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Dailin wasn’t surprised too much by the difference between his room and Aethins, but it still grated at him. The room is three times the size of his own, with far more elaborate art and accommodations, it even came with a small dining table that they were now using. Cooked delicacies displayed to him, all of which he had been partaking in, well besides the meat. It looked appetizing and smelled it too, but the thought that it may have come from a Nightmare stays his hand. Instead, he filled his plate with various steamed greeneries, accompanied with a sweetened drink. Aethin didn’t share his repulsion as he downed mouths full of the stuff, hardly taking bites of the vegetables laid before him. Most of the meal they ate in silence, but as things slowed, his hunger gone and nagging questions continued to pester him he spoke.

He examined his hand, the branded that once marred its surface removed. It hadn’t been difficult at all, just a normal healing spell and it disappeared. Not the most effective way to keep track of those who wished to hide. Gesturing to his hand “Is this really how they keep a tally of people?” With only one stay here he could see the many flaws with this system. Aethin sipped his beverage before speaking, Dailin had never seen him so relaxed, carefree. “It’s one of many, don’t think they don’t know what you look like. Besides the punishments alone is enough to deter people from removing that mark.” Dailin just looked at him “Which is?” Aethin looked up from his drink confused, then smiled “Right, well torture for one, multiple times, they heal you after each session. Then a larger brand is placed on your arm which leaves a nice thick scar. Allowing all to know that you tried to run, and to show that any Worth you earn for yourself during your time outside is halved.” The word of torture alone was enough to keep Dailin from trying, not that he ever thought to attempt such a thing.

Leaning back into his own chair he finished the remains of his drink and stared at the ceiling art. “Well I’m not sure what you did, but know that I’m thankful for you getting us out of that situation.” Aethin stared at him and mocked “You had doubt that I wouldn’t take care of us?” Dailin looked to him “Well our talk outside made it sound that it was ushered we were leaving this Sanctum. Not unless you were acting?”

Aethin waved his words away “All of it was true if things hadn’t worked out, and we’re stilling leaving this Sanctum the only difference is we have another one open and waiting for us. That and we’ll be using the Sanctums network to travel there instead of those bare tunnels outside. A nice pleasant journey, no risk of Nightmares.” Dailin tipped his cup to Aethin and bowed his head “Many blessing upon you my Mentor, I should never have doubted” Aethin smiled, always happy it seems to be called his title. “Save some for my sisters as well, and their quick action, if not we’d be heading to the Mass right now.” Dailin bobbed his head ‘Gods this day flew by.’ A Thought occurred to him “Will those from the Settlement notice that we’re gone? Maybe try something?” Aethin just laughed “They may notice that I’m missing eventually, but I doubt I’m the only one that got themselves out of that mess. The worst that would have happened is our fellows heckling me for favors, or payments. Which is why we’re here and not sightseeing right now.”

Aethin paused as he downed the remnants of his drink “They’ll be gone in a few more Rounds, afterward we can indulge in the hospitality of this Sanctum unbothered.” Dailin smiled at the thought of seeing more of this city, enjoying life instead of running to maintain it. The longer he stayed within these walls the more he came to rethink his view of this realm. He hadn’t had this kind of easy access to comfort in a very long time. He could feel it as he closed his eyes, memories so far back, he could almost make them out. He had been something of great importance, something of power once, then things went wrong. He opened his eyes in frustration as the memory wouldn’t focus, and the longer he tried to force it the more it receded. Sighing he refilled his cup “Any idea how long they’ll let us stay here?”

Aethin returned his focus on him “A few Rotations if we wanted, but we’re not. We’ll leave this Rotation after our run about the place. My dear sister Tine is going to make us repay her, I can feel it in me that she’s plotting something.” Aethin got up and laid on his oversized bed “So we don’t want to waste too much time and have her Claim on us grow too large.”

Dailin hummed “Then why don’t we leave now? If this Claim is going to be so bothersome.” “Because,” said Aethin as he sat up “The moment we get to Hadthel they’ll properly but us to work, and I” Aethin laid back down “rather enjoy myself beforehand.” He closed his eyes and got comfortable, Dailin did the same, though in his chair. It wasn’t like the ones from the Settlement, these were cushioned on the seat and back making it quite comfortable. There was a clock in the room or as they called it a Chronicler, a thing of rotating circles. He didn’t know how to read it, Aethin must have thought a newborn wouldn't need to tell time. He shrugged as he cleared his thoughts, let his body fade away. In his dream, he spent the rest of the time listening to his wives sing songs to him as stared into the ever-rising roof. ‘This is a life worth having, now I just have to somehow maintain it.’

They slept a good while, long enough that Aethin was sure the Flock had been sent off. As they walked Dailin could feel the difference in the atmosphere. People weren’t as hurried now, nor stressed, they talked more, laughed and smiled. Everyone was in a good mood, and when he thought about it why wouldn’t they? All those here had avoided being sent out of the walled fortress into defenseless tunnels where death waited for them. He mused that perhaps these people will host a festival later on with how cheerful everyone was. Dailin couldn’t help but smile himself ‘and to think I would have missed this if I had just offed myself.’ He laughed a little, catching Aethin notice his own smile plastered on his face. “Care to share in the amusement Acolyte?” Dailin answered “Oh, just thinking of the abrupt shift in how people are acting.” Aethin nodded “Readying a Flock is a taxing ordeal, its only right for people to express happiness when that need has been filled.” Dailin voiced as he moved around people “It’s not that common then right? Since it takes up so much effect.” Aethin shook his head “The Elders decide, if they believe things are still unwell they’ll send another one out. It’s one of the reasons why we’re not staying here too long.” That removed the smile from Dailin face ‘what’s to stop a Flock from forming at their new home.’ He had no delusion that he wasn’t at risk of being sent out. Seeing how everyone had been on edge, maybe no one is.

Their walk let Dailin see the more refined areas of this city, Aethin housing is in the nicer sections behind a seconded wall of defenses. It wasn’t the most guarded place, no there was still many levels above them that housed the truly important, but this was good enough for Dailin. The biggest difference he could tell between his and Aethin district was the greater amount of detail put into the buildings. Everything was sculpted with pieces of artwork, murals, and stone carvings. Even elaborately designed water fountains were placed about. People were dressed nicer here too, making Dailin new clothes look less noble as he once thought. ‘I wonder if the people here would have had me thrown out if I had worn my rags?’ He hadn’t been glared at this whole time as he walked about, a refreshing change. No, this time he mostly blended in with the crowds as he preferred. As did Aethin, forcing them to lock hands when he couldn’t keep up with Aethin movement through the crowds. Crowds that were getting denser, and he had to take forced breaths to calm himself.

“Where are you going? This place is rather lively.” Aethin looked back and smiled “You’ll love it, Acolyte, it’s my favorite pass time, one I plan to overindulge in before we leave.” Aethin tugged his arm, as his pace increased. The destination came into view a minute later, rectangular in shape the building was built with many wide openings. Columns held it up, and Statues dominated the area, each in a pose of greeting or beckoning them closer. Dailin ears perked up as they neared, and his eyes went wide as the sounds began to register. The doorways are bare, with only thick curtains to separate them from the outside. It did a better job at keeping the sound in than he thought possible. For when they entered his ears were assaulted with the sounds of passion, moans, and love talk. The air was sweet smelling, and after a few breaths he could feel his heart speeding up, and his body starting to warm.

The building was mostly one giant open space, with curtains used as the only separators. The floor was covered in blankets, and pillows of varying sizes. The lighting was thankful dim, not that it stopped him from seeing most of what was going on.  Aethin grinning ear to ear “Ah, it’s been too long since I’ve been to a proper brothel, come let’s see what Maiden are open for us” he tugged Dailin arm as they moved to a desk at the side of a wall. People were manning it, Maidens Dailin assumed as they were scantily clad, or not clad at all. He felt his cheeks and ears start to burn, and the fire burning through his veins growing in intensity. Aethin posturing again “Maidens,” he said while eyeing each of them “Is there any of you that desire to lay with a Mentor this Rotation?” Some turned his way, smiling as they approached murmuring things under their breath, one called out “Going to give us a lesson?” Aethin focused on her, his lust bare for all the see “Oh many, the chants I have will make things.” He reached out to her his fingers glowed ever so slightly, when they touched her skin she gasped, and giggled as she grabbed his hand and placed it on her face. Aethin smiled broadened “More intimate” his display got their interest as they circled him, guided, pulled him away. He called out towards the maidens that remained “I’m sure some of you will take a liking to my Acolyte, but” He grinned mischievously “Do be gentle, he’s new to this sort of affair.”

Women swiftly turned their heads to judge him. The quick movement and hunting eyes got a start from his lips, and whatever look on his face displayed must have been to their liking. As he found serval smirking at him, or cooing. Some approached “Look at him, he’s adorable” said one clothed in a very thin silk dress. One not wearing anything at all “Don’t worry young one we’ll take things slow” His cheeks felt on fire, and he frowned as he looked away from them. One moved behind him and wrapped him in a hug “Oh, don’t pout they're just having fun” her hands played across his body “We’ll take good care of you.” They giggled at him, and as with Aethin, he was encircled before they took his hands and guided him away from the table. He voiced out concern when he noticed that they were heading towards an empty spot surround by others. “Is there any place” he paused as they looked at him, he spat out the rest “More private?” They gave him doe eyes and sounds of affection “How silly of us, of course.”

Dailin whole face felt aflame, and his clothes no longer felt comfortable. With every new inhale of the scents that clogged the air, he could feel his blood warm, it was boiling now. The Maidens played about him as he was pulled towards a curtained area. When they arrived he was more at ease, they were alone, or at least not in eyesight. He wasn’t worried about being heard, the passions of love singed loudly throughout the building. “This to your satisfaction?” one said into his ear, and went about nibbling at it.” Dailin was hard at breath his mind becoming a slur of random thoughts, he felt as if he was cooking from inside out. “Yes. Much better.” Was all he could mutter, as he began hastily removing his clothes trying to find some relief from the heat. His reward for that act was more giggling as the Maiden aided him to remove his attire and their own.

Being nude didn’t help much, but it did reveal that his body was more than ready for the act that is to come. Women were wrapping themselves around him, singing sweet nonsense into his ears. His blood lit, and mind devolved into simpler thoughts. When he came to he was convinced for a moment that he was in his dream. He’s lying down with the Maidens laying with him. They covered him as living blankets. Two pinning his arms down as they had their whole frames wrapped around them. With one maiden laying on top of him. Dailin smiled as he lowered his head, and reclosed his eyes ‘Cuddling oh how I’ve missed you.' he submerged himself in this feeling, in this warmth that he wished would never leave him. Sadly Aethin had other plans, as his voice got closer, louder “You sure he’s in there?” Another voice feminine in nature “Yes, we saw our sisters lead him to this spot.” He could feel the mirth in her words “The two of planning on working together? Get my Sisters to really scream your names?” Aethin his voice tired “No sadly not, we have a schedule to keep and we’re behind”. Dailin kept his eyes shut hoped they’d go away, but their words were stirring his Maidens, as they took waking breaths, and snuggled into his frame.

Dailin heard a portion of curtain move away, with Aethin voice following after “There you are, I see you and the Maidens had some pleasant times.” His living blankets moved from him, a small sigh escaped his lips as he lifted himself from the floor. He grunted and immediately fell back down as his lower backstabbed him with pain. Now that he had moved other parts of himself began to complain, he felt sore all over, double for his member. Maidens cooed, one sat behind him, lifting him up so he could sit upright. She wrapped her arms around him, and whispered into his ear “Careful my sweet steed.” Others around him giggled as they went about collecting his things. Aethin who was failing miserably to hide his own grin “Don’t take too long, I’ll be at the baths” he looked to the women “Be sure he finds me” he then departed. Dailin wasn’t in a hurry as he leaned back into his maiden seat, he was about to close his eyes, but she prevented him. “No, no my stallion, even though we would love to have you longer” she nibbled at his ear, the action stirring his member back to life. She laughed “We really would, but it’s never good for any of us if we anger someone’s Backer.” She repositioned herself, and others came over to help him to his feet. He wasn’t particularly happy as he was stiffer than he imagined, stifling another grunt “Thank you Maidens” he was going to say more but the stab of pain in his back took the breath from him. The women were by him instantly shower him with affection, as one began to massage his back, it helped alleviate some of the pain. Grunting “Thank you, I just need a moment, if you all would be so kind as to hold me in place.” He closed his eyes, and hummed the mana in his body quickening. After a few seconds the pains that plagued him soothed away, he even heard his back pop, and he sighed in relief. The women did to as they leaned into him bathing him in kisses, and honeyed words. Things went along much faster afterwards, as they gathered all their things. They dragged him by the arms, not even giving him time to dress, he protested his cheeks burning in embarrassment at being nude openly to so many people. Even though most people here were, it didn’t change how he felt. His guides only laughed and softly mocked him. He let it go. As he got distracted by the baths that came into view. It was housed on the other side of where he and Aethin had entered the establishment. It looked more in an appearance to a large public pool, many servants moving about taking care of suitors.

They didn’t take him directly there, no first he was pulled over to a section of wall covered in pipes, some of which hung overhead. ‘Showers oh good, and here for a moment I thought they were going to have me bath in other peoples filth.’ The water was cooler than what he was expecting and the shock helped remove what haze that remained in his system. let is mind really focus on what strain spired. The memories had his race burn in embarrassment ‘Oh gods I was acting if I was an animal in heat!’ He didn’t get to stand in the showers long, nor get a chance to wash the memories away. The Women, now healed of their own aches were very touchy. There was always a constant pair of hands rubbing against him, mouths to his ears singing sweet words of praise. This didn’t stop till he was with Aethin again, relaxing in the pool with many others. Dailin joined reluctantly as everyone was naked, and he tried to stay as far from Aethin as he could without being seen as rude.

The Maidens left after whispering things to Aethin, and some blowing kisses in Dailin direction. He tried to relax after they were gone, but being nude for all to see when he’s not used to it, made things difficult. Things only got worse when Aethin moved closer, leaned and wrapped an arm around his shoulders. He did his best to hide his displeasure. Laughing Aethin rubbing his hair “Those maiden were quite happy with you, they said you even got some to sing out delight” Dailin could feel his face redden. “That and call me a liar, that there’s no need to be gentle with you, or slow.” Aethin laughed louder, Dailin covered his face, as he was sure it was bright red now. Aethin let his mirth settle before sighing “There, there” as he patted Dailin shoulder “Happens to everyone on their first time, the scents in the air take time getting used to.” He chuckled “I remember my first time coming to a brothel, got so work up I was in there for two whole Rotations.” Aethin laughed so more “One of my siblings had to come drag me out, my family banned me from going back there for a whole Cycle.”

Dailin let his hands fall, and looked up to Aethin “So people won’t mock me? Laugh behind my back?” Aethin looked away “Mock never.” Aethin smiled at him “Well the Maidens will gossip, of course, maybe bring it up the next time you’re here to torment you a bit.” Dailin frowned “Great.” Aethin laughed, and pulled him into a tight hug, he talked again as he pulled away “It’s nothing to fret over, I doubt you’ll ever be to this establishment again, so all is well. Speaking of which” Aethin turned to look at a group of people handling clothes “When they're done washing our garment, we’ll be heading off, we would have left sooner but” Aethin shrugged “You weren’t the only one to lose themselves to the scents.” He removed his arm, and Aethin lowered more of himself into the waters leaning back against the padded edge. “Best relax while you can its going to be a long walk.”

Dailin followed Aethins example and closed his eyes, it help but he couldn’t relax all that well, he could feel his blood warming again, feel urges working their way to the surface again. He took shallower breathes, hoping that would slow the effects it didn't. But he got lucky, as they didn’t have to wait long for their washed and scented clothes to arrive. He quickly put them on when he was dried. Breathing easier that his modesty was once more covered. Aethin was swift as well, but not for the same reason as he flirted with the servants. When they exited the building Dailin took a large breath, and instantly felt the effects he was under diminish, his blood cooled and his member stopped pulsing with life. He kept his deep breathing going till he felt normal again, under control.  Only after he felt himself did he bother to note where Aethin was dragging him to next.

The city seemed to be in a constant flux, the massive crowds never thinning regardless of the hour, even with the wide streets it was an effort to get anywhere, at least to Dailin. Aethin didn’t share his burden, as he always seems able to easily spot a path for them to take through the crowds. It still took them an hour to reach their destination. Another impossibly large door one that was actually open, letting Dailin see the equally large tunnel that it connected to. A tunnel that kept going as far as the eye could see. Thirty people could stand shoulder to shoulder and walk fine, its height? Dailin was sure the Ancient they ran into would be able to stand at its full length. As with the city itself, the network tunnel was flooded with people and stores that lined the sides. There wasn’t a stall for them to go, everyone came and went as they pleased. “They don’t have a checkpoint to make sure people don’t run?” Aethin looked confused, so Dailin continued “From a Flock I mean.” Aethin bobbed his head  "There are guards posted past this mob of people way ahead so it’s clear that someone is leaving the Sanctum. That and you still need a Backer to be allowed into the next Sanctum you’re heading to. Otherwise, you’re stuck in the network till someone comes along and forces you out or into service.”

As they moved past markets he found most to be offering wares of fabric, blankets, curtains, some offered artistically detailed pots and pans, but nothing of any real interest. Nothing that would help anyone if they found themselves outside these walls. It occurred to him, that he had yet to see any merchant that sold weapons or amour. In a realm full of things that fought constantly to kill you, that should have been the number one product being bartered. “I know we don’t particularly need them, but where does one get their hands on a weapon?” Aethin chuckled as he moved them through the crowd and gave him a quick look “As a youngling, and I your Mentor, I had mentally prepared myself for constant questions, numb questions such as what is that? What does this do? What is that for? Instead, yours are very focused and asked with an amount of thought already behind them.”

 Dailin even though Aethin wasn’t looking at him kept any mark of worry from showing, instead he smiled “Thank you my Mentor, I do my best not to waste your time.” Aethin laughed again “Your quite welcome, and know that I’m proud that my Acolyte has developed so well.” He looked lost in thought before talking again “Sometimes it really does feel as if the Giver herself sent you to me.” Dailin thought ‘I’ll curse you for eternality if your god is the reason I was born in this realm.’ “Glad to be of service, Mentor.” They traveled in silence, not that Dailin wanted to, but the crowds they were passing through had grown quite thick, and the noise level made it difficult for conversation. They even had to push or guide people out of the way once they entered the heart of the market. If they hadn’t been holding hands Dailin would have lost track of Aethin, he breathed a sigh of relief when they exited that cluster, his tolerance of people bumping into him growing thin. A little longer and the crowd thinned notably as did the stalls, and as Aethin had said a line of Guards stood off in the distance, one or two Chanters in their mix. There was some chairs and a stand of their own, but for a checkout it was beyond barebones. ‘It must be extremely rare for people to try and flee, or as Aethin said there's no real point.’ When they reached the group all they bothered to ask was which city they were heading to, none even checked to see if they had a mark or not. Dailin nearly rolled his eyes when it occurred to him that the Flock had already left and no one should be left to check. The Chanters just waved them along, and when Dailin looked down the passage he couldn’t see anyone else. “Doesn’t seem we're going to run into any from our group.” Aethin smiled at that “Good, it’s why we waited so long” ‘Bedsides us wiggling around with women’ Dailin wanted to add but kept his mouth shut. “You never did answer my question, about the weapons.”

“That’s right, I didn’t” Aethin stared at the ceiling “It mostly has to do with demand, it takes a considerable amount of time to make a weapon” Dailin gave him a questioning look “There pointed sticks, how is that hard to produce?” Aethin waved his words away “Yes the base object is simple I mean the Heart that’s impeded into each weapon. Those take extensive effort to make, and the knowledge is guarded closely, one has to join the Craftsman clan to have a chance to learn how.

Dailin leaned closer to Aethin “Would it be that hard to join? I mean if they’re in such high demand, they should be recruiting constantly.” Dailin heart was racing at the prospect of learning something so valuable. Aethin glanced at him and rolled his eyes “Keep those dreams in check Acolyte you aren’t the first to think that. But it’s not an incorrect assumption, they’re recruiting. It just the spots are taken up by the high born first, then the positions slowly work done the ranks of Worth. The needs are always filled long before it would even get down to me or you.”

 Dailin shoulders slumped as his excitement ebbed and he puffed out air in annoyance as yet another easy route to a comfortable life was blocked to him. They walked in silence for a while as he pondered over things “I take it these people would never be sent out with others to start a new Settlement.” Aethin laughter echoed down the hall “Giver no, I don’t think there even sent out as punishment either.” Aethin rubbed his chin “I’ve never ran into one, they live very sheltered existences, most are housed at a Sanctums center. In the towers you should have noticed, some may even live within the same walls as the Elders there. It’s possible the oldest of the Craftsman are themselves, Elders.”

Dailin joined Aethin in viewing the ceiling “Must be nice, unless they have to work constantly to meet deadlines” Aethin grunted, “I very much doubt that, or that’s how it’s for the low-cast, but those at the top they probably dine with the Elders.” They walked for quite a while, every so often they would pass stone seats, and tables pressed against the walls. Aethin kept up a brisk pace, only now with all distraction out of the way did he show that they needed to get to their new home quick. Though they slowed considerably once that got to a section of tunnel that had them moving up an incline, it didn’t take long for his legs to start to protest. ‘They have a giant Warded tunnel, yet they lack the means to provide a carriage for easily travel through it? Maybe a Hover plate they could have rented. Unless there was, hidden in the market my view blocked by the waves of people’

They took a breather in some seats that were next to a wall at the top of slope, as Dailin rubbed his sore legs “Do people really just walk the whole way between Sanctums? There isn’t some other method?” Aethin scoffed at him and leaned on the wall “Of course there is, we just didn’t have the means to acquire one, besides it’s not like we're running from anything, we can afford to take as many rests as we need.” Dailin just sighed ‘He’s not wrong, even walking this trip is leagues better than the last one.’ He was especially happy he didn’t have to watch his step, be aware of how much noise he was making, or tripping over enlarged vines. Leaning into the wall Dailin relaxed, he was more aware now of why Vernac had been so desperate to get back into a Sanctum. This tunnel network alone was worth all the effort it took to try and get in. No need to watch his back, or conserve his strength, nor the risk of being eaten. No matter the task Aethin sibling sent his way he would do it, as long as it meant he could stay within these walls.

They didn’t rest long before they were on the move again, hours passed with frequent breaks in-between. Dailin assumed they traveled a day perhaps before they came on what he could only consider as some kind of checkpoint or way station. The tunnel opened into an intersection, which was so large that it housed small buildings and one large garden that was filled with food. There were fewer people than he expected wondering about “We’ll rest here before moving on” Aethin said as he made a beeline towards the garden. Dailin followed his lead, and as before in a Sanctum, no one stopped them from eating as much as they wanted. Afterward, they headed inside one of domes buildings, which turned out to be a bathhouse, similar in setup to the brothel. They stared there for an hour, Aethin spent most of the time flirting with the women, as Dailin tried desperately to relax with people around in the nude, as before he couldn’t. When they were cleaned well enough they enter another building, this one sorely for sleeping, as the interior was one large room filled with pillows and blankets on the floor.

He found out a new quirk of this race, namely, they liked to sleep close to each other. For when Dailin stirred from his sleep he found he and Aethin were surrounded by others curled up around or on each other. He did feel more comfortable and at ease with this situation, one he would normally have the opposite opinion of. So he was very sure that it wasn’t him, and not that he was locked together with a rather nice looking women who had his arm in her clutches. Even Aethin had his own, both of whom were eye each other with knowing gazes. Dailin was sure that meant they were going to stay another few hours, but then Aethin got a look at the odd-looking clocks his eyes went wide. “Up, Acolyte we, we dallied too long again.” Followed by them trying to pry themselves from women who rather enjoyed using them as pincushions.

Aethin had them nearly running when they continued marching to their new home. It had Dailin breathing hard when they had to traverse another inclined slope, then continue on with few stops for another handful of hours. During which time they ran into other people, Patrols mostly, lines of Guards and Chanters making their rounds and inspecting the strength of the Wards. It was odd that during their travel he had yet to see a single one charge color. “How is it these large tunnels haven’t been attacked?” he said while huffing down air. Aethin took his time answer, even though he didn’t seem to be burden with their rushed pace. “They do, just not as much as in the beginning, The Nightmares aren’t mindless. Even those things have realized that attacking these tunnels and expecting to breach them is a lost cause. We were given too much time to make them, and have enough numbers to keep them fully charged even if it was under assault.”

Dailin grunted and asked between gulps of air “How much longer till we reach this Sanctum?” Aethin motioned forward “It’ll be another Rotation if we keep this pace up, but you’ll be able to see the entrance in the distance once we pass this bend.” Dailin did indeed but the entrance wasn’t open “Your sure we're going to be let in?” Aethin looked slightly offended “Hadthel door is always shut, my siblings and those that house there don’t let their guard down, even with the Wards showing clear. Besides my sister, Tine wouldn’t have wasted the effect of getting us out of the Flock only to keep the door shut on us.”

Dailin bowed his head slightly “My apologies Mentor, I’ve made the habit of assuming the worst.” Aethin nodded at him but said no more. That last hour went slow, his worry about them walking straight into another Flock being assembled had his nerves on edge. When they did arrive Dailin could clearly see that Hadthel really did take its defense seriously, dozens of Guards and Chanters protected the entrance, the smaller door that would let them in at the right. One of the Chanters walked towards them and Aethin stopped. “Your business here?” Called out the Chanter, Aethin answered “Returning home my siblings should have mentioned me, Aethin Val Mentor.” The Chanter bowed then he eyed Dailin, he was about to speak, but Aethin continued “And this is my Acolyte.” The Chanter nodded again “Word had been sent, welcome home, now then if you’ll follow me the Herald made it strictly clear we are to guide you to her.” The man smiled “She has tasks and rules to give out to the both of you.” Aethin gave a tight smile “Of course lead away, it been too long since I’ve seen my beloved sister.” The Chanter chuckled as he turned, and Dailin hoped that they weren’t about to be put into a horrible situation.


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EvilCookieDungeon @EvilCookieDungeon ago

Thanks for the chapter Very Happy

Hope they atleast give Dailin a chance, or maybe won't punish him for his mentors mistakes. It would make for a fun turn of Events.

StorySeeker @StorySeeker ago

Dailin wasn’t surprised too much of the difference between his room and Aethins, but it still grated at him.

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“Oh, just thinking of the erupt shift in how people are acting.”

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