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Chapter 2: The First day of School (Part 2)

I walk up to the roof door and try fiddling with the handle. It’s locked. Didn’t that other guy say it was locked from the inside? I exhale loudly, frustration pouring out of my mouth.

I place the palm of my right hand in the middle of the door. I’d just exhausted some of my strength for today, so it shouldn’t matter if I use it just a bit more. Besides, trying to get through that crowd down there… I don’t think I’ll have the energy to exist after that. I take a deep breath. “Strong Nuclear, Target: Mass in contact with right hand, Set Base Law: False.”

Streams of sweat start to pour from my head as I could feel my muscles begin to buckle under the pressure of the laws. Using the equations is easy, the amount of energy it takes is tiny. However, changing the effect of a law on something… that’s a lot of pressure.

Thankfully, it seemed that I had at least a little bit of juice left. The door quickly crumbled as I pushed on the it, leaving a palm sized hole in the middle. I was panting profusely now and my clothes were already drenched but it worked!

Leo: “Physics Parameters Reset, Target(s): Pretargets.” The air around my hand stopped forming into plasma and I could start to feel again in my arm. Maybe… maybe I should have walked through the crowd.

I reach inside the hole I just made and started looking for the doorknob. After screwing around for a good five minutes, I realized I was searching the wrong side of the door and found the handle. I unlocked the door from the inside, took out my arm and opened the path to my future.

This school. This is where my life is determined. Everything I do here will impact the rest of my life. I look down the darkened staircase and using all the courage I could muster, I walked down.


The staircase was dark, the lights were turned off and I was pretty much stumbling the entire way down. It was pretty creepy actually. If I was in a horror film, this is probably the place where I find evidence of a monster and then I’m attacked and killed.


What was that?

*Plop* *Splash*

I could hear the sound of running liquid. I should have kept walking but curiosity got the better of me. “Energy Conversion, Target: Dark Energy, Set Amount 20 Lumens, Area of Impact: My Right Pointer Finger.”

A faint light starts to appear from the finger, just like I said. Usually, after using so much energy, I wouldn’t dare use anymore. However, what I’m doing is a conversion of energy, energy into energy. The impact that has on me is insignificant, especially since dark matter naturally wants to turn into other forms of energy.

I pointed my finger at the source of the noise. There, I saw tiny red drops falling from the ceiling, making a tiny puddle of red on the staircase. I cover my mouth with my hands, trying not to make a sound. I close my eyes just so that I can pretend that the blood wasn’t real.

Wtf? Why is there blood here? Oh god, when I said I would die, I didn’t mean it literally!

I silently stand still, hoping that whatever monster lurks these halls doesn’t kill me.

???: “I can see you…”

I heard a voice, it was soft, like a child’s but smooth and eerily creepy. The most alarming part was… that it came from behind me. My heart rate starts to increase and I start to breath heavy. Oh duck, Oh carp, Oh shirt, Oh man, Oh no, Oh god, Oh lord, Oh my, Please no, God no, Lord no, No no no no no no no n-

???: “You …”


???: “You uh… you’re not looking so good. You okay there buddy?”

What? That doesn’t sound like something a monster would say.

I turn around and point my finger directly in front of me. There, standing above me was a little girl wearing some kind of gothic outfit. She looked down at my confused, holding out a juice box in her hands. Red liquid was leaking from the box.

Lolita: “Hey! You’re not having a heart attack! You want some ‘Spicy Juice’?” She looked at me with the outstretched juice box in her hands, completely oblivious to the trauma she just gave me.

Leo: “You… you almost scared me to death! Why is there a little girl in the middle of a dark staircase?!” I frustratedly yell at her, she looks at me blankly and starts to frown.

Lolita: “First of all, I’m Lucy. Secondly, I’m a student and this is my favourite place to hangout.”

Lucy looks at me expectantly. So… she is a loli. I’ve been labeling her as much in my head but I didn’t think I was right. She continues to stare at me. She’s probably waiting for an apology.

Leo: “My bad. I just assumed from your height…”

She glares at me angrily. Sensitive subject I guess.

Leo: “Anyway, do you know where the freshman assembly is? I’m pretty sure I’m late but I don’t know. The entrance was kinda crowded.”

Lucy: “Yeah I know where it is… but why should I tell you. This is the first time we met and your just insulted me. I think you gotta do something for me first.” She smiled cruelly. Great. Evil Loli’s, not my favourite.

Leo: “What do you want. Make it quick, I don’t have much time.”

Her grin spread across her face. “Here.” She extends the juice box again. “Drink this.”

I take a look at the box. It’s labeled ‘Spicy Juice’. I look at her with the most confused expression I’ve ever made in my life. She nods her head up and down, motioning for me to take it. Seeing as she was just drinking some, I’m pretty sure its not poisoned. I take the box from her hands.

She tries to hide her excitement but I can see her mouth twitching. That and her incessant giggling. Why does she want me to drink this so bad? I take a sip from the straw.

It’s not bad. It just tastes… holy fuck.

My face contorted and I drop the box and start scratching my throat. “HOLY FUCK, WHY. IT FUCKING BURNS, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.”

The girl dropped to the stairs, laughing her heart out while I was screaming mine out. It was like lava running down my throat, it was horrible. I ran down the stairs, her laughter slowly being drowned out as I got farther and farther from that horrible witch.

Driven by the need to get rid of this horrible feeling from my throat, I somehow found the exit to that disgusting staircase. It was a solid door painted the same colour as the walls. It sat precariously on one of the steps. You’d have to open the door and then walk inside in order to get in.

When I opened the door, a wave of refreshing light rushed into the room and I could see the insides of the school. A few students were walking around, some looked at my completely red face, made a slight comment to their friend and walked past, none of them too surprised that I was trying to climb through a door that wasn’t even at the floor level. Half the door was beneath the floor.

When I finally got out, my clothes were covered in dust and my eyes were bloodshot. I looked around frantically. Water… I NEED WATER. I ran down the halls, brushing past other students and the such. I made the quick observation of the red emblems emblazoned on their uniforms, different from the blue ones that me and the other freshman had.

I ran around the school for what seemed like an eternity in hellish pain before I saw it. A water fountain. I ran towards it, pressed the button and let the sweet, refreshing liquid remove that horrible feeling from my mouth.

Except that it didn’t. Instead, it only made it worse. I jumped back, coughing up tons of water. WHY? WHY? WHYYYYYY?

I felt someone put their hand on my shoulder and then I heard a few words. “The one I touch, I’ll make it such that his mouth which burns becomes as he yearns.”

Suddenly, I felt the intense pain recede from my mouth. God, Language is so convenient, I thought to myself contently before realizing that someone actually helped me. I turned around and saw the most beautiful sight in my life.

It was a student… I think. She was more like an angel who had descended from the heavens. A cute button nose, round eyes, small, full lips, long hair and a massive rac… gotta stop there.

Angel: “Are you alright?”

She looked at my with actual concern, unlike that psycho loli from before. I could only incoherently babble in front of her. Then, I just nodded my head, giving up on trying to communicate like a human.

She smiled a genuine smile. I felt my heart flutter. “That’s wonderful. I’m sorry about that. That girl you met is Lucy. She loves to play pranks on people, but sometimes she takes it too far.”

I continued to nod my head, like a bobblehead. The bell rang overhead and I was suddenly brought back to reality. “Oh, it looks like I’m going to be late. I’m sorry but I’ll have to end this conversation now. It was nice meeting you.”

She ran off down one of the halls as I sat there regretting the fact that I didn’t even ask for her name. Then I re-realized that my entrance ceremony was happening right now… and that I was late.

I ran throughout the halls which resembled a maze rather than a school. I swear I crossed the same point three times, but I knew I wasn’t because my displacement was still increasing. I passed a few hundred students loitering in the halls before I finally heard this.

???: “Welcome to the Academy new student!”

I turned to the direction of the sound and found two large doors… right in front of the main entrance. I sighed. I guess I know why there was such a big line-up. I opened the doors and hoped that the announcer wouldn’t stop speaking leading to everyone staring at me and my anxiety rising more than it should have today.

I took two steps in, and closed my eyes in response to the embarrassment I would face. However, when I realized scenarios like those only happen in stories, I opened my eyes and saw that the announcer was still speaking.

Not a single student was staring at me either. There were a couple of teachers that were giving me bad looks. I should probably sit down. I give the seats a quick look over before finding an empty one. I quickly reach the row and begin making my way through. The students paid me no mind unless they were unable to see the stage in which case they gave me a nasty glare.

I finally reached me seat and sat down, I could feel the tension built up in my muscles slowly being released. Ah, sweet uniformiarity. I placed confidence into the fact that I was just one among so many students, sitting here and listening to the person at the front blabber away. I was just one of many. I decided after one minute of absent-mindedness to actually look up and see what the person was saying.

What I saw on the stage was a man dressed in bright blues and whites, similar to our uniforms but much more uniform and composed. He had a single monocle on his shirt which he constantly readjusted throughout the entirety of the time I was looking at him.

Announcer: “Finally, lets bring up the representatives for your year. Here are the top scoring students in each individual field. They far surpassed the rest of you not only by marks, but by speed, comprehension, understanding and skill used in their solutions. First up, Nancy Chitingale your English honor’s student.”

A girl got up from the crowd and walked over to the stage where she climbed the stairs quite calmly and composed. Her demeanor matched that of the man up there and for a moment, I figured that they were the same person, just older… and male.

Announcer: “Here you go Nancy, wonderful job. Now, onto our next subject… Mathematics. Tallis Shannon.” Another girl got up from the crowd. This one seemed a lot more nervous and scared. She quietly ascended the steps and took a bow, a few chuckles emerged from the crowd and her face flushed a deep red.

The announcements went on for some time and before I knew it I dozed off. I was woken up by the mention of physics. My ears know me well. I stretched my arms and punched the kid beside me in the face. He wasn’t too happy.

Announcer: “Finally, we have our last subject. Physics. Our student this time presented amazing results and had almost professional levels of all types of physics. Here’s the boy to look out for, it’s Leo Galilei!”

Good for him. I sat contently before I figured out whose name that was. I stood up, but not to walk to the stage. I stood up in absolute confusion.

But... I never took an exam.

A note from abrightguy

I live once more! I’m no longer dead! Haha! Also I’m posting this on my phone, tell me if u see any errors pls.

And now to leave for another two months. ; )

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