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Roberta was excited while thinking about her new mission. Deep down there she always longed for that shot of adrenaline. She observed the capital for a few seconds. The whole city was built on a big mountain that was cut in half. Legend says that it was done by Zus, king of the gods himself. The river was flowing through that crack and a big one at that. Royal Palace was at the top of the split mountains connecting its top with a giant bridge. Lower were monasteries of knight orders, next mansion of nobles, and rest was on the lower levels. All in all that city was so heavily fortified that no one even dreamed about conquering it. Multiple levels of walls, an infinite supply of water, SSS rank pets of Knight Orders, and who knows what more dark secrets there were.

Roberta looked at the capital and smiled, earlier she would think that breaking into mansions on the peaks would be impossible, but now with her new powers as daemonette, she was confident that she would be able to complete her task and still has some time for herself.

The first thing she did was entering the Warp. She wasn`t able to transfer things thru it like Slaanesh did with her but she could use it to make short-range warp jump. Short-range being a relative concept for Roberta meant that she could appear anywhere she needed in a range of 2,5 kilometers.

Roberta left the warp in some back alley in the city. She had to change her outfit before appearing in public. To do that she needed to find someone with bad luck. That wasn`t hard, after a few minutes two girls in revealing clothes appeared in the alley. It was obvious that they were prostitutes or in another way, not informed messengers of Slaanesh. She did not care about that and opened the portal to the warp right beneath their feet. Duo disappeared faster than they could say "Prick".

Their clothes were tight but she could manage it. She had a black bra and a long black dress with a veil around her bottom, and leather black highs heels. Leather gloves were mandatory. Any man that even took a glimpse of her would call her his master. She transformed into her evil form and she looked even better.

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She looked so good that she was sad at the thought that she needed to take this later off, but she needed to do that. Then she got an idea. There was an old technique that she knew. With it, she could change her appearance. She did as she thought. She lowered her height and 3 sizes. Now she looked line underage girl, but she still needed a weapon. Preferably a dagger, as she fought about that her hands started to morph. They changed into two razors. She knew it because she tested them on her two victims. -"That should do the thing."

She left the warp again but only a few hundred matters from her were now mansions of various nobles. She double checked if she looked like a normal underage human prostitute. She already had her eyes on her the targets.

Captain of Royal Guard, an old friend of the king. He was in the faction of the crown prince and his mother who did not like any competition. So she was eliminating anyone who could pose a threat to her precious son and her royal dick. He and the king fucked countless girls so the problem of how she got her bloodline was solved.

Next was prime minister or more exactly his son who loved to party and during his endeavors raped tons of girls. They wanted to get their hand on the crown. It did not matter if she got the blood from him or his father, what mattered was the blood connection.

With the third, she was wavering between the blood of the head priest of the temple devoted to the goddess of the harvest, and blood of the grand marshal. Giving her the blood of the priest that should be would be funny but could create a shit load of problems. So she picked up the grand marshal who had the biggest authority in thing related to the military. Again a close friend of the king who took part in the many endeavors.

Sun started to hid behind the horizon. The easiest to find was the son of the prime minister. He was currently leaving his mansion and going for a party. Right now he was waiting for a carriage that should take him to his destination. Soon he saw his mode of transportation. Roberta saw it too from the warp, she teleported right to it and kneeled on the floor in her maid clothes, underneath she, of course, had her black bra and dress which were slightly visible. When the noob entered the carriage he saw her. -"Welcome my lord, I am here to please you."- She said before he could utter a single word.

-"Say no more."- He sat comfortably and spread his legs.-"Show me that tongue of yours."

Roberta immediately started to work. With her technique that she learned from Slaanesh and a little bit of warp magic, the young noble was soon laying unconscious with his penis in the open. She took a big sample of his blood, and just for the heck of it she picked up some of his semen on her finger and spread it on his face. And she disappeared.

Next was the Captian of the Royal Guard. At the time, as usual, he should patrol the walls. She found him near the observation tower. He was talking with a guard who seemed to be very tired. There was no-one to be seen around. She opened small rift near them and hit them in the back of their knees. Both of them fell down from the wall. Lucky for them their armor saved their lives, but they still lost consciousness. 

 Third and the easiest was the grand marshall. Despite having a wife and children he loved to hire prostitutes and dod them after work in his cabinet. How did that still became a secret even guild of assassins who were tracking all potential targets did not know. It was probably miraculous work of military counterintelligence bureau, and the guild of the assassins got this info only thanks to lucky find when one of their girls had to infiltrate and kill one of the guards.

Roberta simply waited for the hired prostitute to appear, she disposed of her, took her place and did everything that was necessary and simply left. Some agents, later on, caught her and locked her in the prison. She had nothing better to do so she changed the appearance of one of the dead prostitutes so it could match that of her disguise, she attached the missing parts, and left her dead body in the cells with a cut on her wrist that would suggest soucide. The lack of blood was supplemented through the excessive spread of it through the small rift. Warp was somehow of full blood in some places.

She warp jumped herself out and waited for her evacuation.

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