Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content



You have been selected and given THE choice...

From the depths of your desire and desperation you have elected to accept OUR invitation...

Your pain and suffering has brought you this chance and through pain and suffering you may yet become more...

Arise ye tortured and damned. Your World has abandoned you but you are not yet forgotten.

For the Operators it was a chance to learn.

For those participating it was a chance to rise.

For the Host it was a chance for survival.

For Wren and Hiidan it was a chance to exploit...


This story is sexually, religeously and all kinds of other types of irreverant. Consider yourself warned.

Hey, new author here and a relatively new author otherwise. Feel free to take a crack at my writing at whim. Oh, and show the love!

The cover is a shopped picture donated from a friend. In other words, I have permission to use but that permission doesn't extend beyond the use as my cover. 


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Table of Contents
62 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
0- Beauty in the Breakdown ago
1-Strada (fixed) ago
2-Spy Vs. Spy (fixed) ago
3-Worst Hero (fixed) ago
4-Every Which Way but Loose (fixed) ago
5-Because, Magic! (fixed) ago
6-A Little Bonding Before Breakfast (fixed) ago
7- Over the River and Through the Woods ago
8- Appreciating the Scenery ago
9- We Are Family ago
10-Two Turned Tables and No Microphone ago
11- Family Drama, It's the Worst ago
12-A Test of of Character ago
13-Valuable Lessons ago
14- Between Work and Play ago
15- No good deed goes unpunished ( Inner Journal Entry 1) ago
16- Lesser of Evils ago
Current Character Status Updates ago
17- Thin Lines Between ago
18-A Little Surprise ago
19-Oh Brother! ago
20-Creep Show ago
21-Daddy Issues ago
22-Questions and Answers (Everyone Loves Beyonce) ago
23-Spoon Full of Sugar ago
24-Blessings and Curses ago
25-Wise Man's Blues ago
26-The More Things Change ago
27-Too Much of Not Enough ago
28-Not an Indecent Proposal ago
29-Hard Day's Night ago
30-Quiet Into the Day ago
31-Blurry Lines ago
32-Only a Day Away ago
33-Fully Reversable ago
35-First and Last Resort ago
35-Who's Your Daddy? ago
36-All Balances Out ago
37-Wants and Needs ago
38-Three-in-One ago
39-Endings and Beginnings ago
40-On a Trial Basis ago
41-Exploitations ago
42-Insight ago
43-A Little Understanding ago
44- Self More or Less ago
45-Closer ago
46-Wicked Game ago
47- Old and New ago
48-Off Script ago
49-Foul Play ago
50-No Rest for the Wicked ago
51-Side of the Mouth ago
52-Proposition ago
53- Unfamiliar ago
54- Attrition ago
55- Unpleasant Surprise ago
56-Short Term Gains ago
57- Shade and Flame ago
58-Friends, Enemies and Family ago
59- Loose, Lost Time ago
Zero Epilogue ago

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The language, grammer, and story is fine.  It is well written.  Reading it however leaves you with a feeling of missing whole chapters.  There is so much missing story, and the pace moves so quick it is hard to keep up with.


From what I understand, I think it's better than before, but there's still a disconnect between our minds and the authors mind. He doesn't do a good job conveying information and by chapter 9 I have no idea etc is going on. It's rather frustrating tbh.


I only got 6 chapters in. Your story is very hard to follow. Honestly i thought the story would follow troy since you started from his prespective in the prologue but you switched to someone else. Your system is even worse. Things seem kind of jumbled together.


A simply written complex story

A simply written complex story that oddly reflects a realistic world view. This story is written like a zip format of missing yet compressed data, sure more could and should be added to, but you would not miss out so long as you read a few chapters at a time. This would make an awesome comic book.


Im like 13 chaps in and its good. Little to no grammar mistakes and story is good. First few chaps were a bit hard but i got through them. Only issue i have is MC trying to play hero and his naivety even after suffereing the consequences, yet not wising up and realizing he wont have another chance. His self destructive behavior, even if it’s out of his good naturedness, is not suitable for his situation and he will ultimately pay a price. It just doesnt seem realistic, atleast his reasons for constantly trying to help when it could potentially kill him. I hope he changes later, as im only on chap 13, so i will see.

Tldr: Enjoying the story just not MC. 


READ IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On of my favorite stories on this site. This story hooked me won't let go! Just masterful. Thankyou for making this story!!!! Seriously I don't usually review stories but I had to with this. Thank you!