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chapter 6 : Bonds

5 kilometers west of the village of Perdulin, an empty field close to being a vast wasteland where no trees and animals can be found, Large hills that fail to give any form of protection against the strong winds that go about, and in the middle is a large empty crater that used to be a lake filled with all forms of life, now left dry and barren.

Two figures, standing at the center. One of them, pulled out an imposing blade.  Holding it in both hands, a dark mist like energy started to flow out and begun enveloping the figure of a young girl wearing a black chest plate and a few other pieces of equipment dyed in the same color. Her soft black hair swayed as the wind blew in her direction and scattered the dust all around.

The other person standing infront of her then gave out an impish smile and took out a black metal artifact the size of a normal book and held it on her left hand.

Seeing this, the girl lowered her stance and said a few words.

" I'm ready sister. Shall we begin?

The other girl nodded in agreement and gave her reply.

" Ready when you are...Remember... Don't hold back, show me the results of your training.

" I wont let you down sister.

" Hmmm, really?... If thats the case then I'll be sure to give you a reward if you manage to hit me even once. ( smiles )

" ( grins ) Promise???

" I promise Kim..... Begin!!! ( she shouted )

The ground suddenly began to shake and a number of magical circles started forming underneath her, large chunks of rocks broke from the ground and floated up into the air. Raising her arms and with sword above her head, she unleashed a downward slash with extreme force that instanly split the ground infront of her and dark energy shot out like an arrow towards Aria's direction.

Upon seeing this, Aria placed her right hand above the metal artifact and used her skills to defend. A magical barrier that is 15 feet in diameter appeared and successfully deflected the attack with ease.

Seeing that her magic bullet did no damage whatsoever, Kim decided to give a more direct approach. Since attacking from a distance would bear no fruit, she ran towards Aria and closed the distance within a few seconds. Kim, swung her katana with unimaginable speed, aimed at Aria's neck. However, the attack that killed so many, failed to hit its mark.

With the sound of metal clashing. Kim looked with utter disbelief,  the attack was blocked by one of  Aria's fingernail.

Aria glared at Kim with her cold blue eyes, before flicking the blade upwards and causing Kim to lose balance as she desperately tried to hold on to her weapon, then without any consideration, Aria delivered a kick to Kim's abdomen which sent her flying to a distance of 20 meters.

Visibly shaken, Kim tried to correct her stance, but before she even landed,  Aria had already grabbed the back of her head and smashed her face on the ground.

Kim gritted her teeth in pain, but she refused to let it end here. She stuggled to stand up using every ounce of strength in her body. But Aria was merciless.

Aria placed her right foot on top of Kim's back and begun channelling her magic. In an instant the gravity in the area around her increased and rained down on Kim's body.

Kim screamed at the top of her lungs with tears falling from her eyes.

Looking down, Aria began to speak while still channelling her magic.

Aria: " Is this it? Will it end here? I'm quite disappointed in you Kim... If your resolve only amounts to this much then perhaps, its better if your life ended.

Kim hearing those words was filled with overflowing rage, and inside her, something was trying to push its way out. Dark Aura then immediately covered her body and exploded, throwing Aria away and cancelling her magic.

With renewed vigor, Kim stood up and with her eyes glowing red. She began her counter offensive. Her speed had nearly tripled, and her strength had increased tremendously as she charged towards Aria delivering earth shattering blows that caused rocks the size of buildings to rise from the ground with every hit, and then with her final attack, full of determination to finish off her opponent, Aria's Mana Barrier finally gave in from the relentless damage it had recieved.

Red eyes glowing, Kim was now sure of her victory. Without the shield that protected Aria, it was only certain that her defeat was inevitable.

However, much to her suprise Aria was smiling. It wasn't the face of someone who was about to be defeated. Kim, then gazed at the sky,  it was dark, too dark, a moment ago the sun was shining above their heads but now it was nowhere to be seen, Dark clouds loomed over them. When realization finally came to her, it was already too late.

At the sound of thunder in the sky, forks of blinding light was quickly making its way to her. It was Aria's seventh level catastrophic magic, < Vermilion! >

Her heart was filled with despair in that moment, she was still weak, against her opponent she had no chance of winning. She closed her eyes and waited for the end to come.

As the blinding light finally reached Kim, her consciousness faded while tears were falling down her cheeks.


When Kim opened her eyes, she was in a bed and a familiar looking white haired girl was staring at her face. Then the girl sighed in relief and she began to speak.

Aria: " Your finally awake...

Kim: " Wha,..what happened?

Aria: " You lost... Thats what happened, and you lost embarrassingly.  ( smile )

Looking at Aria, Kim could do nothing but cry, and as tears began to trace her face once more, Aria leaned forward while staring at Kim's tear filled eyes and proceeded to kiss her on the lips. Surprised, Kim gave a stupid " Huh!? " expression.

Seeing this, Aria began to explain herself.

Aria: " I promised to give you a reward if you managed to hit me even once...

Then, Aria grabbed her hair and showed that part of it was a few inches shorter.

Kim: " Oneechan.....

Aria: " Goodnight Kim, sleep well.

Kim watched Aria's figure as she trailed across the room, when she was almost at the door, Kim called out to her.

Kim: " Oneechan... I still plan on killing you.

The girl looked at her for a moment before replying in a cold voice that made the temperature of the room drop to zero, despite the fire place being a few meters away.

Aria: " Did you know why you lost? It wasn't because of your lack in ability or skill, and definitely not because of your age. Its because your blade lacked conviction. Your blade will never reach me, and those few inches gap between my life and death will always be there, giving me enough time to pull the rug from under you.

" Why? you ask... Because I plan on keeping you by my side for a long time. Even if you grow stronger with every passing day, I am already far ahead and there is nothing you can do to stop me.

" You plan on taking my life? Forgive me, but I have no plans on dying in the foreseeable future.

Aria then walked out of the room and closed the door behind her. Outside, she leaned on the wall and tears began falling on her cheeks.

Aria: " I'm sorry Elena.... I've never felt happier in my life than I do now, I treasure every moment that I spend with you in this world.  even if I'm causing you to suffer greatly, I'm not such a good person to allow myself to lose what I hold dear, even if its for selfish reasons.

after collecting herself, Aria stood up and went back to her room.



" End.....


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