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Chapter 7 : The Prodigal Daughter

After resting at an Inn for a whole day, Aria, Kim, and the rest made their way to a house on the outskirts of the village, after roughly around 30 minutes, they have finally arrived before it started to go dark. Upon arrival, what they saw was a woman  patiently waiting while sitting on an old block of wood. Stopping the carriage just infront of the house, the young woman took notice and stood up, then made her way towards her visitors.

What greeted her on top of the carriage was the smiling face of a white haired girl. A bit confused as to why the girl was smiling at her with such intensity, the young woman began to speak.

Young woman: " Greetings traveler. My name is Lotte, I'm a resident that lives in this village, may I know the purpose of your visit? Seeing as our house is the only one here found on the outskirts, its safe to say that you are here for a reason correct?

The young girl then answered with a face filled with smile.

Aria: " Yes, you are correct. My name is Aria, and my other companion's name is Kim, she is just inside the carriage taking a nap, we've travelled a long distance and we are both tired and weary. I hope that, perhaps we can impose on your good heart to allow us to spend the night inside your house?

" The nights are cold, and lonely... I know spending it with  strangers is too much to ask and maybe you even fear the danger for your life, but would it not be too cruel to allow two cute girls to freeze outside? ( smiles )

Lotte: " My my, you are shameless aren't you? ( giggles ) but I dont dislike it. However, my husband may find fault in my actions.

After seeing the hesitation in Lotte's eyes Aria then replied.

Aria: " Worry not my fair lady, I'm sure a few pieces of gold would be more that enough to quell his anger.

Saying this, Aria took 2 pieces of gold coins from her pocket and threw it in Lotte's direction, which she caught using both her hands.

Lotte: " Wa..wait! if you have this much, then why not go to one of the Inn's located inside the village? I'm sure this gold is enough to give you the comfort that you desire little girl.

Aria: " Perhaps, but I would rather stay here ( pouts ) even if I'm forced to sleep under the stars. I just hope that your conscience would knock some sense into you before I catch myself a cold.

Lotte: " Eeh? ahahaha....

Aria: " Mam Lotte, is it fine then?

Lotte: "  ahahah, I'm sorry for laughing at you. Aria is it? Well now, gather your things and wake up your companion, then head inside. I will prepare something for us to eat.

hearing a proper invitation, Aria sighed in relief and began unloading her things. Upon dropping some bags on the ground, she peered inside the carriage to see the quiet sleeping face of a young girl dressed in black, after staring at the figure for a few seconds, she lifted her hand and placed it on the girls shoulder and attempted to wake her up.

Aria: " Kim, ....... Kim, we're here, wake up...

Kim: " Uuh...umm... huh?.... yeah i'm awake...

Aria: " Pick up your stuff, were going inside the house.

Kim: " House?..... where are we?

Kim's question was ignored as Aria hurriedly went back down and picked up her bags. After scratching her head, Kim carried her things and went to Aria's side. What came to her view was an old rundown two story house that gave a feeling that it would crash down at any moment. The floorboards were filled with holes and you can see a bit of moss growing from it.

Aria stood at the front of the door then spoke in a well manner.

Aria: " Sorry for intruding.

Then she opened the door and proceeded to step inside. Seeing this, Kim also followed suit.

The inside of the house can only be described as plain, no wall paper, no paint, and no form of decorations whatsoever. Immediately entering their view was a brightly lit fireplace and a table in the middle with three chairs surrounding it.

Beside the fire was a woman constantly stirring a pot that hung just above the heat. After dropping a few chunks of what seemed like vegetables, the young woman stood up, circled around the table and went to face them both. Then, the young woman introduced herself to Kim.

Lotte: " Good day, you must be Kim I presume. My name is Lotte, please treat this place as if it was your own home.

The young woman standing infront of her had grey eyes and blonde hair that went down to her buttocks, neatly tied in a ponytail. Her dress was plain but her face was beautiful with her light brown skin complimenting it.

Kim was a bit confused, looking at Lotte then looking back at Aria then to Lotte once again. her lips were somewhat shivering, Then she spoke to the young woman.

Kim: " Its a pleasure to meet you, Miss Lotte.

Lotte: " ahaha ( gigling ) mine as well, and Kim its, Mrs..... Mrs. Lotte Timberwolf....

After the introductions, Lotte showed them to their room. It was a rather small guest room, with a single bed. Placing her things inside the cabinet and changing to a lighter dress, Kim beckoned Aria for her Attention.

Kim: " Oneechan, how long do you plan for us on staying here?

Aria: " Whats wrong? Is this place not to your liking?

Kim: " Its not that. I want to know what you are going to do with that woman?

Aria: " We are staying here, and thats final... now hurry up or you'll miss dinner.

Kim: " .....

Kim watched in silence as Aria went out of the room. After realizing that it was pointless to even ask, she went out and headed towards dinner.

The meal was a soup with all sorts of vegetables, a bit salty, but it did the job. Now with a full stomach, Kim was getting ready to go back to the room until Aria stopped her before she could stand up and leave the table.

Aria: " Sleeping already? why not stay for a bit longer... I'm sure Lotte would be interested in some of our stories.

Kim: " You know i'm not one to talk about stuff, and besides i'm a bit shy around other people.

Lotte: " Oh please, do stay, I rarely get the chance to talk with others. Perhaps you would grace me with what two young girls be doing and traveling on their own.

Hearing this from Lotte, Kim responded with a calm voice.

Kim: " We are.... adventurers... technically adventurers... we were supposed to register at the guild but a lot of things happened.

Lotte: " Oh... care to tell more... ( smiles )

Kim: "......

as it turned out, Lotte was very much interested and the three of them stayed up until midnight telling their stories to each other. Kim, was very pleased with Lotte. The young woman was actually a noble's daughter, but when her parents decided to marry her off to a person she didn't like, Lotte ended up running away, and after many trials she finally settled down on this village.

When the time to sleep  came, Aria had to drag away Kim from the conversation. Knowing that there would be no end to it.

inside the small guest room, on top of the bed. Kim was facing the wall while Aria was staring blankly on the ceiling. Aria, after noticing the girl beside her breathing softly, thinking she was fast asleep. Aria began to speak her mind.

Aria: " We've come a long way, you and I. The girl that was crying in the forest tied up by bandits, was now the one making the bandits cry. The weak frail girl is no more. I'm sure that in the near future you will be able to save a lot of people in need. You will be a symbol of justice, and take upon yourself to punish those that are evil. hehe ( laughs ), who knows maybe you will be punishing me as well.

Back in my world, I was weak, I had no power to protect myself, and Justice sided with those that have wronged me. I wanted to scream, but no matter how hard I try, my pain didn't reach anyone. I was left all alone.

Hungry, Sad, and Angry at my self, I just wanted everything to end.

Staring at the night sky, and seeing the stars shining brightly. I thought that it was beautiful, breath taking.

I wanted to be a part of that magnificence, to be beautiful, to be able to give out the same feeling that they were giving me at that time. The feeling of being loved.

That was when I realized that it was just my wishful thinking, Its impossible, that could never happen right?

I found myself slowly making my way to the edge. I was thinking, just a few more steps, a little bit more and everything will be over.

Just one more, go on...

I was afraid, I wanted someone to save me.....sniff...hic...hic..( tears falling )..... I was calling out... but nobody came...

then, I fell...for a long time.

I thought it was over....... everything.....

That was when I got here.... unexpectedly

I got another chance.......a chance to live my life in this new world...... and thats when I met you.......

I'm not a hero that saves the day, and protects the ones who are in need. I dont fight monsters to be praised by everyone. I could care less about beggars, crying children, people dying, fall of kingdoms and empires. I mean seriously, where were they when I needed help? when I was alone, crying,

I know you hate me.....but...... snif....hic...sniff ( sobs ) but please......

Please Kim.....when the time comes....... save me......


I was laying on the bed, facing the wall. We just finished having dinner and mind you, that was the worst vegetable soup I have ever tasted in my entire life. During that time I was really thinking about pork barbecue and other stuff just to get my mind off the taste.

Having rested for the entire day I wasn't really in the mood to sleep, I figured maybe I should just do some sword swings to improve my stance until I felt tired and weary.

That was when Aria started talking, she probably thought I was already asleep so I just listened.

She began mentioning this other world which I didn't really understand so I just thought of it as some faraway place, Then she started talking about being weak and powerless, I was like huh!?!? you... weak?.. If you wanted to end my existence I would have died a hundred times over, and that was you being weak?

Then she started to cry....... It was the first time that I heard it.

The scary girl.... the one who took me away....

she was crying and asking to be saved.....and of all people she was asking  me!!!

I hate her so much....but at that time I was conflicted

If you are such a good person then why are you doing these things?

why did you save me that time?

why did my father have to die?

why damn it!!!

I wanted answers...

Then she became silent...... I turned my body over to face her direction, but I regretted it...... I didn't want to see it.

what I saw was the beautiful face of a girl with tears falling from her eyes, she had a pained expression, and her long white hair reflected the moonlight. It felt sad and lonely.

She was quiet.....

She probably fell asleep crying, I thought to myself.

I reached for her right hand and held it upon my chest. Her hand was warm but somehow it felt cold and empty.

I opened my hand and slid my fingers in between her own, holding it tightly..... I closed my eyes and tried to fall asleep.

Kim: " goodnight....


Outside the window...

Centor: " Tsk... I thought I was gonna see some yuri, so much for waiting....

Athen: " So this is where you were... Centor...

Centor: " Gih!!! Huu.... you scared the living daylights out of me... stop sneaking on others like that. Geez...

Athen: " Enough talk, get down from there, or else mistress might cook you up for breakfast.

Centor: " yeah i'm coming...... hey if your still not tired, how about a game of poker.

Athen: " I'll pass...



" chapter end




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