The feeling of flesh against an unyielding and uncaring surface, clued me into the fact that I wasn't yet monster meal.

Rising swiftly to my feet. It didn't take long to take in my surroundings. I was in a small cavern. Off to the left a miniature placid pool of liquid, breaking the floor of solid rock.                              In the center a small bonfire burned without fuel.                              Majestic trees grew in the four corners reaching the ceiling, strange fruits populated it's branches. And a warm breeze blew softly threw my hair.

I was in the safe zone of the dungeon.

I felt relief. And the sudden thought that maybe everything would fine.

For all I knew I had landed in a level 1 dungeon. My stealth skills would protect me

I almost sprinted in my enthusiasm to see myself proven right. I emerged from the grey smoke that appeared if you wondered to far from the safe zone.

bursting into the entrance to the dungeon.

Catacombs level 1, flashed across my vision.Despair grew jaws and chewed my heart to blood and pulp

I knew to give into fear was to accept defeat before you had begun...but man I was in a Raid dungeon. With no class. No equipment, and no means of escape. Also a very potent danger awaited the classless. Monsterization.

Without a class to protect the mind and body. The hostile energy produced in dungeons could and would warp the walkers of its bowels. They didn't call this Dungeon Diving or delving for nothing.

Immediately i started to feel immense pressure pressing me down. I could feel the harsh energy, too strong, to primal,trying to unbalance me.                                        I fought for as long as I could, struggling to retain my sense of self. holding out with all that i was. Until it slipped from me.

My vision began going from tunnel to pin prick.I lost control and my sight expanded. 

My body was wandering a desolate plain of red rock as far as the eye could see. The footing was uneven and I appeared to be stumbling like a zombie. I watched from on high for as long I could stomach it, when I had had it. I rushed into my self. Which catapulted me into the horizon. I skidded and landed next to an altar containing dark steaming slushy liquid.                                          I lost all motor control as my hand and face greedily gulped this miasmic bullshit down. it rushed through my blood stream.    Reaching my heart. Ba-doom! I felt one major thump in my chest. I thought my heart had exploded.        I woke up to searing pain. The likes of which I had never felt. I wonder if any mortal ever felt such and survived. It continued and continued. Years turns into decades. Decades to centuries. I felt the liquid bonding to me, changing me thoroughly and on level I never knew applied to myself. I blacked out when everything including me started to vibrate.                                  I assumed my ego would be  destroyed, my shell turned into the most hated thing known to man...A Monster.


I awoke to a status message.

Something only the enlightened with access to a class would receive prompts and messages from the universe.


"You have been transformed through the hostile energy released by the dungeon,through struggle and desperation you have retained an altered form of yourself. You have been granted the class of a monster for that is what you have become, to hide that fact and because you still have access to trace amounts of your humanity you may also access the human class system.Struggle onward! Even death can be defeated!"

I had waited all my life to say these next words: "Status!"

Name: Cat

Race: Lower Umbriel

Class: Dept Strider: Level 1


Vitality: 70

Essence: 120

Bio energy: 266

Elemental affinities: fire/ Dark light???



Str: 9


Intent : 15

Will: 25

Wisdom: 10

Spirit: 7

Awareness: 5

Intuition: 7


Luck: 38

Person: 8






Unlocked stats

Tenacity:2 <regeneration rate 2x value,very small chance to avoid fatal damage> self raising stat

Flare: 3 flashy kills might produce random states of existence.

Active skills: Drain <no cool down>, Dark ray.                                      Flames of the depths-manipulation.


Passive skills: weak regeneration, Cloak. Max                                  Animus accumulation. Max

Twilight blade <Locked>

Twin blade: 0

Subsume <locked>


I wasn't even human anymore!        My glorious moment stagnated before me. Whatever a Lower Umbreal maybe? I had mutated into a fucking menial? I stumbled to the edge of the waters only to see me as my self almost exactly. My hair was now void black, my skin more darker. A chocolate opposed to a dusky brown.My eyes seemed to glitter with a new light.

I flexed and clenched my fist. I felt hardly any different maybe this being a monster thing was one big bust.

Well dwelling wasn't going to help me escape. I seemed to be a magical warrior with the ability to stalk the depths of fuck knows what. I assumed I was at least profiecent at stalking based on "Cloak" works in tandem with the stealth skill. Granting a small percentage of blending and comoflague. Cloak burned a trace amount of Bio-energy to keep it active.

 My skills seemed to respond to my intent. As soon as I focused on the part of my mind associated with the skill itself. Knowledge and insight flooded me. I felt the cloak flow over my body like a second skin. My sounds and smells were supposed to be dampened.

I sprinted across the safe zone.

I often wondered if there were secret debuffs or if I was just curse by the "Game God's". My father tried hard to train me in the ways of thieving. But I lacked the affinity. Although great at sneaking I always did something clumsy.

I couldn't steal from a blind bum we tested the thoery...

My movement with my new body were fluid efficient and silent. Although I felt that ambushes like the one I suffered at the hands of Fearless and his "Goonies" were Cowardly. Yet It was hard to deny the effectiveness. Plus I was outclassed and out numbered with no provisions in a hostile dungeon situation or "HDS".                              All children ages 7 to 12 were given survival courses and basical weapons training to deal with the outside world as well a variance of threats.The Conqueror Regis, implemented a state of emergency. Militarising anyone willing to fight as an adventurer or Mercanery. To combat the random hordes of monsters and often whole battlions. Being a "Adve" of sufficient rank granted status . Something many thirsted for. Many died for.I wasn't going to be one of them

The safe zone was bordered in fog, once aftee walking about a meter into the fog of war. I was released into the dungeon proper. Behind me was the sanctuary i'd had abandoned. The water of life could push back hunger and heal the body. But couldn't stav off hunger indefinitely. The fruits could provide sustenance. But being a monster waiting to be discovered in a dungeon wasnt my idea of a good time or a safe thing to do.

A note from Mightything

Might be up to chapter four. Still figuring out some world mechanics and General direction. Not trying to make an op protagonist with out appropriate dangers involved.

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