The Demonic Gamer

The Demonic Gamer

by DeckerWhite

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

Decker White only ever wanted to live a easy life he worked out every weak to keep in shape took self defense lessions and a tutor for his classes but like every good protaganist i, no wait he had a dream of being transported to another world and becoming a hero but hey 1 of 2 aint bad right?

As youve guessed this is a self-insert and yes the protaginist i, is ment to be there: This story takes elements from a couple things such as artefute doom and other stories such as the gamer.

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This story could be better!

I've read many things in my life. The things i have read range from books about the science of black holes to fanfictions about gay naruto porn on the internet.

But i've never read a story quite like this one.

I have a tendancy to avoid stories like this, stories without promise.

But today i decided to sit trough this joke of a story, with the hope of seing some salt.

It was worse than i expected.

Short,Weird,Cliche,Ugly,grammatically incorrect, etc...



You could have at least put in the effort to correct spelling mistakes.

With how short your chapters are, it would have literallyonly taken you a minute or two...

There is no excuse for this.

Only lazyness.

Once again, another disappointment.

Summary: The story is about some guy who is cracy, and has gamer like abilities because god is an asshole who likes other assholes. It uses all the cliche things that tend to be present in stories like this(Except for the being bullied). There are classmates, school, Good looking people, the main protagonist gains a huge dick, and all this jizz. 

Read at your own risk!