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Chapter 5 : Labyrinth

Village of Permudalin, Adventurer's Guild. A young girl was standing infront of the counter, Having a staring contest with one of the clerks.

Aria: " Hmmmmmm.......

Female Clerk: " uhm.....

Aria: " Hmmmm........

Female Clerk: " uhm.... excuse me young girl but.... if you have any business, could you please hurry it up..... others are....

Aria: " huh? oh sorry about that miss. Actually I came here to register as an adventurer, but the moment I came to the counter and seeing you face to face I just couldn't help my self but admire your beauty. I beg your forgiveness.....

Female Clerk: Ahaha is that so??? well thank you for the compliment. I thought you were here to complain about something else. My name is Catherine, Its a pleasure to meet you.

The young girl infront of her, had long white hair, tied on both sides. Her twin tails  swayed to and fro as she took a few steps back and bowed her head with elegance, wearing an over sized black robe, and underneath was a white blazer paired with a short black skirt that runs up to just above her knee, on closer inspection you would think that her clothes were somewhat out of place, and it attracted the gaze of the ones nearby.

White skin and soft pink lips, small delicate hands and fingers, and a beautiful face. She was definitely a sight to behold. A perfect 10, if not for her flat chest that is..... The reason why she stared at Catherine earlier was because of one reason and one reason alone, She wanted confirmation...... Looking straight at the figure of Catherine from behind the counter using her Blue Sapphire Eyes, She found what she wanted.

Aria: " ( tsk.. why  do all clerks in games have big boobs, this is injustice!!! its like their saying that flat has no appeal whatsoever. ) Hello Miss Catherine. My name is Aria. I would like for myself and my companion to register with the guild.

Looking from behind her was Kim, Dressed in the same black fur robe, and a black one piece blouse with intricate designs and also a pair of black boots that accentuated her overall appearance. Black flowing hair that goes down to her waist, white unblemished skin, red lips, and black eyes that looked like an endless void that would swallow you whole.

Kim: " Nice to meet you....  my name is Kim.

Catherine: " Nice to meet you too Kim, Anyway since you two will be registering with the guild, I need to let you know that there is a small fee to be paid, 10 silver coins for each person, so that would be 20 silver for both. Do you happen to have the said amount with you right now?

Aria: " oh.... wait, hmm... ( checking her pockets ) uhm... Kim could you fetch our coin purse back at the carriage? I forgot to bring it with me.

Kim: " Sure! Just a second, I'll be right back.

Running outside of the building, Their carriage was parked in the middle of the road, attached to a giant birdlike creature with red feathers, and towering up to 15 feet. and inside the spacious carriage were two birds, playing a game of chess.

Centor: " !!! huh? oh your back.

Athen: " why are you alone? where is the mistress?

Kim: " I just came back to retrieve our money, Oneechan is still inside the building....

Athen: " Is that so? ok then... Hey!!! Centor why did you swap your pawn with a queen?!

Centor: " Huh? what are you talking about?

Athen: " dont lie to me! I took your's out a few turns earlier.

Centor: " Thats not true. We've been playing all this time, how can you even say that?

Athen: " ( che!! this cheating bastard! ) oh..... my mistake then......

Centor: " ( heh! you maybe smarter, but I'm definitely faster than you! ) your move......

Kim: " ( rummaging through their belongings ) There! Found it. I'm going back inside.

Centor: " sure

Athen: " ( I'm not taking off my eyes on this board! ) yeah... see you later.

After getting what she needed, Kim went out of the carriage and started to run back to the building, but just as when she was about to turn in the corner, Kim accidentally crashed onto a man walking towards  her.

Kim: " Aww! ( falling down to her back. )

Man: " Woah!!!  hey! watch where your going!

Kim: " ugh.....ah! I'm sorry sir. I'm really sorry!

Man: " huh?!!! sorry? well what am I suppose to do to about this? ( shows to her a bundle of ruined flowers. )

Kim: " Oh no.... uhm.... I'm sorry sir, I really didn't mean to bump into you like that.

Man: " Thats not gonna be enough! .... wait whats this?..... ( picks up a pouch ) well well well, what do you have here?

Kim: " !!! thats uhm... mine sir, please give it back.

Man: " ( checking the contents of the pouch. ) hmmm.... looks to me that your pretty well off with regards to money, tell you what. ( proceeds to get 1 gold coin from the pouch. ) how about I take this as a form of compensation.

Kim: " Eh? wait!!! my sister will be mad at me! please its my fault, so...( cut off before she was able to finish. )

Aria: " Kim! whats wrong? You were taking so long, I decided to go look for you. Whats going on?

Kim: " Oneechan.... I'm sorry but this man.....

Aria: " huh? ( goes up to the man and eyes him down. ) Dear sir, what seems to be the problem? hey! wait, thats my pouch!

Man: " Oh this is yours? here take it. ( throws the pouch back to Aria. )

Aria: " uhm... Thanks....

Man: " No, Thank you..... its a pleasure bumping into you miss Kim...... and have a good day to you as well miss???

Aria: " I'm sorry, but I dont feel like telling you my name.

Man: " Well , atleast let me tell you mine then. My name is Gavin.

Aria: " Gavin huh?..... well I hope we dont bump into each other again in the near future.

Gavin: " heh, for a girl you've got some nerve. Goodbye then... ( walks off the other direction. )

Aria: " ( pats off the dirt from Kim's dress ) Kim, next time dont go talking to strangers. Who knows what would happen if I wasn't around.

Kim: " Oneechan, that man took a gold coin from the pouch before he left, and I'm sorry its just, he's scary... I wasn't able to do anything...

Aria: " There, there, shhhh.... I know Kim.... i know. I've already sent Centor to follow him.

Kim: " Eh.... since when did you?

Aria: " There was a time in my life when people took from me whenever they got the chance to do it. Come.... we're heading for the flower shop,

Kim: " uhm... Why? aren't we gonna go and register in the guild?

Aria: " That can wait. For now just follow me....

< Flash Back >

21 days ago, in Aria's Classroom.

Aria: " Ugh.... ( falls to floor )

" Hey! watch where your going mute! oh whats this? are you going to buy some food? he he he guys! looks like we have some free lunch money! ( takes all the money inside of the pouch. )

" here you go, this is yours right??? ( throws the empty pouch back to her lap )

" Thanks mute! I hope we bump into each other again tomorrow.

" Mute! if you tell this to anyone, you know what will happen huh? huh!??? ( holds her by the collar of her dress )

Aria: " ( nods in agreement )

" Good.... see you around ahahahahah.....

" girl thats just really mean....

" what? you want to eat or not?

" just forget about it lets just enjoy the free food.

" yeah! lets!

" hey, you know what? this guy from the other section just confessed to me...

" No way!!!

" real? oh my gosh! your finally getting a boy, I'm so proud.


Aria: " hik.....hik... ( sobs ).... [ looks like I wont be eating for the next 2 days ]





Aria: " ( Looks at the pouch as if remembering something ) some things just dont change, do they......

Kim: " Oneechan???

Aria: " its nothing... come we're almost there.

Kim: " okay....



" end part 1


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