Consuming Earths, Devouring Skies

by KevinAscending

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Male Lead Martial Arts Wuxia
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

In the myriad realms, legends rise and fall in the countless eras.

Yan Zaizen, a frail youth with an unfortunate history, meets one of these legends. Will this change his common destiny to something greater? 

The story of a boy that just wants a peacefully lavish life with money, amazing food, and a beautiful woman to love.

The story of the heavens that laughs at this.


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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue ago
Chapter 1 - Yan Zaizen ago
Chapter 2 - Alive! Ring? ago
Chapter 3 - Spiritual Sense? ago
Chapter 4 - Immortal Herculean Method ago
Chapter 5 - Trapped! ago
Chapter 6 - Absolute Slaughter ago
Chapter 7 - Kidnapped? ago
Chapter 8 - Arriving Home ago
Chapter 9 - Shin Xuanji ago
Chapter 10 - Lin Feilin ago
Chapter 11 - Inky Black Wood? ago
Chapter 12 - Unyielding Flame of Life ago
Chapter 13 - A Herculean! ago
Chapter 14 - The Last Time ago
Chapter 15 - Basilisk Forest ago
Chapter 16 - The Soul Jade ago
Chapter 17 - Rank Three Beast ago
Chapter 18 - Fierce Prowess ago
Chapter 19 - Miraculous Life Law ago
Chapter 20 - Siphoning Shadow of Death ago
Chapter 21 - A Scheme? ago
Chapter 22 - Shock and Awe ago
Chapter 23 - Xuanwu City ago
Chapter 24 - Meeting Again ago
Chapter 25 - Answers ago
Chapter 26 - Entering the City ago
Chapter 27 - Long-Awaited Breakthrough ago
Chapter 28 - Anima Syndicate ago
Chapter 29 - Spirit Matrix Method ago
Chapter 30 - Three Months ago
Chapter 31 - Skyship ago
Chapter 32 - Sky Titan City ago
Chapter 33 - Ying Clan ago
Chapter 34 - I'm Engaged? ago
Chapter 35 - Ying Clan Troubles ago
Chapter 36 - Self-Reflection ago
Chapter 37 - To Each Their Own Scheme ago
Chapter 38 - End Result ago
Chapter 39 - Serene Moon Cove ago
Chapter 40 - Aurora Soul ago
Chapter 41 - Falsities Abound ago
Chapter 42 - Consecutive Breakthroughs! ago
Chapter 43 - Returning to Xuanwu City ago
Chapter 44 - Pawn No More, Formulating One's Dao ago
Chapter 45 - A New Powerhouse! ago
Chapter 46 - Unexpected Event ago
Chapter 47 - Chaotic Space ago
Chapter 48 - Truth of Law & Dao ago
Chapter 49 - What Country is this?! ago
Chapter 50 - Prisoner ago
Chapter 51 - The Dao ago
Chapter 52 - The Deep Mines ago
Chapter 53 - Overcoming Your Own Struggles ago
Chapter 54 - Any Means Necessary ago
Chapter 55 - Cruel ago
Chapter 56 - Daughter of Lofty Status ago
Chapter 57 - Cycle of the Deep Mines ago
Chapter 58 - Self-Awareness & Willingness ago
Chapter 59 - Do You Know How It Feels? ago
Chapter 60 - What's Below? ago
Chapter 61 - Spirit-Rank Armament ago
Chapter 62 - Pinaka, The Wayward Bow ago
Chapter 63 - Rudra's Archery of Pralaya ago
Chapter 64 - Unexpectedly Calm Escape ago
Chapter 65 - Learning Archery, Issues Arise! ago
Chapter 66 - Xiāo City ago
Chapter 67 - Start of a Scheme ago
Chapter 68 - Who Did You Offend? ago
Chapter 69 - Taking it All! ago
Chapter 70 - Lord Xiāo ago
Chapter 71 - No Longer Yours ago
Chapter 72 - Relieving One's Hatred ago
Chapter 73 - Accepting One More ago
Chapter 74 - Your Choice, Your Fate ago
Chapter 75 - Calculating One's Wealth ago
Chapter 76 - A Glimpse at the Heavens ago
Chapter 77 - Bloodlines ago
Chapter 78 - Sky Heart City ago
Chapter 79 - Qiao Qinya ago
Chapter 80 - Keeping One's Word ago
Chapter 81 - I'm Coming Home ago
Chapter 82 - Arriving In Zhu Que City ago
Chapter 83 - Wherever You Two Are ago
Chapter 84 - Events After Three Years ago
Chapter 85 - Killing With A Thought ago
Chapter 86 - The Why ago
Chapter 87 - Why We Fight ago
Chapter 88 - The Two Books ago
Chapter 89 - Meeting Once Again ago
Chapter 90 - The Reunion ago
Chapter 91 - The Tale of Lin Feilin ago
Chapter 92 - The Infectious Dao ago
Chapter 93 - Water Veil Sect ago
Chapter 94 - Beyond Tyrannical! ago
Chapter 95 - A Single Arrow! ago
Chapter 96 - The Yan Clan Lives! ago
Chapter 97 - Shin Xuanji's Choice ago
Chapter 98 - Finished. ago
Chapter 99 - Direction ago
Chapter 100 - Previous Owner's Intentions ago
Chapter 101 - Grand Herculean Physique ago
Chapter 102 - Plan ago
Chapter 103 - Tyrannical Martial Art! ago
Chapter 104 - Capital of Presba ago
Chapter 105 - Star Night Royal City ago
Chapter 106 - Sun Huan ago
Chapter 107 - Seeing Her Again ago
Chapter 108 - Everything! ago
Chapter 109 - Knot Undone! ago
Chapter 110 - Yan Zaizen?! ago
Chapter 111 - Fall of a Grand Clan ago
Chapter 112 - Love? Destruction. Enraged! ago
Chapter 113 - Crippling, Robbing & Departing ago
Chapter 114 - Heavenly Fortune Auction ago
Chapter 115 - Mine! Mine!! Mine!!! ago
Chapter 116 - Intense Bidding War ago
Chapter 117 - Payment & Departure ago
Chapter 118 - Events After Departure ago
Chapter 119 - Dead Soul Desert ago
Chapter 120 - The Heavenly Path ago
Chapter 121 - Bodily Death ago
Chapter 123 - Dao completion! ago
Chapter 122 - Perfect Aurora Soul! ago
Chapter 124 - Two Years? No. Sixty Years! ago
Chapter 125 - First Mission: Sub-Realm Exploration! ago
Chapter 126 - Myriad of Forces Gathered ago
Chapter 127 - Asura Phantom Realm ago
Chapter 128 - First Obstacle ago
Chapter 129 - Corpse Puppet ago
Chapter 130 - Asura Golem ago
Chapter 131 - Dao Dominating Spirit! ago
Chapter 132 - Not Fast Enough ago
Chapter 133 - Your Crime! ago
Chapter 134 - Tyrannical Proof! ago
Chapter 135 - Harvesting ago
Chapter 136 - Still Too Young ago
Chapter 137 - Sweeping The Fifth Floor ago
Chapter 138 - White-Bone Altar ago
Chapter 139 - Phantasm! ago
Chapter 140 - Sun of Lifeforce! ago
Chapter 141 - Hell Path, Infernal Forger ago
Chapter 142 - Siphon It All! ago
Chapter 143 - Defeating Death! ago
Chapter 144 - Exit ago
Chapter 145 - Origin Source ago
Chapter 146 - Profound Thanks ago
Chapter 147 - Bloodlines! ago
Chapter 148 - Origin Core Realm ago
Chapter 149 - Wu Yuanxu ago
Chapter 150 - Duo's Escapades ago
Chapter 151 - Clear Divine City ago
Chapter 152 - Bai Lufeng's Fate ago
Chapter 153 - Tao's Fate ago
Chapter 154 - Relief & Arrival ago
Chapter 155 - Wu Clan ago
Chapter 156 - News ago
Chapter 157 - My Way ago
Chapter 158 - Decision ago
Chapter 159 - Guàn Yin ago
Chapter 160 - Dominance! ago
Chapter 161 - A Cultivator's Decisiveness ago
Chapter 162 - Finally! ago
Chapter 163 - Fearless Facing Heaven ago
Chapter 164 - Safety and Comfort ago
Chapter 165 - An Invitation & A Question ago
Chapter 166 - Heaven's Error: Non-Entity ago
Chapter 167 - Cultivating the Heavens ago
Chapter 168 - Cultivate as a Herculean ago
Chapter 169 - Already Chosen?! ago
Chapter 170 - Twin Beauties ago
Chapter 171 - The Xiantu Realm Gathers ago
Chapter 172 - 1,417 Years! Yan Clan's Ancestor? ago
Chapter 173 - Xiantu Emperor's Banquet ago
Chapter 174 - 33 Heavenly Steps ago
Chapter 175 - Shin Xuanji's Past & Future ago
Chapter 176 - Ascending Heaven, Shocking the Realm! ago
Chapter 177 - The Mortal Bridge ago
Chapter 178 - Slaughter Array ago
Chapter 179 - Decision ago
Chapter 180 - The Border Expanse ago
Chapter 181 - An Inch Away ago
Chapter 182 - Thank You ago
Chapter 183 - Deluge Realm ago
Chapter 184 - Rain Flow City ago
Chapter 185 - Exotic Society ago
Chapter 186 - Shangyang Auction, Different Rules?! ago
Chapter 187 - Bidding and...? ago
Chapter 188 - Bai Lufeng's Plea! ago
Chapter 189 - Lang Xue ago
Chapter 190 - Infernal Soul Oath ago
Chapter 191 - Herculean Vs Deluge Realm (1) ago
Chapter 192 - Herculean Vs Deluge Realm (2) ago
Chapter 193 - Inheritance Deposit ago
Chapter 194 - Two-Floor Heavenly Shrine ago
Chapter 195 - Unexpected Stop ago
Chapter 196 - Collapsed Sub-Realm ago
Chapter 197 - I Hope You Die! ago
Chapter 198 - I Regret Nothing ago
Chapter 199 - Devour! Consume! Exceed! ago
Chapter 200 - Every Breath ago
Chapter 201 - Sirius Titan Realm ago
Chapter 202 - Saber Inheritance ago
Chapter 203 - Unnamed Warhammer ago
Chapter 204 - Sky Shatter ago
Chapter 205 - Lang Xue's Fate ago
Chapter 206 - Unexpected Assault ago
Chapter 207 - In Hiding ago
Chapter 208 - Earthly Beginning & Heavenly End ago
Chapter 209 - Regalia of Mimicry ago
Chapter 210 - Gate of Sky Opening! ago
Chapter 211 - Imperial Law of Spacetime! ago
Chapter 212 - Paths ago
Chapter 213 - Who's First? ago
Chapter 214 - Bodily Path, Fiendgod! ago
Chapter 215 - Gigantus Corpses! ago
Chapter 216 - One Punch ago
Chapter 217 - Zhou Xiuhei, Xiuhei Sovereign ago
Chapter 218 - Outlawed? ago
Chapter 219 - Ezekiel & The Myriad Paths! ago
Urgent Update: A Shift ago

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I was skeptic about reading this novel just because of TYCKA's review but hell I am glad I did. Just like he says MC starts little dense but in further chapters you see what means to be character growth. He sees the world, experiences it and changes accordingly.

Story's start might be cliche a little but the path it took is great. Especially a one with full of twists and great content. 

Style and grammar are decent, not without a mistake but I didn't notice any obvious one.

Characters, as I said, are lively. All of them have their own agenda and plans but not all of them succeeds. Mc starts little naive but gains profound knowledge and cunning intelligence just in 20-30 chapters.

Also one of the best part is chapter releases are daily and they are not even one, they are two.

  • Overall Score

Great Novel, Not So Great Cultivation Novel

The story is good; however, I have noticed that as a cultivation novel it somewhat fails. Not only does the main character grow as a person, but he also makes intelligent informed decisions and doesn't arrogantly try to take revenge on people with backgrounds much stronger than him. These are obviously not things that should usually be in a cultivation novel based on the Chinese cultivation novels I have read. Still a great novel though and I do recommend it if you can stomach character growth and intelligent main characters.

  • Overall Score
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it was One of the best Wuxia on RRL

RE:EDIT: DO NOT READ THIS! as you may read in the latest uploaded chapter here, the novel was shifted to webnovel. so far, so good, however, just like I assumed it would happen at one point, they did it. The novel is no longer freely readable. I waited a bit, in case the chapters at webnovel get slowly unlocked and you can read them at a slower pace, however, this didn't happen. Shame on you, Author.

EDIT: The author not only stopped uploading here on RRL, but the release rate also went down and it is dubious whether it will continue being freely readable on webnovel, since we all know what kind of dicks they are. Read with caution of an abrupt end in the middle of the story.


You came in contact with the typical chinese cultivation novels and even read a few translated ones on NovelUpdates and now want more of that but with fast releases? In this story you find a "generic" (more or less, but no doubt good quality) wuxia story, of a young boy who is called trash and talentless, ascending to become immortal and a powerful expert (like over 90% of all chinese cultivation stories). However, the very big plus point compared to translated novels is that it's directly written in english and has a very fast release rate (note the 180 chapters released in 2 months), so you don't have to wait for someone to awkwardly translate it and you'll directly get a story with consistent style, good grammar and interesting plot/storyline. Conclusion: definitely a very good binge novel you can read in a few days and you won't be waiting for new releases all week since there are daily chapters.

Now read it, since you already read my long review. (and don't listen to people saying the MC is dumb, it's a changing aspect)

  • Overall Score

Worthy of being one of the top stories on RR

This story is awesome. Read it. The MC may seem a bit obnoxious at first but he undergoes great character developement and it turns this story into an addictive read.

  • Overall Score

Great stuff, read it and support the author!

A 'Xianxia' masterpiece, written in english! 160 chapters posted so far.

Very minor grammatical issues, well thought out characters and great usage of every device introduced to the story. Not at all what you'd expect to see in a cultivation novel. For example experts of the same level are unwilling to start a bone deep blood feud over the smallest thing and actually respect the potential threat of their enemies. When necessary they are willing to make small concessions and lose a bit of 'face' (WHAT?!?). It does an amazing job building tension and making you empathize with the characters if you resist the urge to binge read through it.

Some of the previous reviews really don't do this story justice. As Freeloader said they may turn you off calling it generic and shallow with plot holes etc. but I don't believe those people gave it a proper chance or maybe this isn't their type of novel.

This is the kind of novel you have to actually do a bit of thinking and can use your imagination to tailor the story to your liking (though not at the level of a translated Xianxia where you have to fill in the gaps because it just doesn't make sense). The reason I say that is because there aren't 7 chapters in a row dedicated to some pointless scene in the past to 'build character', the pacing is fast where it needs to be and slows down when necessary as well. You're given enough information to deduce his reasoning and emotions pretty well. 

The rewards system on patreon is done well and there are a lot of advanced chapters you can get once you're addicted. Can't wait to read more :)

  • Overall Score

Each cloud emitted an aura reminiscent of...

Positive:  Grammar and spelling appear to be solid. Some character growth.  Very similar to many other Xianxia. So if you were looking to satisfy that Xianxia itch, you can probably find it here.

Negative:Xianxia story and not much else.  MC feel surprising generic and 2 dimensional as of ch 114, (and that's with the character growth). Once he leveled up, and started revenge killing people I was done with the story. 

  • Overall Score

Great Xianxia with a western twist

I love this story! It is like a typical Xianxia, but with a few twists to make it more enjoyable for a western audience. It has far less filler, with chapter 82 correlating to around chapter 400 in a typical Xianxia, and the world seems relatively well thought out, it is clear that there are more details about the world that aren't being told to avoid an overly large info dump, but it doesn't feel like the Author ever pulls things out of his ass. 
There are a few downsides typical to web novels, the grammar is pretty good but not professional quality by any means, and the characters aren't really well fleshed out (still better than a typical web novel). 
Ultimately I would recommend this story to anyone who likes Xianxia stories, as it feels like a well-executed no-fluff Xianxia with a western twist.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Excellent 0-2-hero story with a noble MC.

Excellent story.  (sofar 6-3-18) ch.103

very good read for a OP MC; non-arrogant but cold type; wuxia-style; 0 to Hero story.

As it stands I only question why he didn't meet his conflicted love interest already but the arc is taking care of that.

Very few obvious plot holes, I was curious why the Bow was in the wall of the mine shaft rather then the bottom, or why he didn't meet his clan & conflicted love interest earlier... but the truth of his powers and his parents have not been revealed yet.

Story's start might be cliche a little but the path it took is great. Especially a one with full of twists and great content and some adult reality which I appreciate.

Style and grammar are decent, not without a mistake but I didn't notice any obvious one.

Story is properly driven by the characters instead of narrative. All of them have their own agenda and plans which is excellent.  don't skip around because minor charcters start the ball rolling on alot of the action plot points. 

  • Overall Score

Cultivation done and designed by a sane person

Wanted to review this since its the first time ive seen a cultivation novel do things "right". This cultivation novel brought me back to the first two arcs of I Shall Seal The Heavens, known as ISSH. The character building, the sane yet insane twists, and the decent humour mixed in that made ISSH one of the better cultivation novels out there.

What this novel excels at is bringing forth a developed world that doesn't center around slapping people around because you looked at their favored woman too long. Sure there are scenes like these, but they all have built up reasons behind them, and its not merely because "YOU LOOKED AT MY WOMAN FOR A SECOND LONGER, PREPARE FOR YOUR ENTIRE CLAN TO DIE!"

The MC also doesn't fall into the sterotypical genocidal route that most MC's of cultivation novels fall into. I won't spoil it too much, but the temperment of the MC is built up and has proper reasoning behind it. He goes far, but not too far, and is fair in his judgment of those who go against him.

The cultivation realms and how they are achieved also make sense, and the author goes a long way to build up the realms as well as the people in them as people who actually, GASP, get SMARTER the higher they cultivate. Which means the much higher cultivators are more and more cautious, and only let down their guard against exceptional circumstances. They don't fully underestimate the MC and/or his entourage unless there's good reason for said underestimation.

On top of that, the author doesn't use redundant nerfs or stupid mechanics to keep the MC weak, like him finding a heavenly herb but it turns out his physique negates the amazing powers of the herb because he needs more consumption or some stupid mechanic that is similar. Instead, he introduces tougher enemies and slowly broadens the prospects of the MC by adding new realms that have people above his abilities, instead of merely nerfing him into the ground. The times he DOES nerf the MC is for character development purposes, which mature him as a person (and makes him less annoying than the first 30 chapters).

Just power through the first few chapters and those who are familiar to ISSH can see a classic already in the making.

  • Overall Score

It is good for Wuxia.

   As a preface I would like to say that although this is nothing new if you read this book’s title, and clicked it you will probably enjoy it. 

Like all Wuxia it starts out strong, gets popular, the author promises too much then runs out of ideas. I read up to chapter 96,  but the chapters start degrading at around the 80’s. For instance there is an entire ‘chapter’ dedicated to a short gag where the characters show up in a place they aren’t supposed to, one throws up and then they leave. It isn’t even solely dedicated to humor as it is used as a chance for the characters to show off. 

 There is a very shallow portrayal of really fucked up characters, and how their actions are correct. Some characters don’t even make sense. The main character starts weak, gets strong fast, decides to determine their own fate, yards yada, they win. The only real difference between this book and other Wuxia is that this one references Greek and Roman gods. I’m not really sure if that’s intentional or the author is just oblivious.

 P.S. Despite what other reviews say it doesn’t open up to some kind of different, and grand plot line, but people don’t read Wuxia for its story in the first place so it doesn’t really matter.