The Demon Lord is Bored

The Demon Lord is Bored

by Tripping

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy

What happens when the Demon Lord Erebus gets bored of being a Demon Lord? Well... he decides to become a Quester. Along with his sadistic demon friend Vyne and masochistic 'love-interest' Tear, Erebus explores the world he hasn't experienced for five hundred years. Because why not? DROPPED

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Table of Contents
136 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: Grego Drand. ago
Chapter One: A Decision ago
Chapter Two: The Exciting Adventure Begins! ago
Chapter Three: A Small Explaination ago
Chapter Four: Head Out Squad ago
Chapter Five: Thornback Wolves ago
Chapter Six: Betting 101 ago
Chapter Seven: Questing ago
Chapter Eight: Preparation ago
Chapter Nine: The Newbies ago
Chapter Ten: Accidents Happen ago
Chapter Eleven: A Favor ago
Chapter Twelve: The High Humans ago
Chapter Thirteen: Mana Stones ago
Chapter Fourteen: A Truly Efficient Servant ago
Chapter Fifteen: Yvick ago
Chapter Sixteen: A Young Lady's Affections ago
Chapter Seventeen: Betrayal ago
Chapter Eighteen: Erebus vs Questers ago
Chapter Nineteen: Finally! Another Dungeon ago
Chapter Twenty: Finally! Another Dungeon (2) ago
Chapter Twenty-One: Dragon Council ago
Chapter Twenty-Two: History Lesson ago
Chapter Twenty-three: Let Them Learn ago
Chapter Twenty-Four: Three Dragons ago
Chapter Twenty-Five: Azure vs Laufeia ago
Chapter Twenty-Six: Azure vs Laufeia (2) ago
Chapter Twenty-Seven: Ending It All ago
Chapter Twenty-Eight: Decree ago
Chapter Twenty-Eight.5: Another Day ago
Chapter Twenty-Nine: A Dragon Named Weryn ago
Chapter Thirty: Training ago
Chapter Thirty-One: Let the Games Begin! ago
Chapter Thirty-Two: Close Match ago
Chapter Thirty-Three: Third Day ago
Chapter Thirty-Four: The Tournament Continues ago
Chapter Thirty-Five: One More Day ago
Chapter Thirty-Six: Battle Royale ago
Chapter Thirty-Seven: Castle In Distress ago
Chapter Thirty-Eight: I Leave For One Second And... ago
Chapter Thirty-Nine: Battlefield ago
Chapter Forty: Battefield (2) ago
Chapter Forty-One: Simple Solution ago
Chapter Forty-Two: Pastime ago
Chapter Forty-Three: Guardian ago
Chapter Forty-Four: Godly Stone ago
Chapter Forty-Five: Boredom ago
Chapter Forty-Six: Where to? ago
Chapter Forty-Seven: Spirited Away Grassland ago
Chapter Forty-Eight: Completely Normal ago
Chapter Forty-Nine: Unpleasant Surprise ago
Chapter Fifty: Legacia ago
Chapter Fifty-One: Meeting ago
Chapter Fifty-Two: The Ball ago
Chapter Fifty-Three: Dragon Law ago
Chapter Fifty-Four: Dueling Dragons ago
Chapter Fifty-Five: Dragon Passing ago
Chapter Fifty-Six: Back to the Caverns ago
Chapter Fifty-Seven: Yaq-Il ago
Chapter Fifty-Eight: Revenge of a Siren ago
Chapter Fifty-Nine: Avenging Byron ago
Chapter Sixty: Just Keep Walking... ago
Chapter Sixty-One: Bug ago
Chapter Sixty-Two: No Problem ago
Chapter Sixty-Three: Falling ago
Chapter Sixty-Four: Surprise ago
Chapter Sixty-Five: 1v1 Me ago
Chapter Sixty-Six: Finale ago
Special One: Work To Do ago
Special Two: Her Promise (1) ago
Special Three: Her Promise (2) ago
Special Four: His Promise ago
Special Five: Erebus' Ultimate Student ago
Special Six: Strange Place ago
Special Seven: Unwanted Visitor ago
Special Eight: Dark Mist's Final Form ago
Announcement from the author ago
S2 Chapter One: Troublesome Task ago
S2 Chapter Two: Make It Work! ago
S2 Chapter Three: Revelation ago
S2 Chapter Four: Transfer Students ago
S2 Chapter Five: Encounter in the Forest ago
S2 Chapter Six: Newbies Once Again (1) ago
S2 Chapter Seven: Newbies Once Again (2) ago
S2 Chapter Eight: Finish Him! ago
S2 Chapter Nine: Student Council President ago
S2 Chapter Ten: Senior Myth Class Heads Out! ago
S2 Chapter Eleven: Fox and Xal ago
S2 Chapter Twelve: Dominoes In Place ago
S2 Chapter Thirteen: It's Not Like I Enjoy This Or Anything ago
S2 Chapter Fourteen: Stopping By To Say Hello ago
S2 Chapter Fifteen: Light A Match And ago
S2 Chapter Sixteen: Let's Watch The World Burn ago
S2 Chapter Seventeen: ago
S2 Chapter Eighteen: Four Princes of Hell ago
S2 Chapter Nineteen: What Happened That Day ago
S2 Chapter Twenty: ago
S2 Chapter Twenty-One: The One Known As Mae ago
S2 Chapter Twenty-Two: What He Keeps Hidden ago
S2 Chapter Twenty-Three: Family ago
S2 Chapter Twenty-Four: The Battle Begins ago
S2 Chapter Twenty-Five: Vyne and Gabriel ago
S2 Chapter Twenty-Six: La Vida y La Muerte ago
S2 Chapter Twenty-Seven: To Kill A Seraphim ago
S2 Chapter Twenty-Eight: Be Prepared ago
S2 Chapter Twenty-Nine: Step Inside ago
S2 Chapter Thirty: Absolute ago
S2 Chapter Thirty-One: Just When I Start Having Some Fun ago
S2 Chapter Thirty-two: A Piece of Paper ago
S2 Chapter Thirty-three: Fate ago
Announcement from the Author ago
S2 Chapter Thirty-four: Their First "Adventure" ago
S2 Chapter Thirty-Five: First Day ago
S2 Chapter Thirty-Six: First Lesson ago
S2 Chapter Thirty-Seven: The Things We Do ago
S2 Chapter Thirty-Eight: Awakening ago
S2 Chapter Thirty-Nine: ago
S2 Chapter Forty: Waiting Game ago
The Author Has A Disease That Starts With "W" ago
S2 Chapter Forty-One: Mistake ago
S2 Chapter Forty-two: The Decisions She Made ago
S2 Chapter Forty-Three: Mae's Proposal ago
S2 Chapter Forty-Four: TLC ago
Don't Kill Me But... (Author's Announcement) ago
S2 Chapter Forty-Five: All Hail the King! ago
S2 Chapter Forty-six: Love at First Bite ago
Wussup I'm Alive ago
S2 Chapter Forty-Seven: A Penny for Your Thoughts ago
S2 Chapter Forty-Eight: Cut Loose ago
S2 Chapter Forty-Nine: And Pop Goes the Weasel ago
From Here On Out ago
S2 Chapter Fifty: Plotting and Planning ago
S2 Chapter Fifty-One: The Arrogance of the Weak ago
S2 Chapter Fifty-Two: Lines (Part One) ago
S2 Chapter Fifty-Two: Lines (Part Two) ago
S2 Chapter Fifty-Three: A Discussion ago

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I read up to chapter 23 before making this review.


Style: 3.5/5

The chapters were very short which normally takes away from the story. But this story does it quite well and doesn’t use any painful cliffhangers. Most of the chapters are dialogue and descriptions which makes it feel like a play. It contains some comedic scenes but maintains more of a laidback feeling with some serious moments so it’s not a comedy. My only complaint is that there isn’t enough descriptions. Descriptions are kept very basic which makes it hard to visualize things.


Story: 4/5

A few inconsistencies here and there like Erebus  being the fourth seat of the council then he’s suddenly the sixth later on. The storyline itself isn’t very original as many other stories have explored the concept of the demon lord becoming an adventurer or teaming up with the hero. But it’s unique in how Erebus isn’t actually a demon lord and demon lords are common with even stronger versions in existence. Plus the fact that Erebus and his minions don’t care about others and barely hesitate to kill humans. Even if those humans traveled with them and were semi-friends with them. It’s also unique how Erebus takes more of an interest in the quests and dungeons than the actual “Questers”. Overall a fresh take on a well-explored storyline. 


I recommend creating some notes somewhere about basic things so you can avoid plotholes without reading through your entire fiction several times. Just basic stuff like names, positions, basic descriptions, basic personality, etc.


Grammar: 4.5/5

Throughout the story I found only minor spelling, grammar, and conjugation errors. The spelling errors are mainly just words that are missing a letter, like “ace” instead of “mace” or “ake” instead of “make”. The grammar errors are predominantly semantic errors like “…Tear stayed in her bed. Even though, they both very much wanted to.” which should be “…Tear didn’t sneak into Erebus’ bed…”. In regards to the conjugation errors, the story is in past tense and that’s fine but there’s some parts where it would make more sense to be in present tense. Conjugation is much harder than other things so I won’t take off any points for it.


I recommend getting a proofreader to just read through the chapters quickly to find small mistakes. The grammar is high without doing so but most of the mistakes could be easily prevented by someone else reading through.


Character: 4/5

The main characters all have set personalities and act upon them. They don’t usually stray too far from their personality which is a good thing. For example: Erebus is a selfish, laidback, and arrogant dragon so he doesn’t care about his friendship with Heather and kills her without remorse. My only complaint about the characterization is that it focuses on their personalities and barely mentions their looks. We get like one adjective to describe clothes and nothing else but a side note about how it’s different from their usual clothes or how revealing it is. Describing their actual looks isn’t that much better, we know that Erebus looks like he’s 20 and is wimpy-looking but not much else. Also I hope to see their personalities start to change in reaction to events later on(aka dynamic characterization).


Character descriptions seem to get better in chapter 23, still should go back and make more in previous chapters.


Overall: 4/5

A decent fiction with plenty of potential to grow into a great story. It only has a few minor drawbacks to it but the fiction is still in its beginning stages. The chapters are short but enjoyable to read and all the chapters can be read in less than 2 hours. So far there only seems to be one minor plothole and the grammar is extremely good for an amateur fiction. 


P.S. there happens to be a manhua called “The Devil King Is Bored”. The name is quite similar to this fiction’s name. Did this manhua perhaps inspire this fiction or is that just a coincidence?


Interesting story, strong characters.

I'm revising my review but this damn site won't let me remove the old one! Anyway, it's as I said in my other post:

It reads a bit like an anime, but in this case that’s not a bad thing. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will be reading more. The grammar isn’t always perfect and for that it lost half a star, but the story and characters are so interesting and strong that it doesn’t matter. And if I’m saying that then you KNOW this must be good.


I'll add that I went ahead and gave it a full four stars because I realized I could express the so-so grammar in the advanced part. I feel much better about this version.


I definitely recommend this FF for everyone to read. It has good grammar and the story is pretty original. I'be really enjoyed reading. Keep up the good work.   t (^-^)


A fun read to lazily pass the day

This novel is more for those who like the after ever after of the hero and the demon lord, and this is regardless of whoever won.


Personally I love it, I’ve seen A few like this, but honestly speaking its fun to read.  I love these types of novels, you don’t need some complicated goal, nor do you need reasoning; after all your bored, and he’s just winging it. 


Though this really isn’t something I recommend for those who do not like OP MC.  Especially since their “ratings” as to what’s op is quite sensitive to most palate of what people’s standards are able to withstand.


I will say though that I do look forward to what you come up with next.  :)


Also, I almost forgot don’t forget to add spacing in your paragraphs, people tend to jump off the cliff cause of that.



I\'m f--king mad this series ended, we never got to see where that dungeon took us, or who \"the guardian\" that made Erebus fell sorrow.


Definitely recommend reading- the story is simple, yet entertaining and holds promise. The characters are quirky and are being fleshed out nicely. Erebus is the best.


Why doesn't this have more views?!

I really enjoy this fic, read 47 chapter in one go and since then have read it weekly or whenever a new chapter is released. Characters are entertaining and their antics can be pretty funny. Flaws are minimal and I just don't understand why it isn't as popular :/ I would go as far as say it is one of the best story's I have read on RRL. Keep up the good work!



This story is pretty good if one is looking to kill time. No great evil to destroy the world, no hero rival trying to stop you, just the demon lord doing stuff to pass time.


better than i expected

great story. although the character is op it isnt to over the top. the setup of the story so far makes it seem like the op dosnt even matter at all. i was thrown off at first because it had the same name as that webtoon so i thought it was gona be a ripoff of it. however i was glady wrong.  orignal spin on a the demon lord archetype story. best part is the fast chapter releases. due to the fact chapters come out like every day i would say this should be around the number 3 spot. very few grammer mistakes and story flows very nice. although first chapter wasnt supper catchy after the third chapter you will be hooked.