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Chapter 150 - Enter the Hwalbindang (Shin Angyo Onshi World)


On the grounds of a certain palace...

“Long Live Goguryeo!”

“Long Live Queen Pyeonggang!”

The crowd cries in joy as Queen Pyeonggang ends her speech after declaring independence and naming the nation as Goguryeo.

Amidst the crowd, Munsu stands there smiling before disappearing into the shadows.

In a certain area of the forest….

Three men stand in front of a named grave.

They are Shang, Mito, and Munsu.

Munsu starts off by complaining to Mito about not telling him that the real Ondal was already dead and the fake Ondal was just one of Pyeonggang’s hallucinations. If he had known, he could have completed Mito’s request.

Shang thinks while listening to their conversation.

Shang’s thoughts: I confirmed that the fake Ondal who reappeared and took the shot for Pyeonggang was really just a hallucination. Fan theories which mentioned that Mito was the one who brought back Ondal at that moment can be true as he himself has the ability to see and read things using magic. Since he has the ability to do so, why did he ask Munsu to cure Pyeonggang’s mental problem instead?

Munsu: Oi, Haedo, are you listening?

Munsu’s kick to the back of his legs brings Shang back from his thoughts.

Shang: Huh? ...Yeah, what were you saying just now?

Munsu: Mito wants to know your past.

Shang: For what?

Shang looks at Mito with a puzzled expression.

Mito looks at Shang, smirking.

This is supposed to be the part where Mito avoid telling Munsu the location of Aji Tae by requesting to hear his past as a condition. With the appearance of Shang, the condition now changes to hearing both Munsu and Shang’s past.

Shang: ...Look! I can see the ghost of Ondal waving at us!

Both Mito and Munsu looks at the direction where Shang is pointing before turning back to realize Shang is no longer around.

Mito & Munsu ‘s thoughts: He ran...


A few days later, a new character was introduced to Munsu and his group.

He is Yeong-Sil, the No. 1 martial artist of Jushin, and he trains in Taekwondo.

It is mentioned in the manga that he is also the No. 1 follower of Aji Tae who caused the destruction of Jushin.

Shang’s thoughts: Yeong-Sil is portrayed from Jang Yeong-Sil who is a Joseon inventor who exists during the Korean unitary dynastic period (Early Ming dynasty period). Years later, he was fired for a broken sedan.

Shang’s thoughts: It is weird for someone who has high credit for making tools to benefit the people of Joseon, got fired over a broken king’s sedan which he himself made. This doubt brings out more questions but I continue for another time.

Shang walks to the forest area where Yeong-Sil is showing Munsu the new improvements he has done to his gun.

Sounds of gunfire can be heard before Munsu start berating Yeong-Sil for destroying one of his weapons.

As Shang watches the two men, he senses three presences coming straight for them.

Shang’s thoughts: Here they come, the Korean version of Robin Hood and his Merry Men, Hwalbindang.


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