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I checked my status

Black cat
Age 23
Race: Lower umbriel
Class: depth strider

Str: 9
Intent : 15
Will: 25
Wisdom: 10
Spirit: 7
Awareness: 5
Intuition: 7

Personality: 20


Unallocated points:3
Earlier i took this all for granted.
If i was honest though my page didnt make a lick of sense.
I didnt have the standard stats a fresh mented adventurer would have.
I was literally forced for my own good to learn what those statistics did on a real life basis.
What was this mind,body and soul?
I stared deeper into the page lost in thought
A small circle took over my vision
Three percect almost triagular segments each corresponding to of the themes.
Body was red, the mind was blue, the soul was green.
I pick the red tab. Hungry to explore my possibilities

Would you like to allocate 1 point to Body? Y/N
I choose affirmatively.
I felt my body undergo a small boost, stronger, tougher yet still as agile?
I checked my stats.
Body apparently governs my physical stats. It graced me with a whole five points in 3 different catagories! That was like spending 15 stat points at once!
What the fuck. No wonder monsters were so strong. Delighted i decided to keep my ratio even for now distributing a stat point in each category respectively. The only down side i could see would be that i seemed to only gain a single point per level, which about evened out adventurers were given about 5 points per class level.
I scratched my head, that monster was way stronger than me! What gives?
I only gained three levels. My class must require alot of exp which was strange there wasnt a number next to my level? basically stating the experience required to advance. I just did.
Ill watch closer the next monster im forced to kill.

I could go back to kill the monsters i left behind, i'd love to no have hostiles at my back.
Although stronger, with the deadliness of that shadow flame at my call.
This was a self staged rescue mission not a dungeon crawl. Escape came first. Adventure second.
I absent mindedly picked up the loot i had almost forgotten.
I was more aware of my surroundings this time, crouching down to grabb it with my head on swivel instead of bending all the way down exposing my back and ass cheecks to danger.
It was a ring.
Somewhat traumatised by my previous experience. You could understand my hesitence right?
But i bit the the bullet and put it on
My body felt weird then return to normal.

"Out of phase ring equiped"

Flashed by and was gone.
That sounded sweet. I wonder if i was like a ghost.
I punched the wall at full strength like an igiot. It hurt like sex with a pineapple.
My nuckles were valcano red.
I blew on them. Definitely not a ghost.
I laugh at myself keeping it as quit as possible instead of the explosion of sound i was known for. Another reason i sucked at thievery. I couldnt stop giggling when sneaking up on people. It was something that carried over from my childhood days.

I moved deeper still into the Corridors of shadows. Hoping to find a way out.


A pale figure stood blocking my way.
It was some kind of knight.
Armor worn and mostly destroyed.
He looked half dead while undead.
I did. I guess cloak didnt work on this guy. His ghostly eyes followed me perfectly.
"If you tread ahead you will breach the territory of the wraths, you shant survive long on your on."

I tapped my foot in exasperation
So did he want to fight or join my company? If so what guarantee did i have that this wasnt a trap? or that He wouldnt stabbed me in the back at an unfortunate time?
I just asked him flat out. Eyes searching for inconsistency, stance close to hostile.

"I offer to form a bound"
"Truthfully now, what do you get out of this?"
"An anchor, otherwise ill fade. Rage can only sustain ones soul for so long." The ghostly figure jestured at itself. "Im already fading."
"What do i get out of this?" I said after scratching my head in thought
"A immortal protector, immune to mundane weaponry, only weak to fire and holy magic.
What say you?"

Bond with Fallen warrior? Y/N

A bond was a serious thing. I could only bond once. I was hoping for dragon or a rare unseen species.
But i was a monster, alone, with few prospects at the moment. An immortal meat shield was the ultimate selling point.
I accepted.

Gottfried <weak phatasm> level 1

Well weak was the word.
"So Gottfried? What did you mean when you said immortal? your really weak. Do i have to protect you?"
"" he scratched head. Now that i looked at him, his face actually had features,before he lacked definition he looked like an actual man maybe, 25 at best.
"Think it more like im haunting you instead of this dungeon now, so if you get killed im dead for sure. If i get killed ill return. Slowly if i must use my own energy. Quicker like instantly if you expend the bio-energy to reanimate me."
He was eloquent, ill give him that.
that explination while usefull was a little freaky to process and just go along with.
Id fucked around and turned my body into a haunted house?
What next demonic possesion?

Gothfried was scouting ahead
We made a deal if he triggered any traps deadly or otherwise.
I'd make kills, if he played
Tank. I couldnt call him a Meatshield anymore
He didnt have a lick of fat on him, let alone a body. Lets just call it ghost-booty sacrifice, 'cause it was his ass on the line. Not mine. As soon as shit hit the fan, i was gonna kick rocks.
Ah, the joys of team work. Shit was looking up. I chuckled into my hand somewhat maniacally.

The subject of my chuckles
Swooped into view
"Run into anything worth mentioning?"
A potion case slide the distance between us.
"A four way intersection is up a head,
I explored two directions triggering traps, make it safe for ye to traverse. Unfortunately a group of wraith blocked me from going forth. Should i lure one down for us to feast on?"
I nodded.
If i could defeat a few of these lesser creatures. My shield would grow fangs.
If i couldnt sneak past id have to divide and conquer.
I was scared shitless of the Balefire, id start calling it that for lack of better.
That left me with few choices. I had two active attack skills at my disposal. More like spells, i also had sword training.
Drain was a instanta-cast.
The description was rather vague, i had to be touching my target to active
Dark flare was a spell. Focus on it caused knowledge to flow into my mind.
Right on time.
Two literal shadows chased my ghost.
They ran like mad
Horredous screeches echoing as they raced in hot pursuit.
I thought you said you'd lure in one?
"We werent so lucky, little Lord. Prepare for battle!"


Golded light reathed my left hand like circlets.
A orb of dark light shot out of my hand and engulfed the second shadow.
The first somehow flowed around the spell like liquid. intent on striking me as i drew it's aggression.
You ever seen that sheen on something so black? Almost like a glow. This substance seemed to eat the light emiting a light of its own. The phenomena defied wording almost.
I thought at first the attack had no effect.
Then altered light burst from it's body in a wave, engulfing it entirely.
Down one, i think.
I focused on the last one right as it ran up on me. I excuted my slash technique. My strongest blade skill. A red mouth appeared as it batted my beginner skill aside. Sir Gareth wasnt idle.
He violently thurst his sword deep into its back. The shadowman barely acknolwdge the pain, offering a brutal back hand in retribution.
Not even wasting a glance, as my support sailed across the corridor.
His lifeforce points flashed red from one strike. Shadowmen were level twenty creatures of the darkness attribute. Weak to light magic and enchanted weapons. I didnt know any fucking light magic!
Darkflare had a short cast time but a huge cool down rate. It wouldnt be available for another minute and a half.
It cost about 100 bio-energy.
Battle wouldn't last that long. It would be dead or I would. That was the fierce struggle of life.
The wrath could turn its arms into blades. Its attacks were rapid but predictable. No feints or real technique.
It kind of bashed on my defenses trying to wear me down.
My neophyte skill in sword work was able to keep up if not outfight this opponent outright. It was used to ambushes tactics with greater numbers behind it.
My stamina wasn't infinite. I couldnt play with my food anymore.
Time slowed in between strikes.
Its sharp arms slashed at my chest at an angle. I deflected the strike and kicked it in the chest. it started to fly backwards (I must be moving faster than i thought)
I was able to intercept the hurdling body. Cutting deeply into shoulder.
Time resumed normal speed.
It wasnt dead yet, i could see it try to recover. I jumped on top of it booted feet first. Instantly i used drain.
It was like ecstasy.
Something flowed from it to me.
It was sweet like necture, like the first kiss.
Like seeing your best friend after two years of absence.
It felt like sexual attention from someone you deeply desired, extremely satisfying. I didnt even feel the shadowman expire. I just knew when it was over. If i had to use one word? Intense
I came back to myself.
My lifeforce was topped off.
Drained didnt use essense so i wanst sure it did anything for that, But i felt great bursting with stamina.
It dropped a shadowy substance convienlty contained in a clear stoppered vial, along with two silver Yubree.
"Hey Got,fried, do you know what this shite is shadowmen drop?"
His head swiveled around while his body faced the wrong direction.
He nodded with a sad look in his eyes.
"Aye, Tis a highly sought after alchemical agent, it could create a potion, a unique one. It grants temporary immunity to shadow based magic...more unsavory types might use it for foul rituals"
I was tempted to ask how he knew so much about it, but i left the subject alone.
I comensed to pocketed the loot into my inventory
Also stopping to retrieve the other shadowmans drop.

My stats were starting to look good

Name: Cat

Lower Umbriel
depth strider: Level 6

Vitality: 440/220
Essence: 598/299
Bio energy: 416

Elemental affinities: fire/ Dark light???

Hardiness: 22 (+22*)
Str: 24 (+24*)
Dex: 29 (+29*)
Intent : 25 (+20*)
Will: 39 (+30*)
Wisdom: 15 (+15*)
Spirit: 13 (+13*)
Awareness: 10 (+10*)
Intuition: 12 (+12*)

Luck: 38 (+38*)
Person: 8 (+8*)


88+52 (sword of bale)
Def: 44 (+44)

Unlocked stats
Tenacity: 3 <regeneration rate 2x value,very small chance to avoid fatal damage> self raising stat
Flare: 3 flashy kills might produce random states of existence

Sword of bale <inert> +9 will, +5 int
Cheap shirt dress shirt +0
Leather pants +10 def
Worn Combat boots +2 def, 2 dex

*Empowered stat

I thrust bale the sword out, growing excited by the way the blade accelerated
While my now level 20 phantasm looked on.


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