Thaellis A Kingdom Down Under

by Freethorm

Original HIATUS Action Fantasy Horror Mystery Magic Male Lead Non-Human lead Reincarnation
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

A kingdom down under, once it had prospered, expanded, built, and conquered until all that they thought of worth was theirs. Peace ruled for a time the people absorbed in their own self-satisfaction. But eventually, old urges returned. Conquest called, though this time there was no outside outlet to turn it towards. So in ages so long and distant the memories most couldn’t recall, the kingdom turned upon itself. War raged for many years, no one coming close to being considered a victor, it appeared that this self-destruction would go on till nothing was left.

Many if given the chance would have claimed that would have been a mercy for this kingdom and its people.  For as they killed, and butchered each other over things they already had. Vibrations traveled through rock and stone guiding things best left alone. Creatures came things of horror armed to the teeth with claws, fangs, and armor. Cities fell and were consumed not even the bones of individuals remained, for these creatures hunger knew no limits, had no end. The kingdom rallied together once more, what was left, they fought and fought but their Nightmare had no end. Their greatest, brightest minds worked their magic, carved into stone. Wards they called them, this would keep their Nightmares away. They abandoned attempts to fight and focused on walling every surface of the kingdom with these Wards. It worked mostly, an illusion of peace returned, one that crumbled often, but it was better than before, it was a bearable hell now.

So here we start our story as ages have passed for a walled-off kingdom, hunted by a never-ending Nightmare. With a poor but deserving soul born into this world.

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  • Overall Score

It could use proofreading, but that doesn't stop it from being fascinating and engaging.

A finely crafted world, with plenty of potential.

Twice Gibbsed
  • Overall Score

Welcome to a book that's worth reading.

Have to say I thoroughly enjoyed this novel, at the time of writing this I'm at 36 the latest chapter. I love the fact that the Mc feels real. He fleshed out has his flaws and shortcomings. The secondary characters are enjoyable and really build the world.


There are some shortcomings from the grammer and spelling, sometimes the author uses the wrong word even though it sounds the same or similar enough. Normally this leads me to drop other novels but I just can't stop reading this.

  • Overall Score

I find it really weird that this novel isn't more popular. 

This novel belongs to the best novels on Royalroad, With that I mean novels that should be published. It is  an unique and intersting world which sets it miles apart from most novels on royalroad. The only problem is that there is only one chapter per week but this is almost always the case with quality webnovels. I just want to read more. thanks for writing it.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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  • Character Score

Overall I love this story its a good twist on the general reborn in another world. The characters are well developed and the world bulidling shines.
I dropped the style score by a half a point as its pacing can be slow at times, and I just personally like a slightly faster pace. A small reduction for the grammar score as well. I see one or two errors in a chapter, but it doesn't take away from the story. 

  • Overall Score

Ever read a novel about someone that's reincarnated over and over again just to hope he would off himself and do it again? That's how I feel about this novel, not into this constant tragedy thing. Not going to judge this novel based on that though.

Worst thing about this novel is how "their" is used in place of "they're", "they" and "these", I can enjoy machine translations, but this just pisses me off for some reason.

Honestly it's above average on this site, closer to professional work than most, but still not there.

Paulo Partezani
  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Uma das melhores historias que uma última, uma maneira que pode fazer uma nova raça é incrivel, o estilo de poder tabém é muito interessante.

Spoler ..................

O que quer mais inteligente, ele poderia fazer seu cérebro, e que ele melhoraria todo o seu corpo.

  • Overall Score

One of my favourites

I love this novel with the excellent mystery world building and following the MC's life. The author managed to create a world with its own sense of rules that are utterly unique/new and isn't set to be unique in a stupid way (I'm a dragon/dungeon/etc) where the novel would be bland aside from that one novelty. Read this and be drawn to the cat(?) world. Two cons. Proofreader. Glossary. The second con is more of a nitpick tbh. Continue your good work!

  • Overall Score

Solid story Grammer issues but easy fixes honestly. Worth reading. 

  • Overall Score

Sounds really interesting

The synopopsis pulled me in, I was pretty interested. I don't really use this website but occasionally I'll check new updates and this one caught my eye.  The chapters are long and in-depth just how I like it. Maybe a little more dialogue but it's good.

  • Overall Score

Fantastic story.  I hope it gets continued but even then, I'm happy with where it ended so far.  Thanks for writing it!