Game world or A different world?

by Just4Fun

Original HIATUS Action Comedy Fantasy Gender Bender Slice of Life
Without me knowing it, I died and got reborn into a world where magic and stuff exists. Somehow, the names of some people, countries and the world I lived in seems familiar.

I'm not really sure why... could it be my imagination? Well I'll deal with it later, for now I'm gonna enjoy this life where magic exists!

Cover Image is drawn by: drealicious. :D <3

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Prologue: New start ago
Chapter 1 ago
Chapter 2 ago
Chapter 3 ago
Chapter 4 ago
Chapter 5 ago
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Chapter 39 ago
Chapter 40 ago
Chapter 41 ago
Chapter 42 ago
Side Story: Vertical Rolls/Liza ago
Side Story: (The Protagonist) I'm seriously summoned to another world? ago
Chapter 43: My little brother and the mice ago
Chapter 44: I can't believe they actually did it! ago
Chapter 45: Liza and.... who? ago
Chapter 46: I refuse! ago
Chapter 47: You demon... ago
Chapter 48: Deepening my bonds of friendship ago
Side story: I wanna become like you ago
Chapter 49: Drinking tea ago
Chapter 50: Because of Mont Blancs and Mochis ago
Chapter 51: Numb Feet and A meeting ago
Chapter 52: Daily rituals ago
Chapter 53: No one is perfect ago
Chapter 54: The swarm of Dragons ago
Chapter 55: Idiots ago
Chapter 56: I lost my personal space ago
Queen arc ago
Queen arc Chapter 1: 2 years laters ago
Queen arc Chapter 2: The reason behind the annexation ago
Queen arc Chapter 3: This is really Embarassing! ago
queen arc Chapter 4: Heaven is with us ago

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The story is like other similar reincarnation stories however with a slight twist. The MC reborns as the opposite gender. And his new world is pretty much the same as the last game he was playing before he fell asleep/died?


16 chapters in 11 days is an incredibly fast release schedule in my opinion most likely leading to some grammatical errors (not that much). 


The Characters are pretty interesting however I had a slight problem with young characters acting way older than their age which kinda puts me off. I've found the later chapters to be more enjoyable to read.  


The 1st arc has just finished while i'm writing this review and so far it the story looks quite promising. 



A lot of potential, but it got lost.

To start with, the grammar in this story is consistently poor. Incorrect comma usage, missing words, typos, etc. It is very clear to me that this has not been proofread in a satisfactory manner. That being said it isn't to a degree where I find it unreadable, but there have been instances where I've found myself distracted by them.


The style is adequate, but occasionally errs on the side of bland. I've read up to chapter 46 and the single long fight scene we've had was uninteresting.


The story tried to empower itself through the MC's reincarnation but it falls flat on its face. It wasted its potential in several ways. There is a dimension that the author could have explored in the conflict between the elites and non elites but it ends up being a standard fare that anyone could see from a mile away. It was uninspired to say the least.


The MC also suffers from the lack of inspiration. Not only is she one dimensional, but the author at least once invented a character component without justifying it through the MCs backstory.


There are far too many tropes and easily recognizable character archetypes here with no depth to them. This story draws far too much from anime and manga and that's exactly where the problems begin. Anime/manga is a visual medium, you can compensate shallow writing with nice art,choreography, and flashy visuals. You don't have that in writing, thus you need to develop your characters, setting, and plot more.


A lack of, or waste in one case, of creativity is what really sinks this story for me. The only part of the story that caught my interest was the null mana. This was a clean slate that could have been something great, it had the potential to influence the story in a meaningful way through magical interactions but it ended up being totally squandered by the author. The author's intention was to differentiate it from normal magic through the manifestation of weapons, thus turning a cool system into the tired old trope of swords vs magic. Its a shame.



As usual, I was scouring this site to sate my thirst for fiction and I found this ff by chance...

And I was impressed by the plot which deviates from the many cliched reincarnation type stories.

Grammar and language is decent, making the overall read a very enjoyable experience. 

Definitely recommended to those who seek a breath of fresh air :)


Although unique and original, the story structure and logic is very poor. The plot is very linear and most of all development doesn't make any sense. If you like an original story and isn't bother by the non-existence of logic then go ahead...


I'm expecting some hilarious events to come and flags to be raised.

Ice queen POV FTW !


...................... I Hope

I hope that the author realized something and continue this "Work of Art" someday.  


Style: I like the way you write and the release date of your chapters. Even if they aren’t exactly very long they keep spawing up like Bieber haters on internet ‘There isn’t a single day without a post of how much someone hates Bieber and I love  this story(and I hate bieber). I know that now every day I’ll se a chapter of the story I like.

Story : The concept is interesting Honestly I have seen something similar on Tate no Yuusha but there are a lot of diffenreces, The characters there thought that  the world was just like  one of their games untill they were proven wrong but in this world the MC thinks that it’s just a coincidence untill everything fits , and thank god she doesn’t fully remember the entire game as that would have been boring and she would have a too unfair advantage. But now you’re asking why 4/5 it’s because of stereothipes. She was reincarnated in a new world – everyone things she is  a weakling but she just does whatever the heck she wants and suddenly she discoveres a 6’th element of magic and now at the age of 12  has 200 students following her and being her army forever… idk about you but this puts me  in a weird situation .I’m not saying is bad but just a bit unnatural

 Grammar : Not my place to comment on that….

Characters : The only thing that prevented you from having 5 stars was that  everyone just suddenly wants to serve her from seeing her and giving them hope… a bit forced in my opinion and everyone fears her just from some rumors...


OVERALL SCORE : It’s a great story wich i enjoy reading and I hope (for your own sake) that you’ll not abandon it before you finish the story and that it reaches  top5 on this site because is on top 5 of  my list.


I read this series half a year ago, and you know what, I'm gonna make a review now that I have an acount.

First of all, I have a few categories this series fit's into quite well, without giving much, if any spoilers.

1.) Enough potential to draw a reader in.

2.) Enough plot holes to push others away. 

I personally, am in the third category.












aka. AUTHOR?


When are you going to update..

man this one is awesome...i mean really awesome can't stop laughing on the way mc reacts to different scenarios.

this story seriously has too much potential to be at top..

wish author will update the story.. 


Interesting main character and a fun plot

Thank you for writing it and I will keep track of it.