* kring! kring!!! kringgg!!! *

ugh.... where is that..... ( pat pat pat )

* kringgg!!!!! *

kyaaa! ouch.... i need to put this somewhere else so it doesn't always fall on my head.

At the sound of my alarm, I begin my day.

I'm just an average highschool girl just like any other. Every morning, I always run around a few times in our neighborhood because I make it a point to keep my figure in top shape all the time... yeah i dont wanna become fat, go figure....

Enjoying the cold wind brushing on my cheeks. Looking at the river, the bridge, and everything else that comes along my way. I pick up my pace, as my body begins to warm up.

But today is different... Im running..... like my life depended on it.


Kim : ( yawn~ ) " uhh haa uhh haa, hmmm.... isn't that Aria? What is she doing at school? and its a Sunday.........

I'm not sure if someone is making fun of me or just some kind of twist of fate but I ended up Jogging pass our school building. looking around, I saw a girl on top of the roof, thinking that she was part of a club enjoying the sunrise, i was about to move on....... but what happened next was beyond my expectations.

The girl was slowly making her way up the perimiter fence........

Kim: Your kidding right? No way!? That Idiot!!!

I started running as fast as I could, maybe even faster, i'm not really sure.
Making my way inside the school building, I'm greeted by the security guard on duty, he was eating some donuts and drinking coffee as I was running pass him.
( I forgot to mention he was sleeping like a log. )

Running up the stairs of our 10 story building, I'm begining to think I wouldn't make it.

Slamming the door open as i finally got on top and looking around, I saw the back of the girl standing at the edge.

Immediately running to her direction, I watched as the girl was slowly disappearing from my sight, as she took the final step towards her Death.

( Its not my fault..... I'm sorry..... I'm sorry..... this must be a dream, right? I'm probably still sleeping in bed. )

I was frozen in space, Like watching a movie that plays only 1 frame for every minute. All I could do was see her off. Aria was like the protagonist in some western film riding off into the Sun. As the sky begins to light up, time begins to move once more.

Kim: "ARiAaaaa!!!!!!!!!


It felt like I was flying in the sky, the wind was really strong as it hit my face, so I kept my eyes closed. The freedom, the peace of mind, as if all my troubles were being blown away with the wind.

< Error >

" TzzzZzzttt tzztt * ( static )

* TzzZztt *

< Error >

[ Loading system resources ]

< Error >

< Error in line 1090 238 867 >

[ Protocol Failure ]

[ Attempting to Reconnect to Server ]

< Error >

< Error >

[ Transferring Data to other Stand Alone Server ]

< Error >

[ System Boot up Failed ]

[ Iniating Emergency Protocol ]

[ Tranfering All data files to Server 00 ]

[ Uploading all Character Data ]

[ Attempt Successful ]

< ok >

< ok >

< ok >

[ Connecting....... ]

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