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chapter 5: Labyrinth ( part 3 )

Like any other dungeon that promises wealth beyond any man's imagination, such as treasures, magical weapons, and the likes. Perdulin's Labyrinth was somewhat special.

Monsters coming out of the walls of the dungeon, magical traps that would throw you off into another place entirely, falling rocks, hidden trap rooms filled with slimes that slowly eat at you, and the near impossible way off finding yourself exactly where you are while inside, pit falls that seem to go on forever, and the most deadly of them all is the guardian that protects the Labyrinth.

Kim: " uhm, sounds as if its just like any other normal dungeon oneechan~ so what makes this one any different?

Aria: " ( looks at kim ) I guess, you haven't noticed yet. watch that one closely.

Kim: " huh? this one? ( slash! )

[ notice ] Kim has dealt a fatal wound on the floor guardian < Uhk tal Rezad >

Ukh tal Rezad: " ugh..... cough! cough! ( blood flowing out of his mouth ) Impossible! who are you?! what are you!!! cough! cough! your strength is beyond any normal human!

Aria: " save your breath,  your only gonna die a lot quicker. ( turns back to Kim ) now, Kim what happens to this guy when he dies? do you know?

Kim: " Is this a trick question?

Aria: " No, silly..... what happens to monsters when they die?

Kim: " He.......Dies??? Right?

Aria: " ( Face Palms herself ) sigh....  Kim when monsters die they normally leave a corpse like all dead things, but after coming here did you happen to notice something different?

Kim: " Wait....... ( thinking ) hmm.... now that I think about it, yeah! they turn into these small crystals.

Aria: " Yup, you got it right, but did you know why?

Kim: " No...... ( Stab! )

[ notice ] Kim has killed! Uhk tal Rezad


Aria: " Nice! you got 2 levels from killing that weak guy. Kim, the reason monster corpses turn into crystals is because these here ( picks up uhk tal rezad's crystal ) are special. ( smile )

Kim: " Why? is that exactly special......

Aria: " All living things has a soul, and that soul is placed within a body, and the body that holds the soul produces mana. This mana is used to keep the body alive and working properly, but when the body dies, that mana is used to push the soul out from the dead body. The mana then goes out of the dead body and fuses with the soul, so the next time that the soul is reincarnated to a new body the mana is also included and the process repeats itself. however...... inside this labyrinth, its a different story.

Do you know why, no matter how many monsters we kill here, they just keep on coming back? Like those werewolves, and skeleton soldiers.

The reason behind that is this dungeon, remember what I told you earlier? about the mana pushing the soul out.

Kim: " uhm... yeah... when the body dies, the mana pushes the soul out......wait!!! dont tell me this crystal!?

Aria: " Your finally catching up. Thats Right! when the mana doesn't have a soul to push out, it stays inside the body! when the body dies, the mana fuses itself with the body, and in an attempt to stabilize itself and prevent any mana from leaking out, it solidifies, forming the crystal that you see here.

Kim: " Then all the monsters here doesn't have a soul?

Aria: " Not exactly, they do have a soul, only....... that soul doesn't belong to them anymore.

Kim: " What do you mean?

Aria: " Its hard to explain it myself, its better if I show it to you..... Since we're done here, lets get back to the third level, I'm sure Gavin and the rest of his gang is on their way.

Kim: " Gavin?.. isn't he the guy that took our gold?

Aria: " Yes, its that Gavin....... I asked Centor to follow him around, after that I went to the pub that Centor told me where to find him, Guess what I saw?

Kim: " huh? what.....

Aria: " He was drowning himself in alcohol...... I thought about helping him after finding out his circumstances, but I was wrong....... Kim, after this....... would you like to see mother?

Kim: " Mother???? he he he, oneechan since when did we have a mother..... ahahah............

Aria: " ( smiles ) I'm sure you'll like her very much...... her name is Lotte.... she's waiting for us in the village.

Kim: " ??? ( confused ) our mother?

Aria: " Lets finish this quickly so we can both head back.




" part 3 end




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