Dragged Into a Different World?!

Dragged Into a Different World?!

by Small-san

There it was!

The dream of dreamers!

On my way home from school, I was suddenly dragged into a different world!

What shall I do?!

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Table of Contents
52 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
That Thing Dragged Me In! ago
Chapter 1: Unique Cheat ago
Chapter 2: Spirits and magic and something else ago
Chapter 3: I'll do it ago
Chapter 4: Kill Temptation ago
Chapter 5: Getting used to life ago
Chapter 6: In the name of love ago
Chapter 7: Ascension ago
Chapter 8: Pillar of support(updated) ago
Chapter 9: My Egoistic Lily ago
Chapter 10: Spirit Weapon ago
Chapter 11: What Lies in the Darkness ago
Chapter 12: Triplets ago
Chapter 13: Hurried Departure ago
Chapter 14: Dance with Death Part 1 ago
Chapter 15: Dance with Death Part 2 ago
Chapter 15.5: A Maiden's Worries ago
Chapter 16: I do not believe in the superstitous ago
Chapter 17: Her Strength And Abilities ago
Chapter 18: Reality, or Illusion ago
Chapter 18.5: Reality or Illusion Part 2 ago
Chapter 19: Everything In These Hands Part 1 ago
Chapter 19.5: Everything In These Hands Part 2 ago
Chapter 20: Aftermath ago
Chapter 20.5: Aftermath Part 2 ago
Chapter 21: Punish The Darkness Part 1 ago
Chapter 21.5: Punish The Darkness Part 2 ago
Chapter 22: When That Pillar Came Crashing Down ago
Chapter 23: I Miss You ago
Chapter 24: Turning Point ago
Character List ago
My Eggs! ago
Chapter 25: It is safe now Part 1 ago
Chapter 25.5: It is safe now Part 2 ago
Chapter 26: Phantom Fang Part 1 ago
Chapter 26.5: Phantom Fang Part 2 ago
Chapter 27: No Time For Romance Part 1 ago
Chapter 27.5: No Time For Romance Part 2 ago
Chapter 28: Be careful what you ask for Part 1 ago
Chapter 28.5: Be careful what you ask for Part 2 ago
Chapter 29: Bon Voyage Part 1 ago
Chapter 29.5: Bon Voyage Part 2 ago
Chapter 30: Start of a Journey ago
Chapter 31: Magic Part 1 ago
Chapter 31.5: Magic Part 2 ago
Chapter 32: A Short Stop ago
Chapter 33: Portia Part 1 ago
Chapter 33.5: Portia Part 2 ago
Chapter 34: It's Nothing Simple ago
Chapter 34.5: It's Nothing Simple Part 2 ago
Chapter 35: Time Is Ruthless Part 1 ago
The fate of this story ago

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A really easy going story

With good development, slow but good flow, and nice character development.

Sometimes new things appear like the 2 titles or the lady in his world before the warp, and his future plans. But they stay forgotten with the story development


Will be following! and sorry for my english...


Good Story with rooms of development and also mistakes

I feel that the MC is just way too peaceful and weak even though he already had the "rigid training" from his father. The story itself is really good for an easygoing story but I think that you need to involve some action that shows some of the MC power


i really liked the beginning of the story but as it progressed it was losing me more and more i don't know if its b/c the spacing between release made me forget things or what but either way i stopped reading around chapter 19, i'm gonna wait til there's about 25 or 30 chapters then re-pick it up and give it another go 


I liked the story and style mostly but there was just too much plot twists in row. Suddenly whole story flipped upside down. So many things happen without proper explanation that it killed this story for me : /

Tough everything else was pretty good. Writing style, grammar and spacing.

Your good writer but made plot twits that may not sit well with most readers.