Starcraft Unbound

by ChaoticDisonance

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Earth has been taken over by beings well beyond our control, their reason was boredom. Now, a set number of individuals have been selected based on methods and means only these beings understand to enter into pocket universes, or game worlds. The 'players' may never leave these worlds, the original story can be changed. It is ever growing and evolving, some get fairly lucky and enter simple games, like minecraft, others enter horrendous landscapes of doom, litterally, several were sent into the game Doom, and are viewed by all those on earth not forced into this arena like hell. Earn a following, earn extra prizes, die...then you die for real and another is sent to take your place from the beginning. No one knows what happens if you beat your respective game, because no one has...Me? I'm a an ex soldier, fought in the last real war against these 'Beings'. For some reason, likely a final fuck you, they have sent me into my own personal favorite ancient game, will I find redemtion, or death?

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - The day Earth fell, the new regime. ago
Chapter 2 - System Introductions! ago
A note from the Author ago
Chapter 3 - Tutorial Begins! ago
Chapter 4 - Boom goes the Dynamite ago
Ghost me Baby! ago
Flames and Flight! ago
The Roaring Tide ago
Rewards Reaped ago
Materials can be confusing! ago
Pirate encounter ago
Things went Fubar ago
Different 'rank' titles in the classification system. ago
Psionic Awakening ago
Follower Mile Markers ago
Worries abound. ago
Night Raid Begins! ago
Fernando is always the plan! ago
Upgrades, Doctors, Boot Camp, Oh my! ago
Not a Chapter ago
Boot Camp Hell ago
Consequences ago
Road to Redemtion ago
Star Base ago
Nova Chosen. ago
Ginger Stetmann! ago
Tarsonis Bound ago
Political tests ago
Mingling ago
Assassin ago
Denial! ago
'Wastelands' ago
A Bargain Struck. ago
Rory Arrives...With Bonuses! ago
Not a Chapter ago
Allocating Resources. ago
Back Water Station ago
Back Water Station - 2 ago
Watching Mayhem - 1 ago
Back Water Station - 3 ago
Back Water Station - 4 (Campaign End) ago
Cast ago
Specialization and loss ago
An unexpected occurance ago
The Beginning of the Fall ago
Desperate Allience ago
The Defenders ago
Watching Mayhem - 2 ago
The Removal of a Tumor. ago
Rewards, Return, Breaking. ago
Summoning the Hero ago
A bitter kiss, and the breaking of a promise. ago
Not a chapter (Read to the end before voting, please.) ago
Watching Mayhem - 3 ago
Chimera Rising ago
The Orion Improved! ago
The Opening Sortie ago
Bastion Under Siege! ago
Not a Chapter ago
Tempest Strikes ago
A wee bit of information. ago
The Aftermath ago
Watching Mayhem - 4 ago
The Threat ago
Limits of the Card ago
Jacob's Installation Begins ago
Information. ago
Jacobs Installation - 1 ago
Jacobs Installation - 2 ago
Not a Chapter ago
Jacobs Installation - Final ago
A Well Earned Respite. ago
Watching Mayhem - 5 ago
Art ago
Invalidity Blows! ago
Hidden Knowledge ago
Leonine Cherubim, and the Ursine Wrath ago
800 Follower Mile Marker Reached! ago
Caspian's Project ago
Not a Chapter ago
Hero Complications ago
Fernando and the Princess ago
The Facility, and threat. ago
Announcement ago
SCU T-B2 - Chapter 63 ago
Not a Chapter ago
SCU T-B2 - Chapter 64 ago
SCU T-B2 - Chapter 65 ago
Watching Mayhem - 6 ago
Tentative Return ago
Quick Update ago
[Not a chapter] A choice ago
Voting has finished ago

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CCAPRICE had it right, this feels quite similar to Terror Infinity in a Starcraft setting (before it got all weird with the human evolution stuff).

TL;DR: It's good, give it a try. You'll very quickly get a feel for the story.

It is still very much early days, and it is a little rough around the edges in terms of grammar and typos, but it's still a very enjoyable read. I can't wait for more!

Overall: This is an enjoyable litRPG, with lots of potential to grow. While knowledge of Starcraft really adds something to the experience, at the same time it isn't that necessary in order to enjoy the story (but it might be nice to do a few quick web searches). The strategy aspect and choices the MC makes have real repercussions and flow well into future chapters.


Style:  A bit unrefined (but this is an early draft, and releases are fast to be fair). Nevertheless, it is easy to get into, and the style never really detracts from the story. It's a good start.

             The litRPG elements of the story are integrated well, and don't dominate the real-time action or dull the intensity. The system works quite nicely in my opinion, with a kingdom-building element at his base while dangerous game missions occur frequently.

Story:  The plot is as the author says in the blurb. Very similar to Terror Infinity in base premise, but not derivative.  Pacing feels quite good at the moment, with fast-paced, intense missions, and more calm chapters of kingdom-building, litRPG development and personal growth. (Pretty much what CCAPRICE said....)

Grammar: While there are several grammatical errors as you read, they are all very minor, and easy to move on from.

Character:  The MC is not a Mary Sue, or ridiculously OP. The foundational StarCraft theme doesn't feel ignored, as he is just another unit in the scheme of things.
Nor does he have  some Wuxia-level personality bullshit. He starts a bit ignorant and ill-prepared, and does make wrong decisions. As the story has progressed, he has gotten more and more expressive and the narration is quite enjoyable. The author does a great job of integrating humour and fun character interactions with the story.


So far is a really great story

Will the mc get his psionic powers back in the future when he faces more dangerous enemies?


a war of dualities (contains vague spoilers)

Reviewed at: Voting has finished

This story was a... study in contrasts. Such as my foremost impression: I've got many gripes with this story, but even so, I did rather enjoy reading.

There are many developed characters with relatively well fleshed out characters, but the main character is that most horrible yet popular trope of the self sabotaging idiot savior.

The main villain was relatively novel, a gleefully malevolent intelligent alien/angel-thing which imposes gamer logic on the world and comits genocide. I've see that plot before, but not often... Unfortunately, its recently turned out the evil demon is supposed to be the good guy whos gonna save us all..!, ...despite the fact he legit plans to wipe out all of humanity until only the MC is left. But he's a good boy, we swear!

Third, I'm never quite sure whether the author knows the background of the story he's writing, or if he's just trauling the wiki randomly for ideas. Every other chapter seems to confirm the opposing hypothisis, so best guess is that he knows and has just thrown so many grenades into the setting it's a complete fruit salad.

FInally; there does not seem to be an editor either, and edits pointed out by reviewrs go largely ignored. I'd offer to help and run those chapters through a basic spelling and grammar program, but he took a vote and 55% of his 1200 readers don't care.