Jupiter's Rising

Jupiter's Rising

by FlowingTime

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Living a regular life as a college dropout, a self employed internet addict with a lack of a girlfriend since his whole carreer change, Jupiter finds himself alone and uninterested in anything really.

It all changes when he impulsivily buys an item from a not so smart pirate which turns into an unexpected meeting with slime god. 

Follow along to find out just how, what and where our buddy Jupiter potentially loses his sanity on this adventure of dimensional proportions! 

Genre: Fantasy/Sci-Fi/ Game Elements


Author's Note: 


Just leaving this note here to say this is my first fiction and I am happy to see where this goes and hopefully the people who read enjoy my megalomania put on paper and lived through my little buddy Jupiter~ 

Happy Reading! 




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Table of Contents
40 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Prelude- Where It began? ago
Chapter 1- Ball and Auction ago
Chapter 2 – Sparks ago
Chapter 3 – Slime? ago
Chapter 4- Pain and Fear ago
Chapter 5 - Symbiotic ago
Chapter 6 - Bred for evolution ago
Chapter-7 Useless Earth ago
Chapter 8- Planning ago
Chapter 9 - Shot into Space ago
Chapter 10- Jupiter's win ago
Chapter 11 - Hermit knowledge ago
Chapter 12 – Weapon crazy ago
Chapter 13 – Cabin ago
Chapter 14 – Looting ago
Chapter 15- Magic ago
Chapter 16 - Moving Forward ago
Chapter 17- Crystallization ago
Chapter 18 - Ignorance is bliss ago
Chapter 19 - Supreme ago
Chapter 20 – Messy ago
Chapter 21 – Rikurn ago
Chapter 22 – Learning with abuse ago
Chapter 23 – Caverns ago
Not so chapter but update is in order ago
Chapter - 24 Surprises left and right ago
Chapter 25 – Return to civilization ago
Chapter 26 – Sympathy ago
Chapter 27 – Some Shopping ago
Chapter 28 – More old goats ago
Chapter 29 – Phoenix and chaos? ago
Chapter 30 – Powerless ago
Chapter 31 Time spent ago
Chapter 32 – Forest of beasts ago
Chapter 33 – Cabin skills ago
Chapter 34 Hunt ago
Chapter 35 First real fight ago
Chapter 36 Glorified cook ago
Chapter 37 A new friend ago
Chapter 38 Taming ago

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Initial review up to Ch 5

EDITED and updated

2.5 is average, so good at 4 stars with some room for improvement (which is literally every author out there). The author is rapidly improving (*shakes fist at cliffhangers) and the story reads much smoother.

Good story so far up to chapter 10, though I hope there are more characters. Looking forward to more chapters!

Nitpicks: none really left, hopefully this doesnt devolve into the typical overpoered Litrpg that is prevalent on here. So far I like it and find myslef looking for the chapters among the 3 pages of stories I have favorited.

Good grammar and few if any typos.

Heaven Dream

Good start. Keep it up!

Great start! Good job, keep it up!

The story is good and the characters are acting in a reasonable way. There are a few grammar errors but it is not a problem 'cause it is still readable. I like the past paced update of the story. Just work hard. Sorry for this late review, I'm very busy these past few weeks




good start for a new series

so far read up to chapter 6 (current chapter) and i feel hopeful for a long and continious series of chapters:) . very good start