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In a world of magic and adventuring, there is a long forgotten evil. This evil was beaten back long ago by great heroes. But evil is patient and remembers its goals. This evil is returning and it is up to heroes of new and old to take it on once more. This will test their resolve, endurance, and morals. Will they stand together and fight or fall to the might of this old evil.


This first one is about a group of three old heroes past their prime working together out of the necessity of it. When pieces of The Dark Mind fall into their hands, how will they fare? How far will they go? What will they do to stop it from falling into the wrong hands?


This is maybe one of three or four books if I don't suck. I have the barebones plans for the rest of this possible series.

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Jebediah Primm

Jebediah Primm

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