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chapter 4 : The town of beginings ( part 4 )


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Chapter 4 : the town of beginings ( part 4 )

This day has been really fantastic! not only did I gain 3 levels, I also acquired some strong companions! I guess my badluck has finally ended. The number of items that we got from the bandits weren't much to look at, but the goods that the merchant had were another case entirely!

They had silk! can you believe that! Silk!!! Oh my god... I'm not sure what these are gonna be used for, but I bet some royalty or big time! individual would want to purchase it. I was planning on selling the Girl at first but when I noticed she looks a lot like my bestfriend, I changed my mind.

Although I'm pretty sure I would get a lot of money If I sold her as a first class merchandise ( from what Boss Bandit said. )
I'm thinking that I should just keep her.
Talking to a bunch of birds all day might make people think that I'm insane.

Maybe after spending more time with her it might increase the intimacy. Like what happened with my Gallus's.

Checking my terminal to see if there was an edit function but I didn't find any, I wanted to change her name to Kim.

Probably later, after leveling her up. some kind of edit function would pop out.

As the night starts to cover the forest in darkness, the air getting colder, and the sound of the wheels becoming more prominent.

I took a glance at Kim, seeing her crying face really breaks my heart. But I also find it really cute! Kyaa! guhehe...

Aria: " I see she's fallen asleep..... Centor!

Centor: " yes master?

Aria: " I want you guard her with your life, make sure Kim doesn't run away or do anything stupid. Running off alone in these woods could only spell disaster.

Centor: " Kim???

Aria: " Centor, even if you dont have any visible ears, I'm sure you could hear me all the same. ( pouts ) hmmm?

Centor: " !!! yes.... I hear and obey master.

Aria: " And one more thing. From now on, I want you guys to call me Mistress, or Mistress Aria. It has a better ring to it dont you think?

Athen: " Yes Mistress.

Centor: " Yes Mistress Aria...

Barm: " This is why I keep saying I dont understand women......

Aria: " Barm!!! (-_-#)

Barm: " Yes Mistress ( as long as she keeps me well fed I'll call her whatever she wants. )

Aria: " by the way, its getting really dark, can you still see the road Barm?

Barm: " Yup, as clear as day. we Gallus's take pride in our sight, may it be day or night, getting food is our number 1 , no scratch that, number 2 priority that is....

Aria: " and what might number 1 be?

Barm: " Escaping predators, running away with our life. Thats number 1, we always put self preservation above everything. But now i'm not sure...

Aria: " Why is that? can I hear the reason?

Barm: " well, Because of mistress our lives have changed, we are no longer the mindless birds that we once was. spending our days waiting to be killed, or eaten. In a way, I'm thankful for the change. I can spend my life no longer in fear of being eaten alive.

Aria: " well Barm, with your size, I'm sure you will be the one doing the eating from now on. you guys just need to follow my every command and ( yawn ) munya munya~ ...... hmmm. its getting late, you three take turns keeping watch, and Barm if your sleepy, Just walk with one Eye open, the faster we get to a village, the faster we get paid for selling these goods. I did find a few gold and silver coins in a bag that the bandits had, so I think we can purchase some items that we would need in our travels. Until then, walk faster.

Barm: " Yes Mistress..... ( Geez... )

Aria: " I love you Barm.....

Centor and Athen : " ( Sigh )

Aria: " I'm taking a short nap, wake me up if something happens.

Centor, Athen, and Barm: " Yes Mistress.......




Morning of the next day.


after waking up early in the morning, I found the scary Girl infront of our carriage looking at the road.

I thought about running away, but the black bird was staring at me the entire time I was awake.

waiting for my chance, I held on. Thinking about my father... I'm really worried, I hope he's alright.

All I knew is that if I waited patiently, I would be able to break away from them when the time comes.


Aria: " Hi! Goodmorning! did you have a nice sleep?

Elena: " yes...... ( what is she thinking? yesterday she was like a different person, )

Aria: " oh yeah if your hungry have some of these. ( throws her some berries )

Elena : " Thank you......

Aria: " Your welcome Kim ( smiles )

Elena: " ( Hih!!! calm down... calm down.... she doesn't look like she's gonna hurt me. ) he he he...

something is definitely wrong with this person, she keeps calling me Kim... is she perhaps a mage? what is wrong with her??? I need to get away from them fast! I want to see my father. please save me papa....

Aria: " he he he ( smiles )

its good to see that she's finally loosening up. I guess the intimacy rate is slightly increasing, its a good thing I didn't tie her up, treating people like that is wrong! I can still remember how my mom used to tie me up when I tried running away, and screaming for help... She kept on kicking me like there was no tomorrow. ha ha ha ( shivers ) thats in the past now. I dont hate her for that , I love my mom, she kept a roof over my head, fed me well, then left me all alon...... ( sigh ) lets just forget about these things.


Athen: " Mistress, I saw some bandits up ahead. Shall we fight them?

Aria: " Lets go! oh wait, I have to untie Barm first. hyaa... ei, uhmp. there... all good. Lets roll. Centor what are you waiting for? get down from there already.

Centor: " huh? ( sigh, dont blame me if she runs away. ) coming mistress.....

Elena: " ( this is my chance!!! )



after seeing them off a good distance away from the carriage, I ran all the way back to where father is, following the road would let them see me so I decided on running in the same direction but taking advantage of the woods to cover my tracks.

and after about 15 minutes of running...........



Elena: " Hiyaa!!!! ( surprised! by the figure holding her body and covering her mouth. )

Merchant: " Shhhh!!!! quiet child its me!!!

Elena: " Father!!! oh father!!! ( cries in his arms )

Both of them have been finally reunited!

Father: " I was so worried Elena. Everythings gonna be alright now. come we must hurry. ( holding her hand )

Elena: " yes fath....... huh!?

* Crash!!!! *

Barm: " Krangchh! Krancgch Crunch... crunch!!.... Gulp....

Elena: " huh?!


Running from the direction of the carriage, is the figure of a young girl.

Aria: " wooo uhhuu uhaa... ( panting ) we finally caught up to you... are you alright ???

Elena: " still frozen ( tears coming down her eyes. )

Aria: " its ok, your safe now... you dont have to cry...... eh???

its alright Kim ( picks her up and hold her tightly ) everythings gonna be alright..... ( rubbing the back of her head )

I'm sorry, I didn't notice a bandit had taken you away... I shouldn't have left you all alone.....

but you know what? when I saw that bad man pulling you away I told Barm to kill him so you dont need to cry anymore....

He's gone, he's never gonna come back... ever.....


Elena: " ( I dont want to die....... )

Elena: " ( where am I? )

Elena: " ( Who Am I ??? )

{{ you know what? that bad man.... he's never coming back! ... never.... }}
{{ Barm killed the bad man.... never coming back!!!... ever coming............}}
{{ Its gonna be alright! ...... gonna be all right, right, alright...... bad..gone}}
{{ Kim.....Kim, its alright!..... everything Kim.......alright??? bad man...........}}

Kim: " Yes..... Everything will be alright.,.........

Kim: " bad man gone never coming back.......

Kim: " Barm took care of the Bad, gone, never ever coming back ( slightly dazed )


the young girl fainted and Aria asked Barm to take her back to the carriage.

Aria: " Man.....Just when things were starting to look up.....




After half a day of traveling we finally reached the village,  the village folk were nice and inviting, it felt like all the troubles we encountered we're but a pigment of our imagination....

Aria: " we finally arrived, now to sell all the stuff ( smiles )

Kim we're here! welcome to the highest point in your life!

Welcome to Permudalin Village! the land of promise hehehe ( smiles )


Kim: " Wow!!! We're finally here!!!  Oneechan~ buy me some new clothes ok?

Aria:   Eehh???? ok sure but we have to settle some things first... after that........




The town of Beginings Chapter End......

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