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Volume Two | Chapter - Summer Beach House Part Two


A note from ArcanePunkster

The Summer Beach House chapter will most certainly be the second longest chapter so far (or possibly the longest depending on how the plot develops!).

Hopefully the next chapter I'll be able to create some plot development, on the other hand, the last scene in this part is one of the said plot developments and the characters will play a major role in the foreseeable future.

Anyway, instead of me blabbering on I hope you enjoy this part! 

Aiko and Hibiki were walking through the grounds of the academy, at first, Aiko wasn't quite sure where they were going but after a few minutes of walking, she started to get a good idea as to where they were going.

"Um, Hibiki-san do you have any family?" Aiko sheepishly asked.

Hibiki at first glanced towards Aiko before responding.

"No, as far as I know, they were killed during the First Nebula Invasion" Hibiki put on a gentle smile. However, Aiko had a feeling that the smile was only for show.

"But it's not all bad, I was adopted into Sachika's family" Hibiki this time gave Aiko a thumbs up gesture.

At the mention of Sachika's family, this piqued Aiko's interest. "Is Sachika an orphan like you?" she asked. At first, Hibiki's expression confused Aiko it was a mixture of surprise and somewhat disbelief. Maybe it was the wrong thing to ask? Aiko thought.

Hibiki shook her head, "No, Sachika isn't an orphan..." as they continued walking the duo passed a group of girls from the academy playing beach volleyball on a simulation court wearing a rather provocative beach swimwear upon seeing the girls a blush revealed itself on Aiko's cheeks.

"...it matters of fact Sachika is one of the few that volunteer for the compatibility and surgeries in order to become a Familiar" Hibiki finished.

Upon hearing the last part of Hibiki's statement this made Aiko divert her attention from the girls playing beach volleyball back to her senior.

"I didn't know girls could volunteer for such things" Aiko muttered lost in her own thoughts. She was brought back to reality when Hibiki started to speak again.

"Uh huh, you sure can, to be honest, I didn't believe it at first because we were all taught that orphans from  the First Nebula Invasion were only compatible..." Hibiki paused for a moment as if contemplating to herself "...I only found out about this when I met Sachika"

"Sachika, was the first one you met?" Aiko asked earnestly.

Hibiki nodded her head vigorously, "She sure was!"

Suddenly Hibiki's persona changed, "Damn it! We're going to be late, no time for chit-chat!" 

She immediately grabbed hold of Aiko's hand, at first, Aiko was surprised by just how soft and subtle Hibiki's hand was. The duo rushed for the academy's grounds to the rendezvous Hibiki had planned out during their walking trip.

 Walking around in her dorm room had become an annoyance for Sachika. After the match between her and Yuki ending with her leg being severed off the medical teams had to reattach her leg. Ever since the operation, her leg had been feeling numb.

She limped towards her bathroom, unexpectedly her recently reattached leg gave out from underneath her making her fall back first into the wooden board at the end of one of the beds. It sent an uncomfortable sensation through her back seeing that the point of impact was on her crystallized spine.

Wearing her short shorts and vest you could see the sweat slowly running along her pristine skin.

Damn it all! Sachika cursed to herself.

As she tried to stand up Sachika noticed that her leg was still extremely weak. The attempt she had just made resulted in her falling back down to the floor heavily panting to herself.

"I hate this!" Sachika gritted her teeth on the thought of Yuki doing such an act during their final Royale Preliminary match of the year.

Her thoughts were diverted when she suddenly heard a gentle tapping upon the door to the room. Before she could attempt to answer it, the door swung open revealed an overly enthusiastic Hibiki and a somewhat timid Aiko.

"Hey! I'm-" Hibiki started before her expression changed to that of disbelief upon seeing Sachika in a heap on the floor "What the hell Sachi! I told you to take it easy!"

Sachika's friend rushed to her side along with Aiko shortly behind her in order to help Sachika to her feet.

 Sachika was laying down on top of her bed feeling rather embarrassed by the predicament she was put in just moments ago. As for Aiko and Hibiki, the two of them sat on the other bed across from Sachika's.

"So what do you two want?" Sachika asked getting down to business.

"I have four words..." Hibiki lifted up her hand indicating a four with her fingers "...summer beach house, Okinawa!" Hibiki was clearly enthusiastic about the whole ordeal.

Sachika laughed, "No way!"

Hibiki's excited persona deflated, "Aw! Why not?!" her face changed to that of pouting.

"I'm not going to spend my summer watching you and my brother get all lovey-dovey with one another" Sachika turned away clearly adamant in not changing her mind.

Hibiki continued to pout, "You know that's not the reason for your stubbornness!"

For a moment Hibiki glanced over towards Aiko who was confused as to why her senior was looking at her of all people, a sly smirk appeared on Hibiki's face. She moved over to Sachika's side leaning closely against her friend, Sachika felt somewhat uncomfortable.

"You know, Aiko will be there and no doubt in a bikini" Hibiki whispered gently into her friend's ear.

Sachika's cheeks soon started to blush from the prospect of seeing the girl she likes in a bikini, "W-Well I-I guess I could mention something to my parents" Sachika muttered accepting defeat.

"You're great Sachi!" Hibiki shouted as she wrapped her slender arms around her friend almost choking Sachika.

Sachika glanced at Aiko who was so fixated on her leg that it sort of made the former squirm from the sudden attention.

"Oh, that reminds me what about your friends Aiko?" Hibiki asked.

Aiko diverted her attention away from Sachika's leg looking back up at her seniors, "U-Um well I guess I could ask them if they'd be interested"

"Awesome! If that's the case I'll go and ask some others who'd be interested..." she was about to leave before she stopped looking back at Aiko "...and let your friends know that their partners are welcomed to join us!" Hibiki finished off excitedly.

"H-Hey when has my summer beach house become a dumping ground for the academy!" Sachika shouted at Hibiki who was already at the door.

"Since you agreed to let us stay there" Hibiki responded giving her friends a peace sign whilst she winked at them.

Before Sachika could say anymore Hibiki had already darted out of the room and into the corridor in search of more students to join them on their endeavours. There was an uncomfortable silence left in the room between Aiko and Sachika as the two of them sat across from one another looking intently at each other.

 The warehouse was mostly pitch black from the night sky with only the moon illuminating what little it could through the glass windows. Some of the overhead lights were on lighting up some areas within the warehouse. Under one of those lights, a group of trembling men kneeled looking around frantically his hands and feet were bound together with wire.

Surrounding him was a large group of humanoid figures their digitized metallic armour reflected the light shining upon them. The energy coursing through the engravings upon their armour was a mixture of red, orange, pink and purple.

Walking out from the shadows a man with a black cloak emerged underneath the cloak you could see crimson red energy coursing through the engravings upon his armour.

The men shook frantically when they saw him their clothing showing the sweat soaking through on parts around their body.

The mysterious man kneeled down to the same level as the men before him. His were somewhat animalistic as if checking out his prey.

"Do...you have...what...I want?" the hooded figure spoke his voice was raspy and deep.

"W-We j-just need some more time" one of the men muttered.

The hooded figure grunted shaking his head, "You've...had...a week...to find...what...I want"

One of the men tried to speak up but the hooded figure stopped him mid-sentence when he lifted him up by the neck effortlessly. With a quick squeeze, he easily snapped the guy's neck letting his lifeless body hanging in the air. The hooded figure released his grip all you could hear was the heavy thud as the body hit the floor.

The hooded figure moves onto the next trembling man, "What... about you?"

All the man could do was stutter trying to say his words, the hooded figure was clearly agitated kicking over the one he was questioning and without remorse stapped on his head crushing the skull as bone a bone and brain matter leaked from under his boot.

This time the hooded figure kneeled in front of the last man grabbing his scalp, "Please...tell me...you've...got something...positive...to tell...me"

The man furrowed his brain for information, "It's in one of the Essentia Academies"

The hooded figure tilted its head as if intrigued by the man's comment, "Interesting...proposition...do you...know...which one?"

The man shooked his head viciously.

As for the hooded figure he nodded as he stood back up whilst limping away he looked off into the distance into the pitch black abyss of the warehouse, "Kill...him" 

As he and the others surrounding him left the colours faded gradually into the darkest. The man still kneeling under the overhead light started to shake and pant quickly with fear he looked around frantically. Sudden the hue of crimson red lit up before him.

Emerging from the darkest a girl that was slender and curved showed herself. The particle dust emanating from the energy current engraves upon her digitized metallic armour it resembled much like the Essence Form that was still under scientific study for the use of Familiars.

Suddenly the lower half of the helmet opened up a few strands of white hair fell through. But what caught the man's attention was the girls four sharp pincer like teeth.

She lept at the man, the latter screaming hysterically as she straddled him sinking her teeth into his neck as blood flowed through her teeth. The squirmed to no avail and was so overcome by a slow and painful death as his body couldn't fight back.

As his blood was being stripped from him, the girls' crimson red energy coursing through her Essence Form armour as it started to pulsate faster with each passing second. Her Essence Form armour also started to make very slight changes to its structure.

After a dozen or so seconds she pulled away from the lifeless corpse of the man she had just killed. Her breathing became quick and short as she gulped down the last few remaining drops of blood in her mouth, and then wipes away the stains of blood across her mouth as the lower half of her helmet reformed itself.

A note from ArcanePunkster

Now I know what you're going to say, that last scene literally had a vampire in it!, or something along those lines so I just want to clarify a few things here without giving too much away.

Firstly, no they're not vampires they're an alien race that takes one cue from the likes of them and that's sucking the blood out of organic species. They're not immortal, they can go out in sunlight, they're not affected by religious symbols and so on.

In a matter of fact, you may have realised it already but those who haven't these creatures suck the blood out of something in order to evolve themselves it's their way of adapting to certain situations and species that they're in conflict with. 

To be honest, I can't give too much away without spoiling parts of the story, but I can assure that at some point this will all make sense.

Anyway as always leave a review or comment along with a follower or favourite! Doing so helps me a lot!

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