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chapter 16 : Heaven's Ladder


This is interesting, never in my wildest imagination that I would face such a powerful opponent. Her cold blue eyes that seem to stare at my very soul, fills me with such an uneasy feeling and doubt in myself, but it also gives me a sense of excitement that I have never felt before. I can't believe that this girl could have this much power at such a young age. The world truly is vast, her strength far surpasses the other one wearing black armor with the strange mount, I wonder what is their relationship with one another. So many questions, I'll have her answer all of them once I finish beating her into a pulp.

" I have to admit that you are really strong, if I dont push myself to the limit, I dont think I will be able to defeat you. "

I said to the white haired young girl, while looking at her.

" Which is why.... "

I begin pouring my mana towards my weapon "White Rose"

" I won't hold myself back anymore, try not to get killed okay? ( smiles )



Why did I end up in this sticky situation? I was having a wonderful dream just a while ago, now i'm faced with a red haired woman playing with fire. I'm not sure if I should be afraid of the white flames coming from her blade or those ridiculously large pair of breast's of hers, but one thing is certain, if I get hit by either one, it will be all over.

This is the world where I live in, only the strong will prevail. Its a good thing my guns are able to keep up with her, but a single mistake will prove to be fatal. what's taking Athen so long??? I'm walking in a tight rope with my life on the line here.

" Aichan~ can't you do something about this? I'm in serious trouble, that red haired woman may seem calm on tbe outside but I have a feeling she's already killed me a number of times in her head. "

[ leave it to me! ]

[ dialing........ ]

[ uhm.... hello? is this the funeral services? ]

[ I would like to order one medium sized coffin. ]

[ yes thank you, ah? a color? one moment. ]

[ Dear owner, would you like it to come in Pink or White? They gave us a 10% discount too. ]

" Seriously!? now is not the time for jokes!!! she's coming!!! "

The two floating rings rotating around Aria suddenly changed into the color of red and the words [ Danger! ] were written on it! with the sound of warning signals.


Prim, stabbed her blade towards the ground and suddenly, three sets of magic circles appeared on the floor of the valley, from underneath her feet, a tornado of white flaming roses begin forming around her and Immediately shot out towards towards Aria's direction.

Aria countered by stomping on the ground, causing a large piece of earth to come up and she kicked it towards the flames.

The flames devoured the giant boulder like it was nothing, and flew straight towards her!

She managed to evade by jumping back while firing her pistols "Ebony & Ivory" causing the flames to dissipate a little.

Aria: " I guess the runes bullets seem to have some effect on the flames. "

Prim: " I'm not done yet! "

The flames coming from Prim's blade got bigger and tried to coil around Aria! when she escaped again, the flames separated into seven parts and tried to attack Aria from all directions!

Aria: " Hih!!! hot! hot!! hot!!! "  *bang!*  *bang!*  *bang!*

Aria fired an endless barrage of bullets while jumping around and evading the hot streams of white flames. The flames get pushed back whenever the bullets hit it, giving Aria a bit of relief.

but Aria made a mistake when she jumped up carelessly, she was trapped, the flames cornered her up in the air! with no way to avoid it, Aria gritted her teeth and prepared for the worst.

Prim: " I got you now!!! " a grin showed in her face when her flames were about to hit her enemy!

* Tring! *

Aria: " huh!? " hmm......

The white flames converged in the sky where Aria was, and a Big Explosion of Magic soon followed! The impact caused the air to be pushed back throwing away some soldiers and knights, even the undead was not exempted and they were sent flying a few meters because of it. A giant crater was also in the middle of ground zero while smoke and dust filled the air.

A gigantic light in the shape of a Cross was also hovering in the sky, that seemed to be a reminder of what lies underneath all the rubble.

Prim: " <White Rose>, my ultimate attack. Holy magic infused with my mana and strength. It was a good fight, I will always remember you Unnamed white haired girl. "

Skeleton King Leonidas: " Noooooo!!!!!! " the skeleton fell on his knee's while looking up in the air.

Skeleton Commander: " Its all over.... " tears were falling from his none existent tear ducts.

Skeleton Warrior: " this isn't happening! " staring at the sky with a blank expression.

Skeleton Soldier: " clack clack clack! " facing the ground and clutching the earth tightly.

Skeleton Berserker: " Ahahahaha!!! " laughing and crying at the same time.

Suddenly, from the smoke and crater.

A small figure was seen walking nonchalantly towards Prim Valentine and her men.

when the north wind blew, it revealed the white haired girl with her twintails swaying in the wind, alive and kicking!

Aria: " Hehe! some lame ultimate attack... " puffing up her developing breasts.

Prim Valentine: " Impossible!!! " shocked! her legs were shaking visibly.

[ notice! ]

[ the terminal has provided you with new and improved skills! ]

[ Mental Barrier ]

[ Absolute Magic Immunity ]

[ Int-body has been upgraded into Int-barrier ]

[ Mental Barrier ] the power of the mind over everything!

reduces physical and magic damage recieved, affected by your intelligence, can be stacked with mana barrier.

passive skill: lvl1

[ Absolute Magic Immunity ] no offensive magic can damage you for a duration of 5 secs.

active skill: mana cost 100,000
cooldown: 24 hrs.

[ Int-body ] increases physical defence, affected by your Intelligence. ( passive skill )

Upgrading Skill [ Int-body ] to [ Int-barrier ]

[ Int-barrier ] Absorbs large amounts of Physical and Magical damage from all sources, affected by Intelligence.

passive skill: lvl1

[ status ]

Aria [ Fallen Student of Sakura Gakuen ]
lvl 79
hp: 490/500
mp: 251,467/450,810

str: 100
dex: 100
agi: 100
vit: 50
int: 464
luk: 1


Seeing as her opponent wasn't killed and on top of that, only acquired a few minuscule burns, Prim lost all color on her face. This was an attack that gave her the name white flame executioner but it was just waved off like it was nothing. The proud member of the sacred blades failed to accomplish killing the unknown enemy infront of her, causing the moral of the entire army to plummet!

" Knight " this is unreal!

" Priest " the executioner's attack magic failed!?  "

" Soldier " I have to get out of here! "

" Acolyte " monster!!! that girl is a Monster!!! "

Chaos spread throughout the units like wild fire, unrest, fear, disorder and confusion! plagued their minds.

" Prim " Hehehe, so it all ends here huh?  - Prim then fell on her knee's and stared on the ground, while waiting for the white haired girl to finish her.

* step *     * step *    * step * ( sfx )

seeing the pair of feet on the ground, Prim looked up and saw that the young white haired girl was directly infront of her, Staring at her defeated figure. then, Prim proceeded to give her final words to her enemy.

Prim: " I lost.... you have defeated me. " no longer clutching her blade, "white rose" was stabbed on the ground between Aria and Prim, the only thing separating them from each other.

Aria: " Its not over yet. " a smile visible on her face.

Prim: " huh!? " surprised by the words that the white haired girl said to her.

Aria: " Absolute Magic Immunity..... " she said in a soft whisper.

This was the words that the white haired girl mumbled underneath her breadth, Prim didn't quite hear it clearly because of all the chaos and confusion going on around them, and the screams of her men from fighting the undead didn't help either, But because Prim's complete and Undivided attention was at the girl infront, she saw and understood it from the movement of the white haired girl's lips.

Prim: " Ab-so-lute, Ma-gic, Immu-nity? " Prim repeated the words and saw the smile on the white haired girl's face.

then from a distant mountain, the Majestic Roar of what seemed to be a Phoenix could be heard echoing in the battlefield. like a signal, a warning of what was coming! and everyone instinctively turned their heads towards it.

" Kyooouu!!! KYoooouuuu!!!!!! "

From the mountains behind Aria, a ray of Blinding Light was quickly approaching them, and everything that the light
touches was immediately Vanishing from existence!!! the light was devouring everything in its path!!!

The white haired girl then leaned forward and touched Prim's  face using her right hand, caressing it like it was a precious commodity, and then whispered to Prim's ear.

Aria: " If you manage to survive this... I will take you for my own, and you will become mine. "

then Aria looked straight into Prim's eyes, as if waiting for an answer....

Prim nodded and said the words with tears running down her face.

Prim: " Yes..... master...... " then Prim closed her eyes as the light begins to swallow the surroundings.

The Light coming from the distant mountain Devoured everything in the valley below. The Knights, Guardians, and Wizards, Everyone! including the Undead. They all screamed as they are bombarded by large amounts of magic!

Matriarch Gallus Athen: " [ FINAL BLAST!!! ]

The longest channelled spell that also possessed the Most Powerful Destructive Force!

Magic from the realm of the Gods.

This was Heaven's Ladder.......

When the deadly spell was completed, the valley was beyond recognizable. The destructive ray of magic utterly changed the whole land! not a single stone was left unturned.

on the floor of the newly formed valley lay a red haired woman, completely naked except for the high heel shoes on her feet, and filled with wounds all over her body.

a white haired girl slowly approached her, and stood at her side.

then the white haired girl lifted up her right foot and stepped on the woman's left breast, and she coughed up blood because of it.

Aria: " hmm... it seems these large breasts of yours managed to absorb most of the damage, you really are lucky, I'm really jealous I wish I had these as well. "

Prim: " thank you so much for your praise......cough......cough....but I would really appreciate it if you dont step on them master. "

Aria: " My name is Aria, but you can call me mistress like the rest of my retainers. Tell me, what is your name? "

Prim: " Prim.... Prim Valentine....cough......cough..... "

Aria: " Such a beautiful name.......from now on I'm going to call you..... "

Athen: " Ahem..... Ahem....... " looks at Aria with unamused eyes.

Aria: " hehehe..... I'm just kidding...... Prim from now on you belong to me, you died this day, and were reborn, you are no longer the white flame executioner, you are now a part of my family, rejoice!!! "

Prim: " I'm so happy I could die.....cough......cough......" loses consciousness......

Athen: " mistress, are you sure about this?

Aria: " Absolutely!!! once I let go of Elena I'll be all by my lonesome self, this is for the best, and since you already killed a whole bunch of people i'm sure your fine by now, right?

Athen: " Centor is gone.... I'm never gonna forgive her for that, she will serve you as a slave for the rest of her life to repay for her transgressions.

Aria: " huh? Centor is alive. he's just unconscious when we left him.

Athen: " Al....Ali....Alive!!!???  I thought he was dead!!!

Aria: " Okay..... so thats why you refused to heal him. ahahah sorry I didn't mention it sooner.

Athen: "..............hehehe........... "

Aria: " Anyway..... lets go back..... to our home....."     smiles    " Aichan~ open the gates, time to go back. "

[ Affirmative ]

[ Activating Transdimentional Cube ]

[ Destination ]

[ Perdulin's Labyrinth ]

The ground began to shake, and from the top of the clockwork sky appeared a Gigantic Cube of Light descending upon them.

When the light vanished, they were gone, all three figures. only silence remained

* tzzzzttt! *                static sfx

* Tzzzzzztttt!!! *

[ did you see that? she was amazing! ]

( yes I agree. )

[ we only have to wait a little longer, until then lets keep on watching from the sidelines. ]

( ahahahaha...... )

* tzzzzzttt! *

* Tzzzzzzttttt!!! *        static sfx

* Tzzzt!!! *

chapter end




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