My Good Friend Murphy

My Good Friend Murphy

by Inferi

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity


I wrote and am writing this purely for my own amusement. That means that this could have major revisions done to it sporadically, it has more grammar errors than even the most mentally stable grammar nazi could withstand, and will not update at all regularly. This is an ad-hoc fun experimental work with forced motives, plotholes, and static characters. Don't expect too much.

That said, this mutated mistake of a short novella follows a ditzy MC who has been transported to a new world with the dubiously useful skills origin and enigma and the obnoxiously imbalanced skill, traveler. If you'd like more incentive to give it a shot, you will never get spoilers about the plot because there isn't one <3

(Actual synopsis coming soon, relative to eternity)

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Table of Contents
42 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Zero ago
Into the wild ago
This is why stories have travel montages ago
Town ago
Town II : Return of the Town ago
Town III : The Town-ening ago
Aaaaaand I'm in Jail ago
Definitely not an Info Dump ago
Finger Lighters Are My Dream Superpower ago
Mafia-Bear Knife Fight in the Angry Goat Ring ago
Interlude I ago
The Fallen King ago
Execution Always Gets People So Excited ago
My New Sidekick ago
The Only Injury Was to His Pride and His Name ago
That Went Well ago
Think Before You Enter an Inescapable Slave Den ago
Birth of the Mana God ago
Goddammit Dave What Now ago
It Never Works on Emotions ago
Epilogue ago
Just Kidding ago
Poop Together, Troupe Together ago
Most Magical Elderly ago
Shovels Win Fights Just as Often as Swords ago
Echoes of the Festival ago
Fu*K you Professor ago
Practicing My Cardio ago
Whale Whale Whale, how the turntables ago
Results ago
Am I...Weak? ago
Rankings! ago
They Died Martyrs ago
What does a pirate say on his 80th birthday? Aye Matey ago
Smooth ago
The Only Gift That Matters ago
There are Two Showers I Never Want to Experience Again ago
A King May Never Rest ago
Man-Eating Flesh Butcher ago
This chapter could literally just be a picture of the city ago

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