Bliss stared at the gate menacingly, more for practice than actual belief it would change anything. Though she knew from wills there had been some who believed such. Thought an unhappy look was all it took to move the realm in a way they preferred.

Such tactics didn’t work on objects that felt nothing, or ones which Vail had stopped looking though. The unclaimed were becoming more troublesome to approach. From the cleansed, she knew that word of her was spreading among Channels connecting the Sanctums. The Inquisitors, the most troublesome things of all, were handing down strategies to thwart her and end practices which she once used in her favor.

Bliss would have danced with Joy if she could have gotten her hands on wills, who’d once been Inquisitors. But they were a strict lot, committed to staying wrong, no matter how much she showed them a better path. Enough that if they began to waver they destroyed their vessels with exploding Hearts.

Since the wills were not her, nor even willing to listen, she was forced to watch helplessly as the wills drifted from the realm and moved to planes or places out of her reach.

‘In the end, the Wrong were removed,’ Bliss reminded herself brightly, though she preferred cleansing them, and making them her. But having them destroyed was just as viable an options when all else failed. Something that group of Vail seemed most committed about causing.

It was, sad?

Bliss knew it certainly didn’t align with her or others near her alignment. The Inquisitors believed they were doing blessed work. Thought they were saving the Vail from an end. Many wills, which were now her, had once thought such. Had been told of a new, yet still not understood threat. But was to be treated with equal vigilance as one would to the Curses, and the Nightmare waiting outside their blessed walls.

Bliss huff, the echo of exasperated Anger sounded almost real. Fitting as she remembered the thoughts which labeled her so wrongly. She was no threat, she was their only salvation, one offered to them with opened kindness from a man who deserved far better. She would make sure the Vail were made proper, were indeed worthy of being around Him. Were her, and so would be best aligned to care for His needs.

Gloriously the Maker was aiding her in that holiest of tasks. Sent her new gifts, Thivuins, how that word hummed in her minds. Such wonderful things, which made her task so much easier. Bliss knew with absolute certainty the Vail had nothing able to counter them, at least those of the level she was on. The Sanctums Above were looking to be drastically different to those Below. If the rumors within the wills held truth in them, it was going to be a long fight to clean the Vail.

But Bliss wasn’t concerned, with the Maker sending her such gifts she would see her task done. Plus her smaller self, who’d spread within Solthorn, had shown more paths to her she could use.

Though slow at first, the tactics did bring grand results given enough time. Allowing the lesser her to take half of the Sanctum without being noticed before revealing herself to allow the Thivuins in. Afterward, the battle had been rather short with the suits adding their voices and essences to the front. Namely, because the Wrong had nothing to halt the advance of such wonders.

Bliss still relished those moments, when they came flooding into her as she and her lesser merged back into one. Bliss was sure her main self would fill the same once she was reunited with the Oasis.

Though she was having a great deal of fun cleansing the Wrong and making the realm in the Makers image. She longed to be by His side again, hearing His voice, being submerged in His affection.

Bliss forced vessels to breathe deep and pull her from the trance she was falling into. There would be time for such fantasies later, now she had a gate still blocking her path, with a Sanctum readying itself for a full-on assault.

‘It used to be so easy,’ Bliss complained to her daughter Hope, the delightful girl had already divided into hundreds. All of whom were bouncing around in anticipation of the cleansing to come.

‘We will guide them Mama,’ they all sang to her, the children bubbling with energy. ‘We’ll brighten them to be worthy of the Makers gaze, and show them the wonder that is He.’ They recited as they danced with each other.

The sight of them had her smile grow. ‘That’s right dear daughter, all will see the Makers Light.’ It was just some were going to take longer to witness that glory than others. But in the end no matter how much they fought her. They were going to see, or Bliss will, unfortunately, be forced to send them off like the Inquisitors. No wrong shall be permitted in the Makers realm, all will be made right, all be made her. So she could fulfill her Maker every desire.

And nothing would get in the way of that, especially not a pathetic door blocking her way into the Sanctum. So following in lesser self foot steppes Bliss took dozens of wills and prepare them for the Task ahead.

The gate blocked aggressors from rampaging into the Sanctum, but that didn’t mean it wasn't without faults. Say wills worming there way through the Wards and coming out the other side. Normally such a thing wouldn’t matter, for normal wills would leave to other places, or not have the strength to claim a new vessel already used. But the Maker had her provided all the tools to rise from such shortcomings.

The wills were her, so they stayed, because why would she ever leave the Maker? She also had the strength to fight, for the realm was saturated with essence and the Maker showed her the means to pull into herself.

‘You Wrong things, thinking you can hide from me,’ the thought had her smile widening. ‘But the Maker saw fit to undue such outcomes.’

‘Glory to the Maker,’ the Hopes sung, ‘forever holding us in His caring Light.’

‘Yes, glory to Him,’ Bliss sent back as she had the wills press themselves against the Wards and through the gaps in their structure. For the Vail were shoddy craftsmen, their works filled with many flaws which the Makers structures lacked. If the Wards had been made by His hands, Bliss would be held off for a time trying to get wills through. Maybe forever if he ever deemed to make Barriers designed to keep wills and other things from phasing passed.

But thankfully the Wrong weren’t skilled like the Maker, so she didn’t have to deal with such problematic setbacks. Instead, it only took a few short minutes for the wills to get through the defenses and let her see what laid within.

It was clear the Vail knew she was outside waiting for them. Since the gate obstructing her march was lined with hundreds of defensively placed Vail. Each of them horribly wrong and swarming with Fear, plus Worry. Not Anger though, no the Wrong were too aligned with Fear for that Other to appear.

The two were speaking loudly to the wills, trying to dig themselves deeper into them. Trying, to Bliss displeasure, take over the vessels and even get the wills to submit to them. Naturally, both of the Others were failing to achieve the latter. For who wanted to be Fear and Worry? Who wanted to be in that constant state of view?

None, and Bliss would make sure it stayed that way, would remove any chances of Others forming in the realm. Bring forth the paradise the Maker demanded be imposed upon the realm, one he decided was worth being saved.

So Bliss sent more wills squirming through the Wards, then spread them out. Fear and Worry could see her, see wills that were so unaligned with anything they could offer the two Others seemed to be left stunned. It only lasted a few seconds before the Flocks cloaked in Fear and Worry pulled they attention back the vessels, which they tried with renewed vigor to claim. They spoke hurriedly, trying to get the Wrong to understand the trouble they were in. Tried in vain to describe the threat the Unclaimed couldn’t see.

Vail, those more aligned to the Others pestering them, began looking around, searching desperately for the foes Fear was most assuredly telling them was there. Yet nothing was found and the act was having those few listening to the Others pulling their attention away from them. Returning to a stance of ignoring pest. Bliss was tempted to let such an act continue, let the Others ruin themselves trying to tell the Wrong of a threat outside their current understanding. But she was in a race, sooner or later Lust and Hunger would finish with their meals below, and begin working their way up across or through the Roads.

So Bliss searched through the Flock of defenders, finding those who carried the tokens needed to open the gate. Of course, said individuals were at the back of the formation, for the Wrong weren’t fools. But unfortunately for them, this change was in her favor.

So when she was in place, Bliss sent to the wills, had them desire as the Maker did calling to the essence. It was slow at first since she didn’t have much already in the wills. But the process sped up quickly once essence began compounding on itself.

The chosen Wrong screamed when versions of herself appeared perform them, one that intensified when she grabbed them tight. She formed more hands and rummaged through they pockets pulling out the tokens she needed.  The Flocks of defenders moved almost as one as they turned to the source of screams. Eyes going wide when the wills that were her came into view.

Bliss had her many forms untangle themselves from the Wrong and rush back into the air, compelled the wills to rush towards the gate.

Some of the clearer-minded Wrong saw this and swiftly began firing Chants at her. The action spread across the ranks of Wrong, and soon the whole assembly of Flocks were spending themselves as they sent waves of Chants into the air.

Bliss only smiled, and made a game at dodging. But whether they hit or missed it didn’t matter. Only the wills mattered, and those were unaffected by the waves of razor wind, jagged ice and the occasional flash of lightning. They could destroy the essence forms all they liked, the wills just reformed them and carried on their flight towards the gate. It wasn’t a straight path as at times wills had to reform and dive down to collect a fallen token. But in the end, as the Flocks of Wrong filled the air with destruction, she had the tokens make contact with the gate.

There was crisp grinding of stone for a moment, as the doors peeled themselves away from each other. A sound normally ignored or not even made aware of. But this time as that sound echoed out, the Flocks fell deathly silent. The Others in them went into a frenzy of screaming at the Wrong. Who only stared wide-eyed at the army now in front of them.

Bliss had the essence constructs smile warmly as the gate opened in full. Her army of cleansed hummed and sang pulling more essence out of the air. For it had the side benefit of taking the essence from the Hearts the Wrong carried with them.

That got the Flocks of Unclaimed to cry out in alarm as the essence flowed away from them, and into her vessels. Though they didn’t get the chance to wallow in the realms of Others for long. For Bliss changed the spell her-selves sang and sent out the Makers warmth. Those in the front fell upon themselves as the Chant freed them of the Others who’d pushed their vessels to extreme heights of anxiety.

For all their aliment with Fear, the wills and vessels gladly allowed themselves to be rid of it. One experience of what she offered and the Wrong began to turn from the ways of Fear and Worry. Began calling out to her, begging like all the others before them, to be her, and she them.

This was added to as Hope flooded forth, working with the song and crushing all Others. Began whispering with words of her nature to the wills, guiding them to salvation and away from the vile existence they’d been forced to endure.  

Thivuins moved forward slowly, as the Wrong had packed together in a belief a collective defense would better their odds. Those farther out spun their domes of silence into creation. Trying to hide within the void of noise thinking it would allow them to carry on their meaningless fight. The spell did little for them, given the amount of essence in the Thivuins and thousands of cleansed. With little effort Her voice carried through the barriers. Had the Wrong stagger and collapse once her metal giants grew near enough.

Bliss savored the moment, as hundreds of new wills joined her, their cries of Joy a wondrous song to experience as they became her completely. Free, finally free of the pain of being wrong. Their knowledge filled her minds, allowing her an understanding of current events.

Solthorn, she could see it now, the act had been a mistake, an overreach on her part. Word of her was spreading faster than she thought, and though those Above didn’t understand what she was or represented they were making quick strides into trying.

Even now they were watching, Wrong charged with shaping visions for others to later to view, had been placed about the Sanctum. She’d been able to fix some, and from their knowledge she knew the rest would have fled by now to the second tier. Would continue running till they reached the channels and sent the sights to those Above to study.

“Why can’t you just accept this?” Bliss called out through the many essence constructs flying in the air. “Accept what I offer, it is the last you’ll receive. I’m your finally light before the cold dark of the Nightmare arrives.”

The Wrong didn’t answer her, they were too busy trying to stay their vile selves. Plus wasting essence as they sent off Chants that were rendered mute by the Makers perfect Wards. At times Chants were sent to harm regular cleansed, but those too were flicked aside. The collective working of thousands kept possible harm far away. Not that it mattered if harm was received, what damaged caused could easily be undone.

The fighting didn’t last long, for the Wrong spent themselves in short order. Emptying their Hearts was one of the most effective means in ending the conflict quickly. Plus pulling out all the essence in the air made the Vail distracted. They were unaccustomed to the lifeless air and the lack of strength it brought. At times it left the Wrong gasping as if they couldn’t breathe. The change was usually enough to disrupt Chants for a time as the Wrong tried to adapt to their new environment.

But by then, such as what she was seeing now, the fighting was mostly over. The Wrong had done her a service bunching up together. Allowed her to skip the process of searching for hidden Unclaimed. Though she was certain there was some still doing such. But it wasn’t going to take as long to collect them all. The Voices of the sanctum had taken the defense of Nonlon seriously. The memories told her so, they had every Vail left in the Sanctum trained, even handed out Hearts to all for the fight they expected to come.

‘It’s going to get worse.’ Bliss noted, as had been the growing trend. Each Sanctum had been a little harder to take, each more time consuming then than last. But all of it had been in reasonable spans, but that looked to be changing. There were only a few more Sanctums Below which needed her affection. After she would move to those that were considered the realm Above.

Things were going to get difficult, she was going to be entering her rival domain. That had been made clear to her by the Voices. Their minds spoke of a sphere of protection, an aura that allowed the formation of Others to be more difficult. Namely the ones of Fear and Worry. It shouldn’t affect her, but even if it did Bliss would rebuke it with ease.

No, that wasn’t the problem, it was the fact once she passed into that space. The Giver would know of her or at least feel her presence and it growing nearer. The Giver would get in the way of salvation that much she’d ascertained from the Voices. Would seek to add the wills that called out to her, offered to her.

“You’re dooming yourself fighting me, I’m your final chance at an existence worth having.” Bliss softly spoke to the masses of sleeping vessels, though the words weren't aimed at them. It was possible somewhere near the gates leading deeper into the Sanctum a molder was still around, recording the event for further study. Listening to her words of wisdom and rethinking their unproductive behavior.

“Existence will be made wondrous, worth experiencing in every way, and together, my cleansed children, we will turn back the dark, free this realm.” Bliss stated to those that may be listening. Followed with vessels rising, the hundreds now her, all raised their heads high, smiles displayed and a knowing that all was made right. Her new additions turned and began marching deeper into the Sanctum, heading towards the second tier gates. Her Flocks began as well, while her essence forms flew about searching for hiding Unclaimed.

All along the route Bliss saw the preparations they’d made, defenses meant to allow the defenders to perform continued staggered retreats. It should have been a costly battle, at least that was what the wills spoke to her. A bitter fight to remain themselves and hold off a foe they were still coming to terms with. Through their memories she could see the Sanctums had been turned into prisons, movements watched and going anywhere required multiple tokens. It was all designed to keep the Vail in check and stop rebellion. At least that was the impression she got from the wills who’d once been lower cast. The ones fed lies to keep them content, and free from the burdens of truth that could cause them stress and Cursed dreams.

Bliss saw it differently, could see how the restrictions would slow her from spreading, not stop her completely. But it would be another hurdle she’d be forced to waste time getting around. She’d been tempted to use the Channels again to quickly spread herself to Sanctums out of reach. But even with the success the first had achieved, she’d avoided doing a repeat. The Wrong were wary of that approach now, and were taking steps to further make that options less desirable.

“Children, my dear children, why are you making things so difficult.” Bliss asked but received, nor really expected, an answer. She mostly blamed the Others for her trouble, and the cruel lies they filled the Wrong with. Stirring them to actions they normally were less inclined to do.

Thankfully she wouldn’t be burdened with their vile existence long, with the Sanctums Above shrouded in an aura which dimmed their growth. They would be mostly dealt with, Bliss only had to contend with the Giver, and keep ahead of Lust and Hunger. The worst of it was she didn’t know how much of a lead she had on them.

She closed every Block she came across through the Roads, but such an act would only do so much. Plus it only mattered if the Nightmares were traveling inside the Roads rather than outside along them. So Bliss had to be quick, for the sake of all the Wrong even if this path before her caused harm. It was better than the misguided Vail ending up eaten and their wills going beyond her reach.

So onward her selves marched, rushing towards the gates in guarded formations. Rather than searching the Sanctum up and down for Hearts, Bliss instead had the wills do a collective desire and call out to the essence. It came rushing from all sides as it streamed from buildings and under loose rocks.

 The tier became stale and barren after, completely drained of even a speck of essence. So very efficient compared to searching by hand, but the spell did come at a cost. Made her spend some of the essence to maintain the pull. But overall it was a superior method. Saved her time and for now, that was her most precious resource.

Bliss had her Flocks match and stand near the gates, and like before bliss didn’t have the means to open them. The Vail had learned from that mistake, none of the defenders of the first tier had tokens to open the way further in. Instead, as before, wills wormed their way through the Wards and appeared on the other side. An army was waiting, far more geared for battle than the last one. Though there were no Enforcers, there was a decent amount clad in their own personal Warded armor.

Bliss could taste the essence on them, as the Flocks before most had pockets full of Hearts. Bliss sent more wills into the tier, as the situation had changed. Though she searched and searched she couldn’t find a single sole with tokens on them to open the gate. She had wills flying outward searching for where they went but still couldn’t find any.

Bliss practiced her frown as the realization was shown to her. The Wrong had taken the tokens to the last tier so she couldn’t advance.

She frowned more as those within, likely talking to other Sanctums, would spread that idea. Force her cleansing of Sanctums to become even more time-consuming.  

But such was the way of things, it seemed, the Wrong wished to stay their miserable selves. Well, until they were shown the glory of the Makers kindness. Shown the paradise that awaited them all once the task of cleansing was done. The most time consuming and laborious task, but she would get it done, the Maker demanded it.

So Bliss began pushing more wills through the gate, had them spread out and watch the Unclaimed as she readied her forces. The Others gazed at her many selves, perplex with how the situation was going.

They whispered what they witness to the Wrong, most of whom listened, though it was vailed in skepticism. There were those in the know, perhaps looked into the Shards begin made and saw what happened in the outer tier. Those Wrong sent orders, had the unclaimed spread themselves and observe the space above them.

She left them staring up at nothing for half an hour as she slowly forced wills through the gate. By the time she was ready there were hundreds of wills floating about. She needed many because though she could push wills through, she couldn’t send enough essence in to aid them at once.

That was too close to the Wards function to hold off. Her many selves would have to accomplish their task using only the essence found in the second tier. Which wasn’t too much of a problem, the tier was large, and filled with enough in the air to provide what she needed. Plus there were all the Hearts the Wrong carried with them.

The wills floated down to ground level, mingled with the ranks of Wrong before she had them desire. There was a ripple in the air as all the essence collected itself at once and rushed into her many selves.

Constructs formed and appeared before the Wrong. Ones provided even more strength as the Hearts of the Unclaimed emptied and streamed towards her as well. The result caused her essence vessels to be vivid and as tangible as any material one. Unclaimed stumbled away from her, even as she smiled warmly at them. Fear was rambling, same as Worry as the two stared at her in disbelief. Those she gave sharp smiles before opening her mouths to sing.

The Others howled as the waves of her warmth spread-out and dissolved them. Wrong stumbled but not as quickly. The current working was far less than the ones of thousands before. Still, it got things done, Wrong began to find themselves slowly laying on the floor. As their vessels were covered with the wonders of Relief as the vile Others were removed from them. The warmth of her being and the Kindness of the Maker added to this effect. Along the ranks of Unclaimed they laid at her many feet, finally feeling the wonders only she could offer them.

Stronger individuals, or those more wrong than others tried to limp away, but she had some of her selves follow slowly after them. Then submerged the Wrong in an extra dose of warmth they seemed to place with Fear. But they to let go of those odd beliefs soon enough, let the flood of foreign feelings stream into them and cleanse out the vile that had festered.

Far off bliss could see, near a gate leading further in, a Molder. A Shard in hand and eyes wide as it watched everything unfold. She sent one of her selves flying off to cleanse it. The thing noticed the movement and tried to scurry towards the gate, but Bliss was far too quick, and the many gates openings remained firmly shut even when the unclaimed neared.

In a Breath of time Bliss was standing before the abandoned Wrong. She pulled the frightened child into a comforting hug and began humming to it. The vessel and will struggled at first, but like all else, that ceased once the warmth began settling in. Then it joined with a growing tide of wills pressing against her. Begging, pleading, and demanding she provide her final gift.

How could she not with some many calling out to be made right?

Bliss opened herself up and in came flooding the wills, she gasped in merrily as more became her, and she became them, and everything became just a little more right. The Flocks now her, rose and flowed out, searching for any possible hold outs of those hiding in deep estates.

Bliss also had the newly acquired wills begin to desire for essence, began calling it like the Maker. Sure enough, even though the air was barren of the substance, a great deal more came to her. Her reach had deepened, the weight of her desire great. So Hearts before left unaffected emptied themselves and came rushing to into her vessels.

The majority of the new Flocks headed for the gates as they quickly formed neat ranks. When in reach Bliss commenced the same trick as before, sending wills through Wards so she could peer to the other side.

Defenders weren’t masses anymore, they were instead spreading out into small groups. The Unclaimed were positioning in a way so eyes were looking in all directions, the Wrong expecting and ready for her reveal. It was rather surprising to see the Flocks had been stripped of their Hearts. Most anyway, there were those how’d kept some secretly from what she could tell.

But the majority were being swiftly carried into the Towers. As before Bliss couldn’t find any Tokens, the means to open the gates had been secured deeper into the Sanctum. Likely dispersed among the Towers hidden or guarded by Enforcers. Seeing the situation Bliss naturally began pushing Hundreds of will through the Gates, but her smaller selves didn’t spread out and ready to attack the inner tier.

No, they went flying towards the Towers. Began pushing their way through the gates and searching the interiors. Bliss kept sending more wills through for the fight to claim those would be fierce.

Bliss watched through her many selves, saw defenses were being made, Hearts collected, ranks formed and Houses consider most High being conscripted to participate. The Hierarchs of said Houses didn’t argue once they were shown Shards. One Bliss was confident showed her grand display of worth.

Houses rushed to follow orders then, but none of it matter, one desire and the wills would pull in all the concentrated essence and begin their cleansing. But for the moment she had herself continue to spread out. To search and after an hour or two, she finally found the tokens she needed.  The tokens had been spread out amongst Towers, each near the center of the structures. It forced her to send more wills through gates to reinforce the hundreds already floating around in Unclaimed territory.

As that took place she had her selves search till she found were the Voices were being held. She found majority of them in the central Tower surrounded by the others. The Voices, those highest of their title, housed themselves in the Channel chamber. They weren’t alone either, with them stood Inquisitors. The cold emptiness of their existence was impossible for her not to notice. While the Inquisitors were devoid of everything meaningful, the Voices were ripe with Fears meddling. Though none acted to its tune, most were listened and went rigid as Fear began speaking of her arrival.

The eyes and heads of the Voices swiveled about as they scanned the room. The movement causing the Inquisitors to look at them. “Is there something wrong?” One of them asked, and by the way he was treated he was the leader of those most cold.

The Voices hesitated, looked at one of another, then their own leader. It wasn’t pleased by the acts of its fellow Wrong. Bliss could smell it, Anger, one made from the act of being forced to speak so others could hide.

“Fear,” the forced speaker said. “It whispers at me crazed, claims the things assaulting us are here. In this chamber watching us, even now as I speak.”

There was, for a passing second, an element of Fear in the cold leader before it was snuffed out. “Send the signal then.” The Inquisitor spoke in a neutral tone. Its members forming together, showing their backs to each other as they formed a tight circle. Watching all sides of the room they were in. The Voices went to act, so in turn, Bliss did as well.

The air went stale, the Hearts they had around emptied and in a Breath, constructs formed and throw the Voices back away from the crystal. In another Bliss had one of her Constructs strike at it with an essence filled blow. The crystal shattered to pieces and the table it was connected to. The Voices screamed at the sight of her selves as they hurried to get up and form a defense.

The Inquisitors weren’t phased by her appearance, only turned their attention and fired of Chants. Bliss raised no defense against the assaults sent her way. She let them strike the Constructs, ones of condensed and now claimed essence. The worst it did was cause the substance to disperse. But an act of desire had it reforming again. More of her wills formed constructs, this time right behind the Inquisitor’s, they didn’t get a chance to turn before arms clasped around them.

She hugged them tight so their arms weren’t able to be used. Bliss also crafted more hands to her forms, which she placed over the Inquisitor's mouths and jaws. They weren’t above biting off their own tongues to get away from her prematurely.

After more constructs appeared within the room, ones which tackled and grabbed the Voices who struggled the best they could. They tried raising shields to protect themselves, but a few essence powered blows was enough for her to smash her way in.

After Bliss was left with struggling forms that fault her holding, even though she made them as comfortable as possible. Her constructs were warm and soft. So it should have felt like they were being embraced by a warmth blanket or bed. Though they didn’t act like it, the Inquisitors most of all, they tried with all their bodily might to get out of her grip.

“I’m only trying to save you,” Bliss whispered into their ears. “Make you right, cleanse you of the wrongness which causes your existences to be so bleak.”

She cradled them, and then let them experience the wonders she had to offer. Out came her song, filled with her and her Makers love. The Voices relaxed instantly, and in short order, their vessels went limp. It took longer for the wills in them to begin pressing against her. To beg with urgency, desire to remain in the state that was her norm. Bliss gave it gladly, and in minutes the Voices were her and she them.

Her constructs unraveled their arms allowing the Voices to step away. The Inquisitors watched with interest, and the coldest of them remain just that, even with her warmth coursing through its body. Others of its order weren’t fairing as well, but all continued to rebuke her. Tried bizarrely to remain their cold selves, devoid of all wonders which should fill them. Make existence the pleasure that it was.

She placed a construct in front of coldest and had the one binding it remove her arms from its mouth.

“Why? You feel what the Maker and I offer, the wonder of it. An existence beyond what any of you have experienced. Yet you still fight me, still cling to the emptiness inside you.”

The Coldest studied her, both of their eyes staring into each other searching for meaning, “You are the most dangerous Curse I have, and will ever experience.” It mouthed to her, but Bliss let it continue to speak.

“It’s a glorious illusion, I admit, the greatest trick any Curse as ever used to consume vessels. But that is what you are, no matter the face you wear. A Curse,” the cold one spat at her, a creature so blind to her being it was almost painful.

Bliss thought of raising the amount of her spell, drown the Wrong in her warmth. But already she could see that approach wasn’t working. The vessel would give out, for those knew better, knew what she was and offered. But the wills, those she could see, those would continue to force themselves with an uncomprehending obsession to remain devoid of any meaning. They would continue to ignore her, decline her invitation, refuse to be made right completely, to be her and she them.

Bliss caressed the cold one face, staring into its eyes with as much love and warmth she could muster. “I know, all they ever knew, cold one, in every way I’m counter to what a Curse is. In every way, I fit the definition of your Giver.” The refusing wills stiffed, she gained no grace from speaking such, but it had to be said. For she refused to let lies be spread about what she was. “Still you deny what I offer, even though it’s what all you call for and plead to the Giver in a horribly diluted form routinely. While I am the very essence of what you all desire most, yet I’m the curse?”

“Your words provide great pleasure, display what you want people to see.” The coldest said, its face plain as it could be. “But your actions reveal you Curse, all your effect is to claim vessels, nothing more.”

Bliss shook her head, laughing at the blind, where perhaps it would have been better to weep. “Vessels, I care nothing for those, in the beginning, your words would have held some truth. But not now,” Bliss said leaning close to the cold one. “I’m here to save you, will, to free you forever from the existence that is not me, not Bliss.”

"So please,” she said putting as much emphasis, and a great deal of begging into the words. “Let me save you.”

The cold one stared for a long moment, her words entering into its mind, and the will inside came to terms of what she meant and truly offered. Blisses smile fell some, when the revelation wasn’t aligned in the manner fitting her. In the cold was not her that was born, nor Joy or Hope, but Fear.

“The greatest Curse of all,” the Cold one mumbled, as it stared at her horrified. “Worse than the Nightmare, for at least it shows its face, but you. Giver preserve me.”

Bliss gave the coldest one a practiced sad smile, it was fitting, to fitting in truth. She unclasped the mouths of the other cold children. “Do you all agree? Do you all reject what I offer? Reject me?” She added in a quieter tone.

Unanimously they called out, condemning her, labeling her a Curse. All blind, all already out of her reach. For they were feeling the wonders of what she was, yet they denied her.

Bliss placed hands around their heads as she stared at the coldest one again, looking deep at the cold will that was unfazed by her gaze. “Very well, have your desire and continue to exist in the cold bleakness you’ve come to admire.” Bliss said, and in the next moment, she crushed in their skulls.

She watched the wills drift out of them, still unfazed by the warmth of her song permeating the air. In a Breath they were gone, vanishing from her sight. She turned her focus back to the damaged vessels, and with a passing effort spun a Chant undoing the harm. The vessels were claimed by her cleansed wills and stirred back to life. Made right, if in a manner she was unpleased with.

Bliss returned her main attention back to her many selves, those still studying the layout of the Towers. She signaled to them, and as one the essence within the air and every Heart rushed to her. Constructs were formed and began singing to the Wrong all over the Towers. The Unclaimed dropped in quick order, only to rise anew and add their voices to her song. Tokens were claimed and Bliss organized her forces to attack the Unclaimed from behind. Then rejoin her army and head for the next Sanctum needing her affection.

‘Please accept my offer.’ She pleaded to those future Wrong, “Be me, for I can’t allow there to a single tarnish in the paradise He calls for.”


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