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chapter 4 : The town of beginings ( part 2 )





After witnessing the birth of a legend. ( ha ha ha ) no, seriously, I didn't expect things to turn out the way they did.

Not only did I gain a new skill, but my food sourc..... ahem ahem, all my companions turned into high ranking monsters!

The size of Centor and Athen has doubled except for Barm which turned into the size of a full grown grizzly bear.

Barm's feather became red, while his wings transformed into a pair of hands attached on arms with bulging muscles, his tail feathers were now gone and in its place you can see a long tail similar to a lion's. Barm's feet became somewhat thicker, covered by an overgrowth of feathers.

Centor's original brown color turned into black with little bits of red streaks here and there. The feathers on his wings and tail have also become longer. His legs have also increased a bit in length.

Athen's feathers turned completely white! with two long black feathers going all the way to her back, attached on her forehead. Other than the size increase, nothing else has changed.

After greeting them. The first one to respond was Centor


Centor: " Master... We are forever indebted to you. Not only did you protect us, you have also given us strength. please continue to guide us, and allow us to accompany you in your journey.

Athen: " I hear and obey, Master.

Barm: " Master.... I'm hungry.....



Seeing as the mood change... both Centor and Athen stared daggers at Barm for ruining the moment. I dont actually mind.

After that last battle the foxes in the area have started to avoid us, Despite the three Gallus's being level 1, the foxes knew that they no longer stood a chance against them.



We continued the rest of the day without encountering any trouble.

I was laying on top of Barm as he served as my mount, while the other two was perched further in the back.

Leisurely eating berries and playing dating sims on my terminal, I decided to engage on some casual conversations with them.

Aria: " Hey.... what do I normally have to look for in a guy?

Athen: " It depends on the individual's preferences. For me, as long as there is a nest and enough food, I would be happy.

Centor: " Such trivial things. Whats important is power! The strength to defeat enemies and stand at the top.

Barm: " Hmm... I cant say, females are hard to understand, and me being not one of them is difficult enough as it is.

Aria: " Yeah.... I think you guys are right in someway, but for me... I want him to be a prince in shining armor, who will take me away to his castle and live happily ever after, if it was possible. but..... oh well.

Centor: " A knight in shining armor is a Knight who hasn't had his metal tested, I would think twice before I give myself to someone who lacks the ability and experience.

Aria: " ha! you seem to know a lot Centor, are you saying this based on experience?

Centor: " Not really master... its just, well to us gallus who live through the day like it was our last, in order to survive, its an absolute necessity.

Aria: " uhm... perhaps, a nice gentleman would also be good, with good looks! hahaha.

Athen : " I would prefer that as well.

Barm: " how about muscles? and a gentle heart?

Aria: " Ahh... Barm, So Adorable...

Barm: " Guhehe...

Centor: " Ugh! stop that your disgusting.

Barm: " (-_-#) what!? you little runt!

Aria: " Stop it you two....



After crossing the mountain we stumbled upon a group of people fighting, not too far from our current position.

I asked Barm to move towards the trees to avoid beeing seen as we made our way closer to the group,

Upon inspection, I found that they were merchants, and the ones attacking are bandits

there was a total of 7 bandits all in all.

The leader of the group was around level 5

and the rest was level 2-3 respectively.


Aria: " Not good. I think it would be best if we just go around them.

Just as when we were about to leave...


Young Girl: " Kyaaa! No! Stay away!!!

Merchant: " Please take all the items, just dont hurt my daughter...

Young Girl: " Father!!! Hiyaa!!!

Bandit Leader: " Shut up! Old Man!!! Do you think you are in any position to negotiate? huh?

Bandit member: " Boss... How about you let us have some fun before we go ahahaha.

Bandit Leader: " No! I'm taking her with me, we can sell her off for a higher price if she's first class.


Aria: " Tsk, I changed my mind.... you three! Show me what you've got. Kill them all!

Athen: " Are you sure Master? their level is higher than ours. ( a bit hesitant )

Aria: " Dont worry I have a plan. Athen, use agi-up and blessing on Centor, Barm circle around and attract their attention towards you when your on the other side. and Centor.....

Centor: " Yes Master?

Aria: " How fast can you run?

Centor: " Eh?

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