Prince Flower Candy



Chapter 1 – Hello Teddy, Charley has Arrived


“Damn it man, what have I’ve done to disserve all this shit? And what is this place?” asked Charley as his strength began to wane. He had been running – now walking and wobbling – for the past three hours. He was hungry, thirsty and in need for a very long sleep. All he was thinking about was hugging his cosy pillow.

“My beautiful Princess... was your beautiful delicious kiss really worth all this much?”

Suddenly, in the far distance, he noticed some people surrounding a crystallised monument. He could see them touching it, and one by one they disappeared into nowhere. Unlike the previous two knights, these didn’t wore metal armours but more simpler cloths, which he assumed were made of wool. They must hail from the lower classes.

His body seemingly rejuvenated by the recovering hope, he ran with all his strength, and only barely managed to arrive just before the last two disappeared away.

“Hey… wait… please! Help this gentleman find his way home!” He pleaded with difficulty trying to catch his breath.

“Stay away from us,” shouted the old woman as she gripped the young girl and hugged her close.

Charley, supposing all this hostility because of the way he is dressed, tried to calm things down.

“Madam, I’m a foreigner who—

“You are a freak and a weirdo! That’s what you are. Stay away from us!” She quickly pressed her hand against the crystal, disappearing without a trace along with the girl.

Charley was on the verge of rage screaming. He walked in circles around the monument waiting for others to show up. But nobody did. It was only him, the monument, and a sea of grass.

“Calm down Charley. You are the bravest of all men. An invincible warrior who defeated two knights with one blow. Surely, you shouldn’t give up because of one old hag!” He said as he inspected the beautiful crystal.

“Hmm… I wonder how much this beauty is worth if it had to be sold… maybe a thousand Euros? Wow look at those beautiful glittering particles… this could be running into millions here...Nooo! Nooo! I shouldn’t be thinking of such ideas right now…! But what if it is really worth a lot? Maybe I should try cut a piece just in case…”

He approached the crystal and he pondered for a way to severe a piece from it. However, he accidently tripped over a small stone and banged his head against the crystal.


Achievement unlocked: Novice Teleporter

Unlock Trigger: Use any teleporting device for the first time

Experience Gained: 500 Experience


Achievement unlocked: Like a Bird

Unlock Trigger: Be at least 2km above the ground

Experience Gained: 2,000 Experience


No, really, there was no need for the internal machine to repeat the 2nd achievement. He could clearly see himself falling from one cloud to another. He was already screaming like a mad dog.


Achievement unlocked: Now that’s what you Call Speed

Unlock Trigger: Reach speed of at least 100km/Hr

Experience Gained: 2,000 Experience


Yet all these notification only made him even more desperate. He could consider himself lucky with those knights, but there was no way he was going to survive this fall. He could already see the ground below getting larger and larger. It seemed he was going to land over a large building, in the rural outskirts of a large walled city.

“I’m sorry father. I should have been a better boy. I am sorry for skipping school and for stealing grandpa’s cigarettes. I am sorry my beautiful Tania for peeking while you were having a bath. Hope you will all forgive me!”

Suddenly, some force started pulling against him, decelerating his speed.

“What the—



Achievement unlocked: This is nothing

Unlock Trigger: Vitality less than 80% of maximum

Experience Gained: 500 Experience


Achievement unlocked: Ok that Hurts

Unlock Trigger: Vitality less than 60% of maximum

Experience Gained: 500 Experience


As he was descending, he impacted and broke through some sort of invisible barrier, blocking his descend. He groaned in pain as he continued falling through the wooden roof of the building, ending in the middle of a pool of water.


Always active skill Acquired: Endurance

Skill Level: 1

Effect: Increases all defences by 5%


Charley was in deep pain and he could barely move his body. He then remembered the words of his gym instructor during one of his lecture, when he had told them that if one is in water and holds once breath, one should end up floating in the surface, or something like that.

He kept his breath and began slowly rising. As soon as he made to the surface, he could get a first glimpse of the place. It was large pool, with several sculptures and flower pots scattered around. It looked like a classical roman pool from ancient times.

Charlie raised his head a bit. “So, this must be what they call… Paradise.”

His emergence was followed by the screaming of the still shocked women who happened to be bathing there.

“Why is this freak in here?!”

“Kyah a pervert!”

“How did he pass the Guardian?!”

“This is inconceivable!”

Charley, who had momentarily forgotten all his body pain, enjoyed seeing the several women – of all kinds and shapes - running around and pumping into each other in panic.

However, his amusement was short lived.

Suddenly a brown creature the size of a human appeared at the edge of the pool. The creature smoked a large cigar and carried a large hammer over its back.

The all relaxed Charley looked at him surprised. “A large walking teddy bear?”

The teddy bear like creature looked at him with incredulity and despair.

“This can’t be happening-er, the glorious history of this bath house-er; for 300 years-er, for 300 years no pervert has ever broken through the protective barrier-er, but you-er! You-er! Not only you have broken the barrier-er, but you made it this very deep-er!”

“Prepare to expire you pervert-er!”

The enraged teddy immediately went on the attack, swinging his hammer and creating a powerful shockwave, pulling out all the water and Charley from the pool and forming a giant whirl.

“Hey! Wait a second this is all a misunderstanding!” Charley exclaimed struggling not to swallow water.

However, the teddy warrior was having none of it, as he plunked his hammer and delivered a direct hit on Charley’s stomach, sending him flying against a column, then falling defeated on the ground.

“That should do it-er.” He said before he fell on his knees and began crying. “I am still finished-er. A pervert has sneaked into the bath house for the first time in its history-er. I have failed them all-er. ”

The teddy blowed into his handkerchief, then walked away with a depressing aura, until he sensed that Charley had still some life left in him.

“How is this possible-er? I’m sure that hit would have even finished a level 30-er?!”

Charley was still on the floor writhing in pain. He asked himself why all beautiful things had to be followed by such nasty surprises.


Achievement unlocked: Getting Trashed

Unlock Trigger: Vitality less than 40% of maximum

Experience Gained: 500 Experience


The Teddy bear felt perplexed for a moment. “Is he using a defensive potion-er? Or some protective spells-er? If that’s the case-er, you are not the only one with those-er.''

He took out a glass flask filled with red liquid, and drank it in one gulp. His fur began releasing smoke and turned red with a radiating glow. “Now my attack power has increased by 20%-er, another hit should—

“Hold back your weapon Fufu.”

The Teddy bear halted his advances and looked at the hole of the roof. An old man descending elegantly and stood in front of him. He was a bit short yet had a long beard that almost touched the ground. His cheeks were rosy and had some wrinkles.

“You Midget-er... Why are you here-er?”

The old man ignored him. He jumped towards Charley, grabbing him. “This kid is coming with me to the infirmary. Nobody is to disturb us.”

Fufu grinded his teeth, “What’s the meaning of this-er?! This pervert needs to expire-er… I am sure you realise the consequences if that pervert-er…”

The old man smiled. “Well Fufu, I know the queen’s orders very well. Anyone can insult me, treat me like shit, beat me to a pulp… but when she is not in the City, guess who is in charge? Adios!”

He winked and jumped out through the roof together with Charley.

Fufu couldn’t believe his eyes. “That old dotard-er… what is he thinking-er?! When her Majesty returns-er, she is gonna be enraged-er!”


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