Dungeon Spirit

Dungeon Spirit

by Lajolo



A lost spirit meets a wizard who might get him to remember who he was. Maybe that's a good thing? The spirit is really just a little curious about it and more interested in the world he's in. 

Monsters and magic have so much potential, and well, that might be a problem. It's even more of a problem if you bring humans into the mix. Or spirits.

With the problems getting worse the wizard is trying to fix things. 

What to do? 

Well, being in charge of a Dungeon is certainly interesting.



Hello! I'm going to try writing this story and see how it goes. I have lots of plans and ideas but you newer know were these things go once they come alive.

I have been thinking of writing a Dungeon story for a while now. Just got to get the ideeas to fit together.


Content warning? Probably not? Maybe? Lets see how much I can mess with you without them.

I mean if everything happens in your imagination I can't be blamed now can I? 


(It might be a new genre that I might be thinking of inventing: Theoretical Horror! maybe) 






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