Amazing Cleavage: The Adventures of a Battle Axe

Amazing Cleavage: The Adventures of a Battle Axe

by J.D. Enders

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content


Casey and Jamen are guild members in the controversial but sinfully interactive MMORPG, Arousia Online. But when a lab accident transports them to a new world populated entirely by powerful yet sexually frustrated female warriors, the pair must do what it takes to get back home. 

And what it takes is going to involve every inch of their stamina, both to fend off the hordes of rampaging demons trying to destroy the land, and to satisfy the legions of beautiful women who haven't seen a man since the actions of a diabolical sorcerer made every male disappear.

Do Casey and Jamen have what it takes, both to save this world, and repopulate it? Jamen is your stereotypical cleric, but Casey, well, the accident transformed him. Whether the transformation is for the better or worse remains to be seen. You'll have to read The Amazing Cleavage to find out.  (A LitRPG / Gamelit Harem adventure)

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This story is light and hilarious.  If you want to read something and laugh this is it.  So many things were awesome.  The descriptions of the axe form.  The way that he gained sp.  If you're the type to enjoy funny turns of phrase and dick jokes give this a go! The author is actively writing chapters which a big bonus.