In the middle of the forest a young girl running desperately after her village was attacked by knights, she doesn't know the reason behind their attack but what she does know is that she has to get away as fast as possible. Sounds of screaming can be heard, echoing in the dark. With bated breath she kept on running only for her body to fall from the exhaustion, looking back, she can see the figures of the knights quickly approaching her. Trying to get up, mustering the strength to keep her legs from collapsing underneath her small frail body, but alas, nothing was left. In an effort to buy some time, she yelled at the knights, prompting them to answer a question, holding in her emotions trying to find a slither of hope.

"village girl" ughh .....why?....why are you people doing this to us!? why!!! ( panting )

"knight 1" We finally caught up to you little brat!

"knight 2" We have no obligation to tell you, besides you will die anyway. ( raising his sword )

"village girl" No! stop, dont come any closer!!! help! someone help me!!! ( tears falling down her face, remembering the last words that her sister told her before they separated. ) as the man's blade raised infront of her getting ready to strike her down, the impending doom slowly creeping up to her existence.

[[ Listen to me closely Anna, i want you to run towards the forest, and whatever happens dont come back! you hear me! i want you run away from this place.

" No!!! i'm not leaving you here! ( suddenly she was forced to the ground after getting hit on her face. )

" Anna!!! just once, please listen to me!!! i know we've had our differences in the past but please do as I say! ( fear visible in her voice ) You have to be strong, and whatever happens you have to live! Even if Papa and Mama are gone, remember that we will always keep watching over you. I'm sorry that I wont be able to play with you anymore in the future, but please Anna, dont hate your sister for breaking our promise okay? remember.... that. ( hugs her little sister tightly ) I...i love you Anna... even if i'm gone, i too will keep watching over you, along with papa and mama. I love you so much......and...I'm sorry but sister is gonna be going ahead first to where papa and mama is, this is all that i can do to protect you...( gently placing her hand on her sister's swollen cheek )

"Anna" See you soon....sister..... ( holding back her tears )

"Elaine" I hope i dont get to see your face for a very long time Anna.....goodbye.]]


Watching the figure of her sister slowly vanishing into forest, covered in darkness. She turns around to face her opponent. knights in full body armor, their numbers increasing by the minute. unsheathing their swords, getting ready to attack. She looks up to the sky, mesmerized by the stars, feeling the soft breeze of the wind blowing on her skin, the dust getting stirred by the number of knights, She glances at the bodies of both her mother and father not too far away, mangled, bloodied. Their race was very adept at using magic, however they lacked the physical stamina, which ended in their defeat in a battle of attrition, they were a peaceful race, they were not warriors, but they did have a way to defend themselves.... using magic, but being surrounded by the number of knights, she new it was only a matter of time before they kill her. She only needed to buy some time, enough for her beloved sister to increase the distance between her and the pursuers, slowly breathing in the air, reminiscing the memory of her sister and herself running in the wheat fields and their parents waving at them from a far.

She began to smile, without any trace of fear. In her eyes a burning determination, unlikely to be seen on the battlefield where you are sure of defeat. She held her ground, facing the staggering number of knights infront of her. She ran, Charging towards their line of defence. All the while chanting a few words of Magic....

[ Demon Transformation! ]

"Elaine" You maybe able kill me, but I'll be damned as hell! I promise to take a number of you guys with me in my death.

In that moment, She clawed her way through their ranks, killing 10 knights instantly and throwing off a fair number of them away from her. Grabing hold of another knight and separating his head from the body, piercing her sharp claws on the other. Blood rained down on the immediate vicinity, knights screaming as they die, while the others weren't given a chance to even scream. It was pandemonium. the scene infront of them would make anyone puke from the smell and gore of flesh and blood.

The knights having reformed their rank begun to counter attack, seeing as the demon is slowly showing signs of fatigue from the wounds that it had sustained. and after a while they had suceeded, and the demon fell on its back while pierced with swords and spears.

In her final moment, Elaine stared at the dark sky illuminated by the stars, slowly losing all her strength and desperately clinging to her consciousness, while her transformation is begining to dispel, revealing the body that once was, filled with wounds, bloodied. She stared into the heaven's, then she noticed some figure flying up above, dark, its dark, and she can't quite make it out, but she knew it was also looking at her, its eyes mirroring her image. Deep golden eyes, as if staring straight into her very soul.

She raised up her hand trying to reach out for the dark figure in the sky, and in her dying moment she uttered a few words with tears streaming down from her eyes, that is, as red as the blood flowing within her veins.

P,,pl,,,please..... save.. my sister.....

With her final wish, she lost her consciousness and fell asleep. The dark phantom above, as if answering her plea. made its way through the forest, its golden eyes flickering in the dark.

On top of the school building just before the sun rises.

author's note: credits to the owner of the art, im still having trouble uploading my art to an image hosting site, so i borrowed this for a while.
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