Still Ain't Dead

by Zavon

Original HIATUS Action Comedy Sci-fi Anti-Hero Lead LitRPG Male Lead Reincarnation Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Rory Quinn is a New York police officer that likes chasing women, hard drinking, and beating the crap out of bad guys.  He's used to waking up with the kind of hangovers that leave most people curled around a toilet, but that all changes after one drunken night of revelry.  Instead of a bathroom floor, he wakes up to find he's been dead for 500 years.  And if that ain’t enough, the earth that he knew is long gone.  Zombies, cataclysmically evil robots, and techno-demons seem to be the least of his problems, as they all pale in comparison to his crazy immortal ex-wife!

 New Author: First time writing anything, any advice will be helpful!  

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Let There Be White ago
Chapter 2: Can You Make It Bigger? ago
Chapter 3: Texas Bowl Wrapper ago
Chapter 4: Pod, People ago
Chapter 5: The Running Man ago
Chapter 6: Ups and Downs ago
Chapter 7: Better to Be Pissed Off, then Pissed On ago
Chapter 8: U Mad Brah? ago
Chapter 9: Meet the Vawkers ago
Chapter 10: Mean Cuisine ago
Chapter 11:  The Grape Escape  ago
Chapter 12:  411   ago
Chapter 13:  Birds of a Feather ago
Chapter 14:  The Guest    ago
Chapter 15:  Root Down ago
Chapter 16:  No Chill ago
Chapter 17:  Grand Theft Hover   ago
Chapter 18:  Mobile Motives ago
Chapter 19: The Naked Truth ago
Chapter 20:  Divided ago
Chapter 21:  Kenny G-Spot  ago
Chapter 22:  History 10101010101 ago
Chapter 23:  Dungeon Crawl pt. 1     ago
Chapter 24: Dungeon Crawl pt. 2 ago
Chapter 25: Boss Fight ago
Chapter 26:  Wake Up Call ago
Chapter 27:  Downs and Ups ago
Chapter 28:  Elf on the Self ago
Chapter 29: All My Exes Live in Texas ago
Chapter 30:  Nicole, You Bitch ago
Chapter 31: Free Falling ago
Chapter 32: Mad Dog Fight ago
Chapter 33: Insane in the Mainframe ago
Chapter 34: Heads Up ago
Chapter 35:  Run and Gun ago
Chapter 36:  Truth Bomb ago
Chapter 37:  Sumpf’n Right   ago
Chapter 38:  My Treat ago
Chapter 39:  Dreaming ago
Chapter 40:  Engage When Ready ago
Chapter 41:  Craps ago
Chapter 42:  Insufficient ago
Chapter 43:  In the Negative ago
Chapter 44: Beer Wisdom   ago
Chapter 45:  Poetic Justice ago
Chapter 46:  One Frog Town   ago
Chapter 47:  Major Wager ago
Chapter 48:  Bull-Y   ago
Chapter 49:  It’s Okay to Be Frog ago
Chapter 50: This One Time at Bandit Camp ago
Chapter 51:  No Good Deed   ago
Chapter 52:  Branching Out   ago
Chapter 53:  New Enemies, Old Friends ago
Chapter 54:  Mistakes Were Made ago
Chapter 55:  Taken ago
Quick Note ago

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A true adventurer

Style: Fun, fast paced, neither too serious nor too lighthearted.

Story: Good worldbuilding, lots of action, lots of movement.

Grammar: No errors worth complaining about, no awkward phrasing, etc.

Character: Very forward, "idiotic" character. Rather than book smarts, street smarts. Other characters are believable. The one downside to this section is so far we only have two characters (Rory and Aric) whose characters have really been explored. Which could get tedious eventually. But it looks like that might be changing soon (reviewing as of ch.26).

Rory Quinn literally crashes into a post apocalyptic world, divided between local fiefdoms full of terrible, strange, and also just ordinary people. Where most litrpg-esque characters are brainy nerdy types, Rory fits well into the archetype of the accomplished jock. Full of valuable experience in fucking women, beating up scum, and power dynamics. And of course, playing baseball. 

Watch him as he murderhobos his way across the former southern united states, violently not giving a shit about the lives of slavers, psychos, and loud mothed amoral narcissists and their followers. Walking into legend with a louisville slugger on his shoulder and a big dick swinging between his legs.

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Delightfully Wierd

As of the time of writing this review, 10 chapters have been released. So far, I've found the dialogue to be more than deserving of the comedy tag. The setting gives me a distinctly Boderlands vibe in that it's a sort of off tilt post apocalypse that the the MC rolls with and finds humor in the time-warped pop culture references. Frankly I would love to read more works that get a bit wierd with their world building in the way that this one has.

  • Overall Score

Action, adventure with comedic relief

Read the other reviews for more info.

TL:DR Why the hell didnt i read this sooner?!

Honestly, I cant be bothered to spend the time on a more in-depth review, cause i wanna get back to reading this.

Here's the bottom line up front: good action. dark, casual humor. enjoyable.

It's written well. The first chapter was a semi-well-used plotline, but it was written well, preventing me from being bored. It was an odd feeling tbh, wanting to get to the story, but enjoying the filler and background.

If you dont have a bit of a wild side to you, then you may not enjoy this as much as others, but with all things ymmv. I personally find this to be great.

To the author: i recommend getting a good, fitting cover art to draw readers in. The one currently up is a bit bland, it made me take my time getting to reading this, which i now regret, considering how much i enjoy this.


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i read chapter 21 and nearly died laughing. the line about reaching englightment nearly killed me. the humor is right up my alley and i beg you to please keep on writing. the interactions are hilarious and the characters are fun. 




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Seriously put this on the home page

I don’t know how to explain it any better this book is totally amazing a loved this book right from chapter two and it caught my interest in chapter one the events are awesome the authors creative AND ORIGINAL Rory is funny and we don’t have to deal with the same old same old bull crap of hiding his powers or unimaginative characters this book is going straight to the top weekly section soon as of this review there are 30 chapters

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Entertaining for most, Confusing to Idiots

This story is a boatload of fun. The first page reviews just about to cover what it’s truly about. 

Though I found myself mortified by the two guys on the way bottom of the second page reviews. Never in my life had I ever seen comments so utterly stupid.

”MC gets bullied” - Easy, or whatever your name was, do you know how to read? I mean seriously, do you know what bullied means? I’m about to cyber bully you off the internet before this review gets reported and removed.

”I hate baseball” - We’ll yeah baseball is certainly on the lower side in terms of entertainment value compared to other sports, but giving such a poor review because you’ve never been outside is the most childish thing I have ever witnessed. 

The lot of readers will recognize this book for what it truly is, a good time. It’s something I certainly want to see more of.

Lord Soul
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 Dont usually do reviews, just hang around .reading almost all kinds of novels
but had to this time ;cuz this is one of the best fictions ive read soo far
with a solid plot
and good character build

awaiting more chapters.. :3

  • Overall Score

I'm not 100% sure what's going on here but I definitely like it!

  • Overall Score


TBH you know a good story when you see one. Just the title alone hooked me into the story .Love your humor man. I truly hope you never stop writing this . Idk why you are not at least at the top 3

  • Overall Score

Came for the author's avatar

Although I started reading solely for the author's avatar, the characters turned out to be funny and very likeable. The story by itself is amazing as well, cheers for that.