I Wanted to Play a Strategy Game, But I Became King Instead!

by Akashiro-sensei

 "Yuuta Nakamura is a talented, smart and good-looking high school honor student in his senior year. A role model to his juniors, he's viewed as a successful young man with a bright future by both his friends and family. However, nobody knows Yuuta's true nature as a hardcore strategy gamer. On his graduation day, he was getting ready to play what he considered to be the best strategy RTS game ever, but instead he gets transported to another world where he's soon due to become the next King!

How will he handle his new duties and what adventures await him? Follow Yuuta on his journey to kinghood!"

UPDATE (18/08/2019): Chapter 2: Sands Of Greed - Part 3 is half done. Expecting to release end of August or start of September :)


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Rustle Roots

Welcome back to continuing this story!

As of now, the story is at Chapter 2: Sands of Greed, and I would like to impart my thoughts.


Isekai. It's quite rampant nowadays, and it's quite hard to find something that manages to capture one's interest when it seems to have been done over and over again. I managed to find myself enthralled with how our protagonist Yuuta travelled from our world to the new world. The transition was quite good in my perspective.


Yuuta appears to be a young man who has everything under control. He's smart, good looking and popular... why should he even want to get transported to another world? I think I found his reasons of wanting to have another kind of life quite understandable. It's another perspective that is delightful and relatable, besides the NEET guy that a lot of authors' go for.


The world in hand seems to be quite large and expansive, several kingdoms and a variety of races that all live together across multiple continents. It's a bit overwhelming when one of the characters listed out the kingdoms, so I'm looking forward for the Author to help us experience and enjoy this new world.

Writing Style

Author aims to paint a vivid landscape but also is minimal. As one reader commented, they do not over describe things as most readers would already have a general idea and impression of what a fantasy world should be. There are some instances when I find the tone a bit passive and the transitioning could be rewritten, certainly things that can be handled when going through rounds of editing!

Magic System

I'm certainly impressed with the magic system, it reminds me of the types of magic in Dungeons and Dragons. There's nothing much shown yet, besides somebody explaining the types of magic with the protagonist... but I'm excited on how it is implemented in this world. I wonder if Yuuta would learn magic, or would rely on his strength when he becomes a king.

Side Characters

As far as I've read, three characters seem to fall under this category. The Summoner, the one who brought forth our protagonist for reasons still unknown. Alice, she seems to be a lady that falls under tsundere as Yuuta have described but hoping for more character development as we learn more of her. The Thief, a dashing young thief that seems to be a likely ally for Yuuta. My interest is piqued with this one, especially with their monkey like creature.

The story is quite promising, certainly awaiting for future updates!