was probably wrong... okay I was wrong and I admit it. There, happy now? I tried getting along with others but somehow in the end, i'm left alone or abandoned, so I tried to get what I want using a more direct approach.

Taking her by force was a bit extreme now that I think about it, but whats the difference? Those bandits would have taken her anyway if I just took a blind eye to everything and ignored them. Its not like i'm treating her badly. I just..... I just wanted to be with someone..... I wanted to have a friend, I wanted someone to care for me... I just wanted someone to love me!!! Is that so much to ask from someone who practically saved your fucking life!?

In the end, it didn't work out the way I had imagined it while playing Sims on my terminal, people are a lot more complicated than what I previously thought, raising intimacy with someone isn't as simple as a game, and since I was wrong, its only proper that I straightened things out.

It was time for us to part ways, I wouldn't want this incident to repeat itself where I was almost killed, so the best choice of action would be to banish her back to her parent for all eternity, and because I have someone else to replace her I would forget about her soon enough, like the saying goes. " time heals all wounds. "

That is the reason why i'm currently dragging this woman's body back to base camp. She's a lot higher than me with regards to level, but If she does something stupid my new skills will ensure that I have the upper hand. Prim is not a mage so I can deal with her level of magic just fine, physical attacks are somewhat no longer my concern since my guns "Ebony & Ivory" can cover that department.

Now the problem at hand, is how do I explain all of this to Kim without her getting angry. Oh shit! she's coming, think Aria, think!!!

" Oneechan~ whats this about? why is she still alive!? " she was obviously upset.

" Kim, I think we need to talk about this after we get out of this place. "

" Why is that woman still alive after what she did to Centor!!! " now she's crying again.

" Kim please calm down... "

The next thing I saw was Kim drawing her sword and getting ready to strike her unconscious enemy, her eyes were filled with so much hate that I was taken a back by it. however I quickly recovered and casted my mana barrier around me and Prim. She was suprised when an invisible wall caught her sword slash, then she glared at me from her side.

" why!? Why!!! haven't you killed her!? "

" I'm sorry Kim, but I plan on keeping her. " I said this like a matter of fact.

" AHahaha!!! what is she a pet!? " she laughed histerically.

" No Kim, she's your replacement... "

I looked at her straight in the eye, and she seemed to calm down a bit or maybe something else entirely I wasn't sure, I no longer wanted to dwell on it.

Dragging Prim's body, I passed her without taking another glance at her face, she just stood there for a moment then started following us from behind.

By this time, Centor has already been healed completely by Athen so I moved right beside him and plucked a few of his feathers until he finally woke up from dreamland.

Surprised and at the same time shocked by the other figure that I was holding on to, he wanted to say something but he didn't continue and just looked back at Kim who was also standing right beside him with an empty expression on her face.

Then, I motioned for Centor to carry the unconscious red head on his back and attempted to tease him a little to help lighten up the mood.

" wow you lucky bastard! who knew there would come a day when a beautiful woman would be all over you. " I said this with a smile on my face.

" Yeah i'm so lucky, I cant seem to separate myself from her even if I wanted to. " Then Centor looks at me like he wanted to protest but I just ignored him.

Going back was a bit difficult if I may say so myself, the amount of monsters were to much for an ordinary group of adventurers. I made short work of anything that stood in my way using my [ chain lightning ] spell but i'm not sure if other people would manage like we do.

My suspicions were correct, when we came upon a group of Orc's fighting a small party of human adventurers, sorry I need to correct myself, the battle was probably already over because all the warriors were dead and lying on the bloody floor and all that was left was a female healer and a female archer, the Orcs was looking at them with hungry eyes and their saliva was dripping everywhere.

Both the healer and archer were easily disarmed of their weapons and the Orcs were laughing amongst themselves. I was like, Oh I think I know where this is going.

I'm not really a big fan of Hentai but curiosity got the better of me and I watched a few of them back in my world surfing the net after getting bored of playing all the games on my tablet pc. A particular scene came back to my memory when I saw the group of Orcs and the now crying women.

The females tried to resist desperately but the strength of the Orcs were too much for them. Then the Orcs proceeded to taking off the the two women's clothes, That was when the female healer took notice of me and my group, she looked at me with pleading eyes filled with tears and was screaming out the words " Please Help Us! "

I was shocked! like wow!!! how could they have the audacity to ask help from a 15 year old girl who was also in the process of guarding a severely wounded  red haired woman. accompanied by 2 oversized birds and another girl who was younger than me.

What can we do? It wasn't my problem and I have no obligation to save them, I've had enough personal experience with Kim to know that helping others won't do me any good, except give me lonely nights and a bed wet with my tears. No, sorry, not gonna happen. Nuh uh, no way, I've had enough.

The two women were crying out and asking for help while the Orcs started to explore their anatomy, licking every nook and cranny, Then the Orcs began to undress and thats when I saw it. " What the Fuck!? " I screamed these words inside my head while maintaning my poker face and indifference, " Those things are Huge, I dont think its going to fit. "

This was the time when I decided...

To turn around...

And pretend I didn't see anything...

and start thinking about other things like flowers, pony's, and teddy bears...

I was about to walk away, but Kim suddenly grabbed my arm. Looking at her, I noticed that she was trembling a little and looking at my eyes like a puppy, then she said to me...

" Aren't we going to save them? " she then held on to my arm even tighter.

" This is the true color of this world, If you try and save them, i'm sure that you will only die and accomplish nothing. "

" Please, save them Aria!!! " she screamed at me with tears in her eyes.

Well, well, well, what do we have here. It seems that a certain someone is trying to pass on the responsibility that she chose to take and give it to the next capable person. I'm sure back in my world, she would be perfect for a managerial position in a company, but sad to say this and that are two different things.

" Listen to me Kim..... no...... Elena this is the way the world works, its always been like this, you never suffered that fate so there is no need for you to feel this way, those Orcs are different from the Bandits that attacked you and your fathe... "

before I could finish my dialogue with her the loud moaning of the women distracted me and I reflexively looked back towards them.

Seeing their stupid crying faces as the Orcs begun putting their cocks inside the women's pussy and their moaning sound made me feel disgusted.

Female healer: " Noo!!! ahn~ ahn~ stop please no!!! take it out!!!

Female archer: " Kyaaa!!! dont put it in meee!!! Iyaa!!! ahn~ ahn~ no!!! Please someone help us!!!

then the Orcs plugged the women's  mouth with their cocks, and all you could hear were gurgling sounds and liquids spurting.

For someone who is being raped by a large group of Orcs that numbered close to three hundred, i'm not sure if those two will last the entire day, but its not my problem, so i'm just gonna ignore it.

Kim suddenly fell on her knee's with a shocked expression on her face, so I placed my hand on top of her head and patted it softly and told her the words that came to my mind during that time.

" This would have happened to you as well if I hadn't saved you back then, but because you looked so much like my bestfriend I couldn't bring myself to abandon you to the wolves, so I took care of you. don't worry, I wont let something like this happen to you Elena, until I successfully give you back to your father I will protect you so cheer up. "

Then a group of twenty Orcs begun closing in on our position, they had the same dirty looks in their eyes while brandishing their weapons and their saliva was dripping on the floor like crazy.

" Ho...... whats this? you guys want to do perverted things to us too? " I looked at the incoming group with an amused expression.

" Sqwueeekkk!!! "

"Squeek Squeekkk!!! "

They made sounds like a pig would make, back in my world and I didn't understand what they were saying. Not that I was interested in any of it.

I raised my right hand and said the words [ Flame Wall ] and with a snap of my fingers, a giant wall of flames came out of the ground and burned all the ugly disgusting critters coming towards us, soon the smell of fresh roasted pork filled the air. satisfied with myself I began walking away.

" That wall of flame would give us some time to retreat, and those two women are sacrificing themselves in order for us to escape this dungeon, lets not waste their efforts, we have to live on, this is what they would have wanted. "

The group soon followed me with Kim in tow, and the voices of the two crying women soon faded the further we walked, and as if it were a distant memory in the past, I soon forgot about them when we finally reached the exit.

Seeing the sunlight again, I felt happy, with a smile on my face, I grabbed one of Kim's hand and said to her.

" Isn't this day great!!! you'll finally be able to meet your father again, I'm so happy for you. "

She just stared at me with a blank exression, Kim looked like she wanted to say a few words to me but I stopped her by putting my finger on top of her lips to prevent her from speaking.

with an even brighter smile on my face I said to her.

" I love you "

chapter end




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