Who should be the second harem member (Luna is the first)
25.75% 25.75% of votes
9.05% 9.05% of votes
57.34% 57.34% of votes
4.63% 4.63% of votes
3.22% 3.22% of votes
Total: 497 vote(s)

Alright everbody, if you have another canditate in mind that should be added, then tell me in the comments below.

I will not add Hinata because she is Naruto's girl

Sakura is Sasuke's girl

Hanabi is way too young, and Chris is not a pedophile. (Then again, the story can change over time heheheh!)

Tsunade is way tooooooooooo old.

Hina (the sister of Hiashi) is also old for Chris. Not that old but she consideres Chris as a little brother, and not a lover.


Please tell me who should I add and i'll make another poll for everyone to decide. Bye!



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NorthGrim @NorthGrim ago

How old is Hina because Shizune is on the pole and at this time she's 28, and after everything that happen I already considered Kat as #2.

zinshadow @zinshadow ago

I know it's a long shot, and I don't know why, but tbh I've always been rather partial to Tayuya in her lvl-2 Cursed Seal form.

Roku51 @Roku51 ago

Watch nanatsu no taizai beforelaughing

Hexwolfx @Hexwolfx ago


Will the MC every go into space to meet the different advance ninja(chakra users) races out there?(if forgot the the sage of six paths mom was an alien and refrenced outher cilivastions out there prefily)


    lodoly @lodoly ago

    I haven't thought that far, but you'll know in the later chapters. Since I have an OP alien lying in the Naruto world, there might be a slight chance i'll add that as well.

Juja @Juja ago

Isn't the mc 12?

lio li @lio li ago

3 What do you think of Hanabe (little sister) Hinata? I feel like someone who has not taken her right despite her talents that outweigh her great sister

Night_Shade0611 @Night_Shade0611 ago

I actually found a great naruto story XD

Yiyun345 @Yiyun345 ago

I like your work, but I'll have to go on a little rant here.

I really feel like Kat was an unecessary character tbh. Sure Luna is an addition to the whole Naruto cast and all, I get it....Even though I rock with Sasuke having a lil sis, which in turn will make him emotionally more stable.

But now, not only do we got to deal with Kat and her background, but also Hina (basically a replacement for Hinata due to Naruhina).

I mean, come on dude. This harem thing isn't supposed to be 80% non plot characs. You might as well go and give Sakura an older sis too

Shanktt @Shanktt ago

No harem, it's a sh*t concept and everyone knows it but they can't accept it so they keep fantasising about it

Un pwasson volant @Un pwasson volant ago

Don't care.

Just don't make the characters boring clich├ęs in their way of manifesting their love, wich you aren't doing a good job at right now...

Because, well, love feels different to everyone, and everyone have their own little ways of trying to express it. There is no such thing as a universal feeling of love, love feels different, even between two different situations with the same person. And it's not either something that can be really explained, because love is, before a word, a feeling, and feelings are so immaterial there is no real way to descfibe them, because you can't really associate them with another thing, apart crom other feelings, wich would just be a comparison, not a definition. So yeah, love is different, it manifests differently anf it is not the same, depending on how you feel it, why you feel it, who/what you feel it for, how your object of love reacts to it, basically yourself and the environement where you and your love evolve in.