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chapter 13 : Heroes and Villains

Hi there! Ai~chan here! Our most unlikable protagonist/capricious/whimsical/misunderstood/person that everyone wants to die since the first time she made her way into this world and started kidnapping daughters,  Aria and her pet.... ahem..... and her Matriarch Gallus Athen just unleashed a whole bunch of tender loving care towards their new playmates!

I have no idea how that scythe wielding undead can manage to run around in high heels and not fall or if that big breasted red haired Oneesama~ will have her head rolling on the ground after this is over. Why? Because, the only way for them to survive is to defeat my owner.

Will they succeed?

or will my suicidal owner jump off another school building before they manage to kill her!!!

or will a child molester start feeling Aria's body up for wearing such shameless clothing that doesn't leave anything else for imagination!!!

Help! Help!!! Police officer!

Use your big black steel rod to discipline this girl, because she needs a serious butt spanking.

Time is running out!!! I can't keep this dimention stable for a very long time!


Currently, Aria is sweating buckets from being bombarded by notification windows when her summoned monsters and the army of mankind collided with one another, and the dry air inside the valley isn't helping.

Aria: " tsk! this is hard! I dont know how long I could keep up with this. "

A number of notification windows popping up telling her the immediate situation ahead. With a pinch of her fingers on the screen, a group of skeleton soldiers converged on a single priest, killing the servant of god without giving him any chance to say his prayers.

Old Priest Muric: " No! No!! Stay away!!!

Skeleton Warrior: " There is no need to run. We are your friends.

Skeleton Soldier: " When you see god. Tell him I said Hi!

Skeleton Collector: " Tell my mom I love her, and I miss her.

Skeleton Berserker: " Do all priest's go to heaven?

[ Muric has been killed ]

With a tap on the field projector, the Headless Queen moves to her new designated position after she successfully killed a group of guardians that did nothing but raise their shields to protect their body, neglecting their exposed heads to her. A single jump while spinning her body and slashing horizontally ended the lives of twelve men. I'm sure their wives and children will cry once they find out.

Headless Queen: " Off with their heads!

Guardian Selevi: " Waaaa!!!

[ selevi has been killed ]

Headless Queen: " Off with their heads!!

Guardian Tomac: " No! No!!! No!!!!!

[ tomac has been killed ]

Headless Queen: " Off with their HEADS!!!

Guardian Kukuda: " Aaahhh!!!

[ kukuda has been killed ]

Headless Queen: " HaHahaha!!! This is so much fun!!! I could do this all day.

Closing her left hand to form a fist then pointing a finger towards the image on the holographic screen, and one skeleton warrior draws his spear and throws it into the air. The spear flies towards an unsuspecting knight that was fighting the Headless Queen, it landed directly on his chest and the knight fell on his knee's, then seeing images of his life flashing before the light in his eyes completely vanished for all eternity.

Headless Queen: " Huh!? Who are you supposed to be?

Knight of Deneriv Alphonse: " You will die by my blade, Abomination!!!

Skeleton King Leonidas: " Die!!!!!

Knight of Deneriv Alphonse: " Ghuuk!!! Argg.... I can't believe I'm going to die a virgin.

Skeleton King Leonidas: " You should have been a Baker. Youth is so wasted in the young.

[ Alphonse has been killed ]

Tapping continuously on the hologram of items spread out on the ground among the dead corpses, and instantly the skeleton Collectors proceed on acquiring shields and swords of better quality before engaging an incoming wave of deneriv soldiers.

Skeleton King Leonidas: " Form a defensive line!!!

Skeleton Soldier: " clack clack clack!

Skeleton Warrior: " Ready yourselves you bag of bones!

Skeleton Berserker: " Hehehehe

Skeleton Warrior: " Hold your positions!!!

Skeleton Soldier: " Everything is ready.

Then in the far distance, the incoming forces of the Deneriv Army caused the ground to shake and tremble with every step they made. All men who are eagerly running towards the phalanx of undead skeletons.

Skeleton King Leonidas: " We are undead!!!

Skeleton Soldier: " clack clack clack!

Skeleton Warrior: " Hold your positions!!!

Skeleton King Leonidas: " This is the reason we are here!!!

Skeleton Berserker: " Hehehehe.

Skeleton Soldier: " Ahahaha!!!

Skeleton King Leonidas: " Those group of humans that are running towards us, also has a reason why they are here!!!

Skeleton Warrior: " Hold your positions!!!

Skeleton King Leonidas: " And that reason is TO DIE IN OUR HANDS!!!

Skeleton Berserker: " Ahahaha!!!

Skeleton Soldier: " Clack Clack Clack!

Skeleton King Leonidas: " Let Us Give Them The Death, That They So Eagerly Deserve.

The moment the soldiers and knights reached their destination, all hell broke loose! Rows upon rows on men die like insects infront of the Undead phalanx. Due to the unceasing amount of stamina that the undead possess, they were able to fight in their full potential despite being few, and the narrow valley prevented the Deneriv Army to use their advantage in numbers.

Using the tower shields that the undead managed to scrape off from the dead corpses of the guardians and with the help of the magic weapons that some knights donated after they met their end, it had turned the group of reanimated bones into a force to be reckoned with. More powerful! More tougher! and More Deadly!

With each charge of the Deneriv soldiers, they are met with the towering shields from their fallen comrades. After failing to break through the line, they are immediately pushed back and then quickly killed by the following blades behind the covers.

When the efforts of the soldiers didn't exactly turn out as they had expected, The commanders in the army ordered them to pull back.

Then the sound of a booming horn signalled their retreat. "Toootooot Phuuotooot!"

However, in the clockwork sky, Bolts of numerous Fire Magic came flying down upon the undead's location, filling the sky with the color of red and orange as they moved with deathly precision towards their target.

The undead seeing this, quickly reacted!

Skeleton King Leonidas: " Incoming fire!!!

Skeleton Commander: " Raise your shield above your heads! Protect your Bones!!!

The sound of flames hit them and their shields from above with the sound of "Fuuuggg!" "Fhuuuuuug!" "Clanggg!"

Skeleton Soldier: " Ahahaha......

Skeleton Berserker: " Hahaha!!!

Skeleton Warrior: " AhaHaHa!!!

Skeletor Collector: " Ahahaha.

The Skeletons merely laughed at their enemies when their magic attack wasn't able to achieve anything. Enraged and becoming troubled, the mages and wizards begin quickly discussing on ways to approach the threat.

Zemora: " How can they move like that!?

Furego: " These are just undead!!! how can they give us this much trouble!?

Kaldun: " Hmm... There is only one possible answer.

Furego: " What? Tell us Kaldun!

Zemora: " Yes! Tell us.

Kaldun: " Something or Someone is controlling them....

Then a Knight came dashing towards them while they were in the middle of discussion. He looked extremely wornout.

Knight: " Elders!!! The undead are advancing but White Flame managed to take down the scythe user!!!


Meanwhile, far from all the gore and blood, in a safe distance.

[ notice! ]

Aria: " Huh!? Whats this.... " With a tap of a finger on the holographic notification window, it revealed the information.

[ Warning! White Flame Executioner is activating a skill. ]

[ Impact Blazing Combo! ]

an attack consisting of fatal blows that eat away at an enemy using extreme force that neglects defence and all forms of protective armor.

100 hit combo!
100% critical chance!
100% critical damage!
ignores defence!
attack cannot be blocked! using conventional means.

[ current target Headless Queen ]

Aria: " Oh crud...... this is bad.......

end of chapter




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