Catch All The Girlfriends!

Catch All The Girlfriends!

by Kjharlow

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

*****UPDATE: 10/13/19*****


In preparation for releasing the next CATG book on Amazon, I have deleted the remaining chapters of CATG on RR. For those who have been following since 2017, thank you. Without your support, I wouldn't have continued this far. I am going to push the adventures of Yoshi Soysauce as far as I can. You can follow my updates on Amazon by searching for "Catch All The Girlfriends" there. 


*****END UPDATE*****


*****UPDATE: 07/18/19*****


Thank you all for your support to this point. As many of you would have realized, I've published the first 40 chapters on Amazon exclusively, so I had to take it off RR. I've just deleted CH 41-80 as I will be launching CATG! 2 in a month's time. If you want to read the edited version, mark August 20 in your calendars.


*****END UPDATE*****


Hello there! Welcome to the world of Girlfriends! My name is Poke! People call me the Girlfriend Prof!


This world is inhabited by creatures called Girlfriends! For some people, Girlfriends are pets. Other use them for fights. Myself... I study Girlfriends as a profession.


First, what is your name? Right! So your name is Yoshi Soysauce! This is my grandson. He's been your rival since you were a baby. ...Erm, what is his name again? That's right! I remember now! His name is Asshat!


Yoshi Soysauce! Your very own Girlfriend legend is about to unfold! A world of dreams and adventures with Girlfriends awaits!


Let's go!




Author's note:

I'm writing a Harem LitRPG based off of Pokemon. The big difference is that instead of catching pocket monsters, you're catching monster girls.

I know, I know, hardly original, but I want to take this further than anyone on RRL's done it before.

I want to build:
- A full list of 150 fleshed out girlfriends,
- A world with hat tips and easter eggs based on the Pokemon anime series,
- Equivalents of TMs, HMs, items, eggs. BSTs, EVs, IVs... maybe.
- A compelling narrative that isn't just about a dude having orgies with his team of girlfriends.

*cracks knuckles* Let's see how far I can take this.
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Gonna catch em all! Sexually >:)

First of all for the person who rated before me don't rate it low just because it's a thing c'mon... Anyway if you go all the way and stick to it author then I commend you! You can check galatea crystallim or something here on RRL! You can use it for references if you wish. Good luck and I hope your novel lives long.


A Pokemon Parody With Actual Plot

Coming in, I expected a rather light-hearted silly Harem with plenty of comedy. With an MC named Yoshi Soysauce, it's hard to take something like this seriously at face value.

After reading, I think this story is a true hidden gem.

Story: You start off with new girlfriend trainer Yoshi Soysauce as he begins his journey. For the most part, the beginning draws similarities to the anime its parodying after. However, as the journey goes deeper, rather than a more light-hearted "gotta catch them all" adventure and battling gyms, we get a closer look at the dark-undertones and a realistic view of what this particular world is like. The villians are truly evil, not everything is all happy on the surface, and Yoshi goes through challenges

Sure, there's still plenty of comedy and gag-lines thrown here and there. However, what truly shines is the plot that comes with this novel. A very unexpected and welcome surprise.

Style: As a parody, it contains both pokemon elements and gag-lines stemming from such. Very much like the structure and ease of conversations. Nothing much to complain about the writing style whatsoever.

Grammar: Pretty much flawless in readability and understanding. However, there are a few spelling mistakes and issues with differentiating between certain characters, as another reviewer noted. Perhaps adding an identifier "i.e. Sophie (wild)," would help better distinguish between the speakers. Otherwise very little complaints.

Characters: Enjoyable characters with fun personalities. Sure, some may argue they're more "cookie-cutter personalities," but at the same time it helps to remember these girlfriends are essentially like "pokemon" with a preset nature that helps mold their personality. Plus, there's also a bit of character growth with a few of them that helps us get acquainted with them a bit more. 

Overall: A surprise I quite enjoyed. With a solid plot-line, progression, and direction, it's a novel I'm definitely looking forward to reading more of. 


The reason it's starts at chapter 41 is because I found the the first book at kindle.

If you get a chance look up Pokegirls, It's this system with hundreds of full pocketed entries and stories by the thousands to see.

Starts at chapter 41 for some reason

 Can't read because it starts at chapter 41, I don't even understand what is happening.

Laugh it Out

cant find all the chapters

rating it low because i have to start from chapter 41 wtf