My Bodyguard Can't Fight Girls!

My Bodyguard Can't Fight Girls!

by lemuelmoo

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Clere Sigrun was a regular schoolgirl who was born into an extraordinary family of secrets. Her family safeguarded secrets and gathered intelligence throughout the world for authorities and organizations. One day, her mother informed that Clere was going to have a personal bodyguard because a criminal syndicate was out to kidnap her.

That bodyguard turned out to be Gale Gainsborough, a new mysterious transfer student in her school and he had a strange weakness where he becomes physically weak whenever he had to fight girls!

What would happen if the enemies were girls?

News snippet - 4th December 2019

Read my latest update: Tempus Fegit. It's already Feb!

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As we head to the wuxia portion of the novel, I have included my own glossary of terms here: Glossary of Terms

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Lemuel Moo

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Table of Contents
57 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Vol 1 Prologue ago
Vol 1 Chapter 1 - A New Bodyguard ago
Vol 1 Chapter 2 - A Tyrant ago
Vol 1 Chapter 3 - An Assassin ago
Vol 1 Chapter 4 - The Unpredictable Teacher ago
Vol 1 Chapter 5 - Our First Combat Training ago
Vol 1 Chapter 6 - Kasumi and Gale ago
Vol 1 Chapter 7 - The Man With Chains ago
Vol 1 Chapter 8 - Fighting Against An Electric Eel ago
Vo1 Chapter 9 - My First Date ago
Vol 1 Chapter 10 - Sympathy Is Not The Antidote ago
Vol 1 Chapter 11 - The Weak And The Strong ago
Vol 1 Chapter 12 - The Illegal Tournament ago
Vol 1 Chapter 13 - Preparation For The Match ago
Vol 1 Chapter 14 - A breadth’s hair away from death ago
Vol 1 Chapter 15 - The Four Abominations ago
Vol 1 Chapter 16 - Selfishness ago
Vol 1 Chapter 17 - Twelve Gemstones ago
Vol. 1 Chapter 18 - And The Dust Settles ago
Vol. 1 Chapter 19 - Training The Untrained ago
Vol 1 Chapter 20 - A Kiss Of Betrayal Or A Kiss Of Death? ago
Vol 1 Afterword ago
Vol 2 Chapter 21 - A Nemesis Approaches ago
Vol 2 Chapter 22 - Rivals ago
Vol 2 Chapter 23 - Preparations ago
Vol 2 Chapter 24 - The Bodyguard Became A Bait ago
Vol 2 Chapter 25 - Training ago
Vol 2 Chapter 26 - The Start Of The Duels ago
Vol 2 Chapter 27 - Mr. Handsome ago
Vol 2 Chapter 28 - Hero Grooming Project ago
Vol 2 Chapter 29 - Kasumi’s Date ago
Vol 2 Chapter 30 - The Beginning Of The City Plaza Battle ago
Vol 2 Chapter 31 - The Hunted Became The Hunter ago
Vol 2 Chapter 32 - Outnumbered ago
Vol 2 Chapter 33 - Bronzed Beast ago
Vol 2 Chapter 34 - Taken ago
Vol 2 Chapter 35 - The Strongest Person In The World ago
Vol 2 Chapter 36 - The Aftermath Of The City Plaza Battle ago
Vol 2 Chapter 37 - Awkward Arrangements ago
Vol 2 Chapter 38 - Transactions ago
Vol 2 Chapter 39 - Triple Agent ago
Vol 2 Chapter 40 - The Flowers Of Death ago
Volume 2 Afterword ago
Vol 3 Chapter 41 - Start Of The Training Camp ago
Vol 3 Chapter 42 - Bad Timing Confessions ago
Vol 3 Chapter 43 - Sexual Workouts ago
Vol 3 Chapter 44 - Sexy Game Of Tag ago
Vol 3 Chapter 45 - Provoked By Love ago
Vol 3 Chapter 46 - If I Only Knew ago
Vol 3 Chapter 47 - Mysterious Allure ago
Vol 3 Chapter 48 - Rotten Egg ago
Vol 3 Chapter 49 - Interruption ago
Vol 3 Chapter 50 - The Only Way Is To Fight ago
Vol 3 Chapter 51 - The Eye Of The Array ago
Vol 3 Chapter 52 - Mourning Valleys ago
Vol 3 Chapter 53 - Sumptuous Feast Of Love ago
Vol 3 Chapter 54 - Becoming A Flower ago

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Bruno Rubens Fernandes Kliemann

For start this is my personal preference.

Read until chapter 3 and first paragrafes of chapter 4.


Lets start with the good points:

The story is good, really liked, the bodyguard is fun, the POV is really good, there is suspense to know whos is targeting her and why, the bodyguard is OP, the characters are not 2D. This was going to be the first story I would read with the point of view of a female, where the MC is a female....


Now I will start why I will not continue to read.

Spoiler: Spoiler

In the end hope you continue good work author-san, had fun but decided to stop



Sad endings hater

Really loved it, i think you should keep going easy, take your time coming up with ideas, unless you already have a plan in mind, and write whenever you feel like it(or when the patrons donat to get a new chapter lol), there are some minor mistakes, like wrong spelling of a word or two, but still readable.

I think that you should also put a [Drama] genre, because of the scene in the prologue and all.

Kazushi Tetsuo

 The story is pretty interesting, I haven't seen any stories like this in awhile so it's kind of a nostalgia trip. The grammar and descriptions could use some work, but it's pretty early so keep it up!!


Firstly I do want to say that I do like the concept so any critisim is purely in order to improve your story!

The style and grammar I'll talk about in this paragraph. I just want to say I have no issues with the style you have gone for I just find it's lacking in descriptive moments what I mean is I still don't know the surrounding setting, uniforms, weapons etc. I'm one of those people that's all for a bit of descriptive writing for fictional stories as I can engross myself in the world, the style you write in does make the story readable I just think you can bring more with just fleshing out your setting a bit more. As for your grammar I did notice issues here and there, we all do it so I suggest you proofread yourself or if your not comfortable in getting it right ask a friend or family member.

As for the story I like those type of military academy/school genres (granted I'm doing the exact same genre in my story) so I have no qualms with that front, but like a mentioned previously the story will benefit a lot with some descriptive writing here and there.

Finally I got to say I like your characters especially Gale and Clere as they do seem to have an interested relationship with one another and one that I hope expands and develops well in future characters. As for the other characters there's not really much I can say as I need more to make an opinion on them, except I agree with myself on the fact that Satori is one of those b***h's I hate in these types of stories haha!

Anyway keep up the good work, and I hope to see more from you!