Grant Me Thy Arrow

by SkyDreamer

Original HIATUS Fantasy Romance Tragedy Magic

A sharp arrow pierces the veil of darkness, shattering tranquility and the normal course of fate. A blunt arrow breaks, crumbling to dust beyond any hope of restoration.

This is a tale about two people who are not meant to be, but as fate would have it, they are drawn together against their own wishes. A love not of their own volition, but arising from someone's playful prank. With their fate thrown into disarray, they will struggle to regain what was lost and search for the missing puzzle piece in their lives.

The trickster wears a mask, but it's starting to crumble. Parts of the mask are breaking apart, leaving gaping holes and insecurity in the place of where fun and indifference were supposed to be. The trickster's joyful life as he knows it is starting to dim as the brunts of his mistake make him question the power he wields.

The arrow flies on its solitary path, but where does it end? When two worlds collide, will sparks fly or will there be nothing but remnants left in their wake?

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