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Ohh the need to continue was overwhellming so i couldnt wait for all the votes to come in

last time on demonic gamer

"Decker is that you?" "Fuck"


"Well if i wasnt sure it was him before i am now cause hes the only one to greet you with a cuseword" sounds like waren but differnt but thats to be expexted i guess "Decker what happend to you, you look like and incubi from the stories" huh must be even better looking then i thought "i evolved duh dont tell me none of yall were able to do so after all you had much easier worlds than me you wernt able to Miranda" Rando dumbass student 24-"we all evolved asshole but none of us to the extent you did!" God-"well yeah none of yall are even a tenth as strong as him" huh "you know thats sorta pathetic i had no magic at all whilst you all had but loads of it I was a NORMAL HUMAN fighting DEMONS and i not just survived i surpassed even with a limited body heh yall should be mad at your selfs" Miranda-"Everyone just calm downn, so decker what evolution did you choose?" Peh faker like hell im gonna tell them my true power and weaknesses "Daemon" there that should satisfy them and trick them Everyone-"WHAT" eh? "How is that possible even waren only got Elf and hes the strongest of us!" Shit well there goes that plan even when everyone ignored the god i hoped to barely seem stronger than the strongest cause i thought at least one would be a high Elf eh whatever i wouldnt have been able to hide my power long in the next world any way.

God-"hey everyone if you'll stop gawking at the powerhouse and look over hear ill be explaining how youll be summoned" as i tune them out i decide to check my stats.


Name: Decker Level:1/20 New race. Total Level 21/???
Race: Nephihamic Daemon Lorde xp:0/1000
STR: 78/??? INT: 96/???
VIT: 76/??? WIS: 98/???
AGI: 81/??? MAG: 87/???
RES: 48/99 LUK: 99/99


HMM Pretty good so far  of course i could check my more detailed stats but dont want to bother with it to many factors. And it appears that i gained a magic stat probable due to my evolution into a being with acessess to magic. Lets see about my skills.

(PISTOLS) 99/99
(SHOTGUNS) 99/99
(RIFLES) 99/99
(GUNMODS) 99/99
(BFG'S) 99/99

Pretty much what i thought for my gun skills what about my melee skills?


WHAT there was ALOT of idiots and stupid moments in that world. Anyway now that ive unlocked magic i should learn how to use it in the next world speaking of i think god kid is done speaking.

"So i will now be seanding you all to the summoning portal at the next world." Huh i think i missed alot of necesary info there. Meh whatever ive been flying by the seat of my pants since the begining of this shit show and im still alive so why fix what ain't broke. "5...4...3...2.." 'twitch' me-"HURRY THE FUCK UP AND STOP MESSING AROUND." ...... "0" arg "FUCK YOU GOOOOOODDD." ....... "Rude."

A note from DeckerWhite

xp resets to 1000 every evolution but 1 point for your next evolution is the same as 2 points from the last evolution. Skill GUNPLAY (BFG'S) Includes weapons such as the BFG Railgun and similar guns.

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