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chapter 15 : Guns vs. Roses

In the middle of the desolate area, in a different plain of existence where magic and machinery go hand in hand together. The gears of the clockwork sky moved continuously while large floating mountains were directly below it. This place was entirely devoid of life, and its reason for existing is still unknown. It was vast, and seemingly endless. The empty land was spread out as far as the eyes can see while one stood in the highest point of the largest mountain located on the ground. This peace and tranquility was however, disturbed by the arrival of unexpected visitors.

A large cube of pure light appeared in the sky and slowly descended upon the ground spanning 5,000 square meters, effectively engulfing everything in white splendor. When the bright light receded, Men and Monster begin to fight, killing each other and bathing in their enemy's blood.

On this bloody battlefield, a white haired girl with twin tails and cold blue eyes, stood before the numerous Knights and Soldiers, grasping two weapons tightly in between her hands.

“ Time to go to work, Girls! ”


Ebony & Ivory are Aria's beautiful pair of personally customized, semi-automatic pistols, designed to rapidly fire bullets instilled with her Magic & Loli power. The right-handed white gun, Ivory, was custom built for rapid firing and fast draw times, while the left-handed black gun, Ebony, has been modified for long-distance targeting and comfort. Upgraded by Aria's onboard A.i. system for Maximum Power and Efficiency!

Ebony & Ivory are both M1911-style handguns chambered for the .45 ACP round, and boast a plethora of customized features:

Both pistols have been modified with pivot-style triggers as opposed to the 1911's usual straight-pull trigger, this modification resembles the Browning Hi-Power pistol.

Both feature custom sight systems; Ebony uses a set of target sights, while Ivory uses a pair of combat sights

Both feature ported muzzle compensators that reduce recoil and counteract muzzle flip.

Both barrels are extended through the compensators and are ported to match the cuts in the compensators.

Both use custom slides that have been noticeably thickened and reinforced along the slide travel rails and around the chamber and firing mechanism. The result is a slide that bears a resemblance to SIG-Sauer's M1911 line.

Rails have been bolted to the forward portion of both frames. These rails are used to hold the compensators in place.

Both guns use double-stack magazines with slam-pads.

Both have gold-plated magazine releases, hammers, safety switches and triggers.

Ebony features a hooked, two-handed trigger-guard, while Ivory uses a more traditional rounded trigger-guard.

Both weapons use ergonomic wood grips which are inlaid with portraits of Victorian women; as befits their names,

" Ebony's is dark-haired, and Ivory's is fair-haired. "

Ebony's ejection port is located on the left side of the weapon, as opposed to the right side (as Ebony is meant to be used left-handed, this causes spent brass to be ejected away from Aria.)

Both weapons have an outside extractor, resembling Browning Hi-Power pistols.

Ebony utilizes an extended safety latch and a spur hammer. Ivory uses a standard length safety latch and a ring hammer.

The inward-facing side of each weapon's slide (Ebony's right and Ivory's left) is engraved with "Ebony & Ivory" in a cursive script along with the unique design of piano keys, further alluding to its name. The outward facing sides (Ebony's left and Ivory's right) are engraved with a dedication from Aria, which writes as....

" Dont run! I want to be your friend. -Aria "

Immediately after landing on the ground, surrounded by enemies, while her undead minions closely guarded her rear.

Aria pointed "Ebony" on the head of a Knight, who was 20 meters away from her and then pulled the trigger, launching a bullet towards his direction. While "Ivory" was aimed on another wizard's head and also released a bullet at the same time.

with the sound of two gunshots! Both Knight and Wizard fell on the ground with a thud, and large gaping holes in the middle of their forehead was seen.

but even before the corpses of the two men landed on the floor of the valley.

Aria has already shot out more than a dozen bullets pointed in diferent directions. The sound of successive explosions coming from Ebony & Ivory was like a musical instrument that exchanged notes with one another in perfect harmony, not missing a single beat. Like the sound of raindrops falling on the roof of a house.

Blood bursting from the back of their head, before revealing the wounds that caused it "bang!"

like invisible arrows "bang!" "bang!" men started falling like dead leaves.

"bang!"   "bang!"   "bang!"  a Guardian raising his shield only to find the bullet penetrating it and successfully going through his right eye. "bang!"   an acolyte trying to protect his friend by jumping straight in the line of fire, only to find that it penetrated his chest and went through to the head of the one he was protecting, the words "Epic Fail" was written in his eyes as he gasped for air because of his punctured lung until a bullet also landed on his head, which briefly ended his suffering.

Knights raised their magical swords and were quickly approching Aria's position, they were running towards her like Madmen that wanted to lick her developing breasts and pink nipples, and to put their thick red sausages inside Aria's tiny hole just above her vanilla white legs.

Aria muttering the words " stay away! perverts! " in a whisper, as a flurry of bullets were sent flying in their direction. Dead bodies landing on top of one another, 15 to 19 meters infront of her. This cycle continued on for a long time, until close to a hundred bodies lay on the ground, dead, others are filled with bullet holes and dying, a thick pool of blood also forming in the vicinity.

Priest's and other healers that tried to help their comrades were greeted by a strawberry flavoured bullet going towards their head, until none dared to come closer.

Wizards and mages were, well... lets just say the bullets were a lot faster. Before they could finish chanting the magical words to activate their spell, they were already filled with one or two holes in their head or chest.


Prim: " It seems you're really enjoying yourself. " she shouted! successfully catching Aria's attention.

a smile was on prim's face, but her men clearly felt the killing intent coming from her, as she walked towards Aria using a pair of high heel shoes that magically increases the movement speed of the person wearing it.

on closer inspection by Aria, it revealed the information on the holographic monitor.

[ notice! ]

Cinderella's Adamantium High Heels

def: 50
durability: (Indestructible)
additional effect: increases movement speed by 25%

- a pair of cursed shoes that led to a beatiful Queen's downfall, gifted to her by an evil fairy.

Aria: " tsk! "

Aria flicked her tongue at the sight of the long red haired beauty as she walked closer with every step, all the while her 34d cup breasts juggled from left to right. It seems the female knight decided to remove most of her armor when she realized that conventional protection meant nothing against her opponent and the weapons that Aria was using.

Prim took out "White Rose" from her sheath, revealing a long double edged rapier with intricate designs engraved on both sides of the blade. The blade was made with sky metal, a metalic alloy that was recovered from a meteorite that decimated the ancient civilization of Zodom and Gomora. The hilt where the blade was nestled is made of white mythril and embeded with five diamonds signifying her rank.

Prim: " Tell me, what is your name? " she asked, seeing the girl infront of her was 10 years younger and already fighting against elites.

The girl just looked at her and stayed silent,  Seeing this Prim did not do anything, since she was 30 meters away allowing her to move accordingly if she was attacked.

Aria: " Aichan~ show me the status and fighting strength of that red haired Oneesama~ " the terminal, then began computing and a yellow cube appeared infront of her.

[ notice! ]

Ai: [[ scanning ]]

the numbers displayed on the yellow cube started to rise almost immediately.





realizing the number's were still rising, Aria began to show a concerned face.




suddenly the yellow cube started to smoke up and with a sound of   *poof!*  it disintegrated with a small explosion.

Aria: " IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!! her power level is above 9,000!!! " she made a shocked expression, and it looked like she was definitely in trouble.

When Prim noticed that her opponent was suddenly distracted, she quickly rushed forward! Using the strength in her legs to propel her towards the enemy. Within a few seconds, Prim quickly cleared the distance of 23 meters, but she was forced to step back when the white haired girl started screaming, and a barrage of red hot metals were shot out and quickly approaching her!

Due to the extreme training and battle experience that Prim possessed, she clearly saw and parried the unknown projectiles, but she was utterly surprised when she realized what was embedded on the pieces of metal.

" Anti Magic Runes! " and it was a lot smaller compared to regular ones.

Aria: " Kyaa! stay away!!! "  * bang!*  *bang!*  *bang!*  in an instant, death were sent flying from the pair of handguns.

Prim used "White Rose" and sliced the bullets in mid air, however.....

even though Prim was able to parry the first three bullets and evade, "Ebony & Ivory" showed an evil grin, and immediately the rate of fire increased in speed and intensity!

" Rapid Fire! "  a flurry of 24 anti-personnel bullets per second, instilled with magicpower came flying towards her direction!

Prim dealt with the projectiles using her rapier, slashing, slicing and sometimes even using her shoes to block the incoming attack, she was jumping! and turning! the sound of rapid explosions filling the air as she desperately tries to evade.

Prim: " What?! The Hell!!! " she cursed while bullets are narrowly avoided and blocked.

-Ebony & Ivory: 

( i could swear i heard this song playing in the background )

" why do birds-suddenly apear-everytime-you are near-just like me-they long to be- close to you.

" why do stars-fall down from the sky-everytime-you walk by-just like me-they long to be-close to you.

Aria: " stay away from me!!! " she was screaming in a high pitched voice while running towards her enemy! which was strange! in itself, why would Aria charge forward if she was afraid? then, the laughing voices of two women was heard through the sound of bulletfire.

"Ebony" - ahahahahah! I have a bullet with your name written all over!

"Ivory"- Eat this! ahahahaha! AHaHaHa!!!

"Aria" - Girls!? what are you two doing to Meeee!!!

Aria upon reaching Prim's location, jumped up while raining down bullets! and gave a kick to Prim's face using the back of her left foot, coming from above. all the while firing her pistols like a trigger happy Lunatic!

when she landed, Aria made a sweeping kick towards Prim's lower body, but it was blocked.

she used a combination of different kicks while shooting in point blank range and sometimes blocking an attack coming from Prim's rapier using Ebony & Ivory.

Prim was a close range fighter, but in this situation, the only thing she could manage to do was block the incoming projectiles and recieve kicks from her enemy. Unbelievable! Prim felt like she was going against a dualsword master and a martial artist at the same time!!!

Prim: " aaaaahhhHHH!!! " Prim roared in fury! and overflowing with killing intent.

Aria: " kyaaa!!! Dont hurt me!!! "

Ebony: " Let's try putting some holes in your head! Ahahahaha!!! "

Ivory: " Die! Die!! Die!!! Ahahahahaha!!!


[ notice! ]

Aichan~ : " [ cyber facepalm ]


Seeing the unfavorable situation, Prim started retreating. emiting flames from her rapier and throwing it towards Aria, until she slowly managed to put a distance between them.

Prim: " tsk! this girl is giving me more trouble than the undead. " panting heavily....

Aria: " Eeh!? she's moving away from me? "

[ current status ]

Prim Valentine ( White Flame Executioner )
lvl 95
hp: 199,350/230,500
mp: 350/820

"White Rose" attack dmg. 3,345-3,900 ( Holy Element )

Aria ( Fallen Student of Sakura Gakuen )
lvl 79
hp: 500/500
mp: 279,169/450,810

"Ebony" attack dmg. 4,500-7,900 ( demonic )
"Ivory" attack dmg. 2,600-5200 ( cursed holy )

chapter end




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