Morning of the 31 day in highschool, I'm wearing my cute uniform, on top of the school roof enjoying the soft breeze, the sun slowly rising and the sky visibly changing its color showing its full splendor, I had hoped that my new student life would be filled with great memories that i would later look back on with a bright smile. but somethings just dont workout the way you want it to.

Born in a broken family, barely making ends meet, and struggling in life, my only escape is when I was playing RPG games on my terminal, which i found laying on the ground with a big pile of trash and some magazines.

My father left us when i was still very young, and my mom hated him so much to a point that she wanted to kill him if ever she was given the chance. Unfortunately for me, I had to accept the full brunt of her fury. After coming home from work, I would always try my best to pleasure my mom. In a way, after kicking and punching me from all directions, she would show this big smile on her face as if she felt like she was flying, and I would in turn smile back, which made the physical abuse finally stop. then she will go back to her room with a big bottle of alcohol to keep her company. this was my everyday life.

I was utterly broken in my time of youth, causing me to lose my voice because of the trauma. My mom just waved it off as if it wasn't her fault. Despite how she treated me, I still loved my mom. She was the only family i have left, and I felt content, as long as we are together I would eventually be happy, but I was wrong.

One day she never came back to our house, no letters, no calls, no messages left on the phone, she just completely vanished.

I was able to scrounge up a few scrapes of food that the neighbors were nice enough to give me, and managed to survive somehow. but something within me was slowly dying. eating me away, filling me with unimaginable sadness. stuffing my mouth with food until there wasn't any left, I went to my mother's room and laid down on her bed. hugging her pillow, smelling the alcohol on the bedsheets, i began to cry. I tried calling out her name but my voice wasn't there. I wanted to scream, but nothing came out, only silence remained, i was alone.....I cried, until i fell asleep.

The first few days in school wasn't different, I was the odd one out.


"Teacher"  Listen up class. Today we have a new transfer student. Go ahead and introduce yourself.

I picked up my terminal and began tapping on the letters, when I was finished, I placed my finger on the tablet and dragged what i had written infront of everyone to see, and after a moment a two dimentional display appeared on the thin air.

[ Nice to meet you ]
[ I am Aria ]

[ I will use this terminal to communicate with all of you ]
[ I hope we can all be friends ]

[ I'm Mute ]


I tried my best, to live up to expectations. I held out my hand trying to reach for anyone, but nobody even gave me the time of day. Instead, they tormented me for being different, I cant blame them, it was my fault in the first place. They keep telling me i was creeping them out, always holding back the entire class. I was like excess baggage for those people around me. and the entire class was making all sorts of tricks to make my life in school a living hell. I was the object of their hate, until one day i found a friend.

for the first time in my life i was trully happy. that was until i found out the truth.


"Hey Kim! why do you always bother talking to that wierdball? everyone in class is avoiding her.

""Well first of all she's not my friend, if your wondering. I'm only using her to keep my grades up. Hah! you should have seen the look on her face when i came up to her and asked if we can hang out.

"wow.... you spineless.,. ahahahha , im kidding. anyway wanna hang out someplace after school?

""Sure, I have nothing to do, and we dont have any club activities later.

"alright! I hear there is a great stall in the station selling cute accesories.

""Count me in... anyway we better get back to class, our break is almost over....


"Aria" I guess staying up on the roof will give you all sorts of gossip. ( thinking to herself ) its a shame the only person i could share it with doesn't exist. I wonder what Kim would think if they found out that I was actually just above them the entire time.

I'll ask her later if they could let me join them on their trip.


"Kim" what do you want!? ugh you've been following me around the rest of the day!

"Aria" [ I just want for us to spend sometime together. ]

"Kim" what!? wait...... we talk in class, well mostly its just me talking and you tapping away like a crazed lunatic. Isn't that enough? Its not like i want to be around you 24/7  i have my own life, and i've got other things to do.

"Aria" [ Its not that! I swear, i just want for us to maybe, walk home together? or Eat crepe ]

"Kim" Haaa??? you are seriously wierding me out like totally! I'm not somekind of boyfriend you know. I'm busy, I need to go.

"Aria" [ thats not what i heard earlier, you said you were free after school. ]
            [ Cant I come along? I want to be friends with everyone. ]

"Kim" ohh.....I get it now, you were actually listening back there.... Aria..... please dont come near me ever again. we are friends right? and friends dont cause trouble for their friend..... I'm actually gonna go with MY other Friends but you aren't invited. sorry.....but i dont wanna talk to you again and I want you to stay away from me as much as possible. your Wierd stalker way of doing things is creeping me out.


I didn't go home that day, I stayed on the roof of the school building,  and when the night came I looked up to the sky and the stars. ( its pretty ) I took a selfie of myself, then some pictures of the night sky. I wanted to preserve this scene in my memory, my own special place where i belong.

Now where can that place be? I wonder.......


Author's note : please be gentle.

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