Chapter 3 : I'm On My Way


Element Creatia (Era's Divine Factor)

Rank : Divine

Difficulty : Expert


Certain elements in the summoned hero's world are inaccessible in the medieval world of Erevus. The ability to produce these elements would greatly contribute in the swift creation of machineries the summoned hero had in their previous world.


Grants the user the ability to create elements the user had in their previous world. Due to the fact that the user has numerous dangerous elements in their previous world, the user will be immune to the negative effects of certain elements for 1 day upon the beginning of the creation process.

Range : User's Hands

Mana Cost : Dependent

Cooldown : None

The blue screen materialized inches beside my thinking body. This skill was the only Divine Factor that Era would give me and I had only one thought about it.

"This is exactly what I needed." I grinned.

I no longer needed to go and search for the elements of the periodic table in Erevus. The fear of wasting precious time in searching these elements are non-existent with this skill! It literally is a god-send.

"But..." Era paused.


"But, this skill is incredibly dangerous. It requires incredible amounts of concentration and knowledge about the elements. Numerous summoned heroes died due to the skill failing." she paused "But, this is an fixed version of the original. It hasn't been tested yet, so I want you to use it."

"So I'm going to be your Guinea pig?"

"Something along those lines." she smiled.

"So, this is the only skill you can give me because you want to test it on me? Why can you give me this dangerous Divine Factor yet you can't give me other safer ones?" I frowned

"I did not choose to give you this particular skill, but I am forced to."

"There are over thousands of Divine Factors that each God and Goddess has access to. But, out of those thousands of Divine Factors, there are some destructive ones. We call them 'Broken Ones'. Element Creatia is an example of a Broken One."

"We remove these Broken Ones from the list of Divine Factors and destroy them. But, I hid this particular skill due to the fact that I believed it is incredibly useful when the time comes."

Well, she did have a point there. I find it weird that these Divine beings aren't so different from us. We believed them to be omnipotent, but it seems they also create mistakes like us. These Broken Ones are a great example.

"Alright, I get it." I placed my hand over my chin and thought about the flaw of this ability.

"Is there some sort of Appraisal skill in Erevus?"

"Yes, numerous appraisal skills exist in my world."

"Then they can appraise me and see my skill right?"

"Well, yes bu-" she stopped "Where are you going with this?"

"When people appraise my skill, then wouldn't they know it's a Divine Factor?"

The Goddess went silent, clearly thinking about a way on how to fix this strange predicament.

"Can't you fake the information placed on the skill?" I asked

"No that would take too long. Fixing this skill took me centuries, Just editing the information on the skill would take years- No, decades to complete." Era sighed, she was cornered here.

"If you can't fake the info on my skill, why don't I do it?"

The Goddess stared at me with curious eyes.

"There should be a skill that would make me fake the information on my skill right?"

"Yes there is!" her eyes lit up due to my idea.

She clapped her hands two times. The sound of her palms slamming onto each other echoed throughout the white area. Suddenly, the sound of wood breaking and bending flooded the area. Out of nowhere, wooden planks with a light brown color appeared. They bent and produced impossible curves as they filled the floor, ceiling and the walls.

From the wooden floor, numerous cubical bookshelves started to appear. Not a single shelf had an empty spot, all of them were filled o the brim with all sorts of books with all sorts of shaped and sizes. The white room was transformed into an incredibly large library.

Some bookshelves were stuck to the ground while others hovered on the air. The blue hologram of Erevus began to levitate towards the upper-center of the room, it abandoned it's blue body and transformed into a white ball of fire. All the bookshelves that hovered in the air revolved around the white ball of flames.

She waved her right hand in an eerie pattern as one book from the nearest bookshelf started to slowly levitate towards my direction. The small book landed on my lap as I could feel it's smooth surface. The cover was white in color, no particular decoration was placed on the white cover. The only decoration on the cover was the drawing of a black mask. Written below the it were the words; A Grimoire for the Lost Art of Status Falsification.

"I cannot directly give you the skill since it doesn't coincide with my line of work" the Goddess said.

"Well, its just a minor setback." I sighed

"Now that you have everything you need, would you like to enter the world of Erevus?"

I released myself from the comfy chair and stood up with my two legs. I held the Grimoire with my right hand as I stared at the Goddess.

"I need another thing."


"Information. I need deeper information about the planet, it's people, magic, etc."

"Interesting, not a single summoned hero I met asked for information about Erevus. They just listen to my speech, choose a Divine Factor, then they leave."

"Well, I'm not a summoned hero aren't I?"

Era chuckled "No you aren't"

"Don't worry about information, I'll tell Larry to give it to you on the way to Erevus."


"Don't worry, you can trust him. He's my right hand man."

"So you aren't transporting me to Erevus?"

"No, like I said. My mana would overload the planet. Larry is assigned to transfer all summoned heroes towards Erevus. He may be part-god but his mana won't overload the planet." she replied.

"We just have to make sure that the other Gods and Goddesses won't notice the fluctuation of Larry's mana." Era said as she fiddled with her hands, creating gestures I don't understand.

"Do you need anything more?" the Goddess asked.

"No, you've given me enough."

"Will this be the last time we meet?" I asked the Goddess.

"No, I feel like we will meet again soon." the Goddess smiled.

"It has been a pleasure meeting you Albert Neilman."

"Pleasures all mine Goddess Era." my lips curved as I gently bowed in front of the Goddess.

Suddenly, a circle of light emerged from my foot. The light enveloped me as I disappeared from the Goddess' colossal library.

When the light died out, I found myself in a temple of some sort. I stood on a circular platform as I scanned my surroundings. The ceiling of the tall room was a dome with numerous murals and writings which I couldn't understand. In the center of the dome was a large opening which made the beautiful warm rays of sunshine illuminate the circular room.

In one end, there was a large closed door. The walls were etched with numerous drawings similar to the murals above. Again, there were writings which I could not understand. After seconds of waiting, I could hear a beautiful melody echo throughout the cylinder room. I twist my head here and there to see where this amazing music was coming from. I found out that the source of the melody was from the large opening above the dome.

From that very opening, a person flew down. Actually, I think he fell down. No, he is falling down. I quickly jumped away from the platform as his body smashed onto the area were I previously stood. A loud thud echoed throughout the room as his groans of pain eventually drowned the thud.

He chanted using a strange language and his body was enveloped with a green soft light. After the light died out, he sighed of relaxation and stood up. As he was dusting off any foreign object that was on him, I managed to see his appearance.

Just like Era, this man had long pointy ears. But, instead of Era's blonde hair, this man had pure black hair. He hade 6 white wings sprouted from his back as they began flapping, removing any dust he caught in his fall. He was draped with a white shirt and his legs were veiled by gray shorts.

If one were to remove his wings, change his long pointed ears to small rounded ones, and take away the small crown that hovered directly above his head, then this man would look completely normal.

"Oops! Wrong clothes." the man snapped his fingers as white light enveloped his entire body. When the brilliant light disappeared, his clothes completely changed. His black obsidian-colored armor no longer deemed him as normal. He stared at his armor then his gaze fell on me.

"The names Michael Evelgous Dicratus III, you can call me Larry." Larry said with a big grin on his face.

How does one go from Michael Evelgous Dicratus III to Larry? I thought to myself.

"I'm Albert Neilman, Modern Da Vinci." I bowed in front of the man.

"So you're the guy that'll help Erevus' technological problems? I've heard a lot about you!" Larry said

"You do?"

"Well, Miss Era did talk a lot about you a couple of months back. She was like 'This is him!' and 'He will save our planet!'." the man's grin became even bigger.

"Its amazing that you have the guts to demand two skills from the Goddess. Miss Era loves familiarity, the summoned heroes that she would meet are too stiff!" he said.

"Miss Era would really need time to just laugh like that, these days she's been to stressed out. You know, with those Gods and Goddesses trying to kick her out of the throne." Larry finished "Oh, and please keep your promise with Miss Era, I don't want to see her pulling out her hair again once the other divine beings find out about you." the man ended with a sad yet serious tone.

"Of course, Era would risk her own throne to save her people. She earned my respect." I proudly said.

"Thank you." Larry gently bowed.

"Now, you'll need information right?" Larry began to walk towards my direction.

The man's towering height dwarfed mine. I stuttered a bit when I replied to him due to hid large body.

"Y-yes, I need info about your planet."

"Then here you go!" the man placed his hand over my head.

Although I was confused at first, that confusion instantly disappeared. I learnt basic information about Erevus, it's months, it's languages, deeper information about the six major races, etc. Although all the information was being placed on me, I couldn't feel any form of information overload.

After seconds of transferring information, the job was finally finished. In less than an minute I learned a lot about the planet. When I stared at Larry with a smile across my face, I was surprised to see his gaping mouth. Then, he grinned once mire.

"That's amazing! Usually when I transfer that amount of information to a mortal, it would take them at least 10 minutes. Sometimes an entire hour! I guess that's because of your monstrous learning speed?"

"I don't really know much about magic, but I guess that's the case here." I flashed a smile with my mouth.

"Even though you aren't a hero, you clearly top them all! You'll definitely shake the entire world of Erevus with your crazy existence!"

"Thanks, so you'll transport me to Erevus?"

"Yes! But I'll also help you while you're on Erevus!"

"What do you mean?" I tilt my head because of his response.

"Well, I won't be physically there. The Gods would think Era is up to something when she finds out that I'm with a mortal."

"I would answer any question you have from this realm. Using a finger, just draw a diamond symbol on your right hand and tap the middle." Larry demonstrated as he drew a diamond on his right palm with the use of his left finger. Once he was finished, he tapped the diamond with the same finger and suddenly, a gold diamond-shape appeared on the palm of his hands. Then a diamond-shaped holographic screen appeared inches in front of his body.

He tapped the gold diamond on his hand once more and the large screen in front of him disappeared.

"Now, you try." he said.

I did the same thing he did with his hand, once I was finished, the same diamond-shaped screen appeared inches in front of his body. I tapped the diamond on my hand and the screen in front of Larry disappeared.

"Just speak to the diamond on your hand then I would hear everything you say. If you want to talk in secret, we can talk telepathically using the same method."

"So it's like a phone?" I asked.

"Yes. But more magic-ish." the man proudly said.

"If you have any questions about Erevus that need answering, then you can call me."

"Alright, thanks!"

"No problem, now you best be going before we get caught here." Larry said "Stand on the platform and we can commence teleportation."

I walked towards the platform and Larry began chanting using the same unknown language he used before. This time, the entire platform glowed a pitch black color. After continuous chanting, the black light transformed into a white light.

"See ya around Al." Larry said once he finished chanting.

"See you too." I replied before the white light enveloped my body. I was now on my way towards the magical world of Erevus.

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