In the Naruto world (1)

In the Naruto world (1)

by lodoly

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Chris Walker was teleported to the world of Naruto. He didn't die, rather someone or something teleported him there for no apparent reason. (Or did he?)

The world of Naruto doesn't follow the same script as the original Naruto series. The whole world of Naruto is so much different, even though Chris has watched the entire naruto series, it won't help him at all since everything in Naruto is different.

And now Chris has to survive in this new world of Naruto


I do not have any rights to the Naruto or the cover either, this is only a hobby to write fan-fiction light novels.


WARNING: If you hate harem, then this novel isn't for you. There will never be any sexual content in this novel.


And i'll try my best to not let the harem ruin this novel. There are potentially only 5 harem members on it, NO MORE THAN THAT AMOUNT.


And yes, I am sorry for not keeping my word for this novel, and included a harem in it. I didn't want it either, because it means more work for me. But I did a poll and harem won.

I am sorry for that, and please forgive me.


This novel also includes OP mc, for those who don't like OP Mc's. And this also includes light Sasuke and Sakura bashing, only in the early part of the story, but then changes after. And this also includes more characters.


Sincerely, Lodoly.

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Table of Contents
116 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue ago
Chapter 1 This is not the Naruto world that I know part 1 ago
Chapter 2 This is not the Naruto world that I know part 2 ago
Chapter 3 Man vs food ago
Chapter 4 The fight with Dom ago
chapter 5 Ichiraku's ramen shop ago
Chapter 6 The struggle ago
Chapter 7 the fight between comrades. ago
Chapter 8 Fight! in the land of waves part 1 ago
Chapter 9 Fight! in the land of waves part 2 I was not ready for today ago
Chapter 10 A promise to yourself to become stronger ago
Chapter 11 untold confessions ago
Chapter 12 the Sasuke that I once knew is different ago
Chapter 13 SENSEI! ago
Chapter 14 Seal Master, And a Promised Duel ago
Chapter 15 Hinata Hyuga vs Hiashi Hyuga ago
An important decision for Chris ago
Times up! ago
Chapter 16 Peaceful Cannon ago
Chapter 17 A day off from training (Not really) ago
Chapter 18 The day of the Chuunin exams ago
Soon! ago
Chapter 19 Capture the flag. ago
Chapter 20 The new S-class ranked jutsu ago
Chapter 21 Kidnapped part 1 ago
Chapter 22 Kidnapped part 2 ago
Another goddamn poll ago
Sup ago
Chapter 23 Chris's reputation in the leaf village ago
Chapter 24 Blood puppet ago
Chapter 25 Dom's message ago
Chapter 26 Anko attacks ago
Chapter 27 The start of a great battle ago
NEWS! a poll ago
Chapter 28 Danzo vs Konoha Part 1 ago
Sithspy! Damn! how! ago
Chapter 29 Danzo vs Konoha part 2 ago
Not a chapter ago
Chapter 30 Luna's new powerful move ago
Chapter 31 A walk to the past ago
Chapter 32 Very important decisions and information ago
Chapter 33 Itachi's message ago
Chapter 34 The true reason for Isabella's title of being the strongest sage. ago
Chapter 35 The 17th skill ago
Chapter 36 Chris Walker vs Hinata Hyuga ago
Poll! ago
Chapter 37 Chris Walker vs Hina Hyuga ago
Chapter 38 In the world of birds ago
Chapter 39 Tori no Kuni ago
Listen ago
Chapter 40 The Phoenix tournament begins!!! ago
Chapter 41 one step closer to winning. ago
Chapter 42 The final round ago
Chapter 43 The two battles! Part 1 ago
Poll ago
Chapter 44 The two battles part 2 ago
Chapter 45 The two battles part 3 ago
Chapter 46 The new natural energy ago
Chapter 47 A huge disaster caused by Sakura ago
Chapter 48 The continental bird ago
Chapter 49 The rematch ago
Chapter 50 Fear ago
Chapter 51 The winners of the third round. ago
Chapter 52 Sakura's change. ago
Chapter 53 Happy birthday ago
Chapter 54 TenTen part 1 ago
Chapter 55 TenTen part 2 ago
Chapter 56 Meet planty ago
Chapter 57 Sakura's win. ago
Chapter 58 Kat's identity exposed! ago
Chapter 59 Gaara's power. ago
Chapter 60 The green alien figure appears ago
Chapter 61 demon-beast style ago
Chapter 62 The death of the Hokage ago
Chapter 63 Dark-grey turtle alien figure ago
Chapter 64 prove that you're a man! ago
Chapter 65 Konan appears ago
Chapter 66 Luna's thoughts ago
Q&A ago
Chapter 67 Anko's curse is revealed ago
Chapter 68 Haku meets TenTen ago
Chapter 69 Death of an Uchiha ago
Chapter 70 God's realm ago
Chapter 71 Solkvore ago
Chapter 72 Tricked into a marriage ago
Chapter 73 A huge misunderstanding ago
Chapter delayed ago
Still alive. ago
Chapter 74 the fall of the continental bird. ago
Chapter 75 I wanna marry Onii-chan! ago
Chapter 76 Sasuke's life with Itachi and family. ago
Chapter 77 Hina's support for Chris. ago
Chapter 78 The end of Konoha is approaching ago
Chapter 79 decisions and valuable information ago
Chapter 80 it begins. ago
Chapter 81 The strongest Gonin vs The strongest alien. ago
Chapter 82 The strongest Gonin vs The strongest alien part 2 ago
Chapter 83 The fortune system. ago
Chapter 84 The escape part 1 ago
Chapter 85 The escape part 2 ago
Chapter 86 summoning the fourth ago
Chapter 87 The moment you all have been waiting for (literally) ago
Chapter 88 you talk too much ago
Chapter 89 Found him ago
Chapter 90 Rei ago
Chapter 91 Tsubaki ago
Chapter 92 kingdom ago
Notice ago
Chapter 93 Hinata ago
Chapter 94 The reappearance of Fan Uchiha ago
Chapter 95 Kat ago
Chapter 96 Training room ago
Chapter 97 Princess carry. ago
Chapter 98 Fan's Lullaby. ago
Chapter 99 A vision of the future. ago
Sup ago

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I can’t continue to read this nonsense (the author said that the further the better, but the opposite, the farther the dumber becoming MC) I’ll leave this novel because of MC and the author who made all allies dumber and smarter than the enemy (as the author believes ) The author did not want a harem, but this is a harem (The author does not want such characters as Tsunade in the harem because they are too old but the author forgot that MC has the ability to manage time (which he does not use at all, he can seriously stop all the time 10 seconds, but the author did not even think that he could change be the age of the harem) The author thinks that MC OP but no it’s not (he can’t do anything at all) as a whole the story is not bad but the author turned the story into garbage) (I use google translator)


Word vomiting and the prose of a 12-year-old

So, uh... Yeah. 


This story really is something else. I don't think I've ever read prose this bad in my life - at least not prose that somehow still becomes popular. The author absolutely needs an editor and a rewrite, because reading this has probably given me a brain tumour.

I made through almost three chapters before deciding to look out for my health and giving up. I suggest you don't do the same. Just don't touch it at all. 

The author apparently doesn't know how to write conversation. You don't write like this:

"Man, this novel really isn't any good." (me)

"what do you mean, this novel is totally great, I don't even have to use question marks, full stops, or anything, I can just keep going and vomit words like there's no tomorrow" (author) 

I mean, really? Run-on sentences that last longer than Forrest Gump's cross-country run, character writing more 2-dimensional than Pac-Man, terrible dialogue, and a "hehe xd" random system that appears once in a while are some of the few things so very wrong with this novel.

I suggest you take a couple of writing classes, scrap this novel, and start over, because I think I may have to sue for damages if this brain tumour develops. 


Why didn't you make changes we would enjoy?

It is full of shit. Horrible character development. It makes no sense. You push characters and random stories out your ass every chapter. You branded your own mc as a rapist. The blue screen thing is not funny/cute/entertaining. WHY AND HOW DID ITACHI GET MARRIED. Who the fuck Is Isabella and how and what kekei genkai makes her so op that she can botch slap pains asshole. Why are the only changes you made to the story shit like making enemies stronger. Here is a change we would all love. Itachi didn't kill all the uchihas and is a good big bro. Yahiko didn't die so there is no pain. Minato died but kushina lived to protect her baby or vise versa. This would have been good changes but you just had to fuck it all up since the beginning eh


 You keep pushing shit out your ads into the virtual world and keep calling it good content. I don't understand why this gets so much attention or why is it even at 3 and a half stars. This is seriously stupid annoying and frustrating. For someone with so much op powers he is so weak it is infuriating and makes no fucking sense.


Why is he so weak for someone who's so "op"

I do not understand what's going on in this novel; I understand the plot somewhat, but I just don't understand that if he has a million times the charka of the nine tails; why isn't he already the strongest in the world. I know someone is going to say because it's the lack of exprience, but that's bull. With that amount of charka, he could destroy a continent instantly.


Sorry but this is cringe for me. couldn't get past ch 2, the OPness if whatever but your portrayal of anbu and the hokage is just horrible. maybe i have higher expectations since i've read legit good naruto fanfics on 

Sad to say this is really not worth your time if your looking for naruto fanfic

on the other end you could easily improve this with some grammer checking, completing words and not using u instead of you. basicly alot alot alot of polish.

Ankit Mahar

Not a very good fan fiction

This novel started in a good note and I expected a lot from it. The author's idea of merging Naruto's world with his own ideas was filled with potential as well.

But because of the system, the MC became a bit too overpowered. Some of the new characters in the novel are likeable but the older characters seemed to have lost their original personality from the anime.

The plot almost seems to be non existant (at least for now). The fights in this novel are short and very uninteresting.

As I said earlier, this novel had a lot of potential. There a lot of new ideas put inside this novel but they have not connected very well with each other.

In a simple sentence:- This novel seems like a hodgepodge of different ideas and seems to be running of purely the author's whim.

I am a big fan of Naruto series and had read a lot of fan fictions before this but I was thoroughly disappointed by this one.

Give it a try if you want to. Everyone has different taste and you might like it. But I would rather not pick it up again.



The character's and stories are so random it just to stupid. The mc I'd super overpowered in truth but he gets such huge nerfs for the plot that he looks like a complete idiot who doesn't know how shit works. Somehow the rinegan can move faster then time and time is in fact faster then the speed of light. Somehow people can just adapt to time being stopped and ignore that it is stopped. You could name an inventory "inventory" for over 60 chapters. The mc I'd a stupid idiot who literally is like a god to this people but is so weak he can't do anything. To give mc a challenge(for plot) you literally make him out to be weak, make some random ass person op and say it's thanks to his KG(kekei genkai). At this point I won't be surprised if ichiraku guy ends up being madara uchihas and kaguyas son, who has eyes of super overpoweredness and gets mind controlled into fucking his daughter to give birth to the god of ninjas who will be the strongest opponent chris has ever faced. Also I'm 99.999999% sure your going to use the bullshit I just said as a future plot and call it story development.  


New Writer wish fullfillment

Wish fulfillment story from someone who's probably never written anything, and doesn't even try to write well. 

Grammar is better than other stories on this site, but still quite bad. 

Probably not worth your time. 


Alright, I was gonna dump the fic like the hundreds of other subpar fics I've sifted through in the past, but this one gets a lot of attention, and I don't believe that's very just.

Between the unfunny author parentheses, the OOC characters and the ridiculously overpowered MC, this story is a mess in quite a few angles, and exploring all of them would be a waste of time, so let me just give a semi-detailed break-down of why I'm giving you low-star scores.

Style: Author interjections are done through parentheses mid-story, but what really pisses me off is that the name of the person speaking in a dialogue is written in brackets like I'm some sort of fool that can't follow a written convo. Jesus Christ, that shit doesn't work. It never does.

Instead of doing this:

"I fell down some stairs" (Naruto)

Do this

"I fell down some stairs," Naruto said.

Or if it's implicit that he's speaking, I.e: Iruka asks him a question; Naruto! What happened?"

"I fell down some stairs"

The above would suffice.

The style is very unconventional and informal, bordering on amateurish, but that wouldn't be such a big issue if it wasn't compounded by the genuinely horrid storytelling.

Story: We've got our MC who reincarnates into the Naruto world, and selects God mode, purported to be the most difficult setting of the world, but instead of that, he munchkins four overpowered Kekkei Genkais, selects three elemental affinities and twenty miscellaneous/combat skills that make him into a peerless genius.

Literally nothing in this whole scenario is difficult. The shitty MC treats life as a joke, because it freaking is. The surrounding characters are absolute idiots, and it only makes the MC's job of surviving easier.

He gets interrogated by the Hokage for five minutes, and then he gets let off, and not only that, he first got taken in for being a spy, and then they freaking let him join the academy.

Keep in mind, this is the same dude that ordered the slaughter of men, women, the elderly and the children of the Uchiha clan. He doesn't kill a foreign element, but enrolls him into the school like it was a good decision. Ninja don't mess around with secrets, so why in the world did he do that?

Here's a snippet that really pissed me off: "I can't chase him outside of the village or he might be killed by whatever is lurking out there and my reputation will collapse."

Eh... first of all, no it wouldn't. Second of all, that is NOT the only way to banish a foreign agent from their village. He could kill, then cremate him and spread the ashes somewhere, he could transport him secretly and dump him somewhere, and the ANBU wouldn't bat a single eyelid.

They kill children, for god's sakes. I'm still having a hard time believing that the ANBU would ever humor the MC's request to be taken. Why wasn't he brought directly to interrogation to Ibiki Morino*** (You called him Horimo, what the heck?)? The Hokage has better things to do than interrogate people.

And even if Chris managed to trick the Hokage with four different skills, that made the whole issue utterly simple, a far-cry from the purported 'god-mode' difficulty that Chris would be subjected to.

Here's what actual God-mode would look like:

He gets dropped off somewhere in the Konoha forest. As is. No Japanese, no Jutsu, an average amount of Chakra.

Then he gets told to become the Hokage.

That, that there's a God-mode challenge. Not this excuse of a curbstomp.

Grammar is the only okay thing with this story, and it's still shit in regular standards. Little punctuations (you even forget the period, sometimes), run-on sentences and poor syntax, but it's readable.

Grammarly extension could fix that.

Characters: The Hokage used 'gonna' and 'wanna' several times in dialogue, he was utterly naive and extremely gullible, and generally OOC.

Some new characters introduced thanks to his God-mode difficulty, but does it really make it a bigger challenge for our already OP hero? No, it doesn't.

Signing out.