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Walter Alvis, all around video game addict, finds himself magically summoned into a fantasy world. To his dismay he discovers that, unlike in his run-away imagination, he is completely helpless as a, "Level: Zero." Now he has to find a way to get along with the knight and Paladin-select, Elin Folcey, while at the same time desperately surviving by his wits.

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The Argue-Not

The Argue-Not

Word Count (VII)
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Ouroboros ago
Chapter 2: Escaping the Necropolis ago
Chapter 3: The Paladin-Select, Elin Folcey ago
Chapter 4: [Scan] ago
Chapter 5: Sister Lora the Viper ago
Chapter 6: Balance ago
Chapter 7: Goblin Ambush ago
Chapter 8: The Cult of the Circle ago
Chapter 9: Letun ago
Chapter 10: The [Player] as a [Hero], the [Hero] as a [Villain] ago
Chapter 11: Fighter and Supplier ago
Chapter 12: Dungeoneering ago
Chapter 13: The Burden of Ignorance ago
Chapter 14: Tilt ago
Chapter 15: Resolve ago
Chapter 16: Resurrection ago
Chapter 17: Level Up ago
Chapter 18: Vision ago
Chapter 19: Confession ago
Chapter 20: Party Merger ago
Chapter 21: Locked ago
Chapter 22: Dull ago
Chapter 23: Freedom ago
Chapter 24: Rebecca, the Ice Witch (Part I) ago
Chapter 25: Rebecca, the Ice Witch (Part II) ago
Chapter 26: Rebecca, the Ice Witch (Part III) ago
Chapter 27: Scientia Potentia Est ago
Chapter 28: Qui Tacet Consentire Videtur ago
Chapter 29: Duty ago
Chapter 30: Experience Points ago
Chapter 31: Save ago
Chapter 32: Faux's Mana ago
Chapter 33: Elin's Mana ago
Chapter 34: Walter's Mana ago
Chapter 35: Boss Fight (Part I) ago
Chapter 36: Boss Fight (Part II) ago
Chapter 37: Boss Fight (Part III) ago
Chapter 38: Boss Fight (Part IV) ago
Chapter 39: Respawn (Boss Fight Epilogue) ago
Chapter 40: Postlude ago

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  • Overall Score

The first 5 chapters are great, and if the book continued in that direction it would be an amazing gripping experience.

Alas, after a thrilling opening, the tone of the story shifts, first subtly, then not so subtly, towards a drama about feels, frustrations and psychological issues of the characters. 

The author has a great affection towards the characters of the story, to the detriment of the story itself.

  • Overall Score

So much going for it at such an early stage.

Reviewed at: Chapter 22: Dull

This review is up to chapter 6

Overall it's off to an amazing start, the writing is engaging, the characters are already well developed and it manages to use the tropes it's built off in interesting ways. It does not have a grimdark tag and it may never be gimdark but the descriptions are visceral and intense. What truly surprises me is that each of the chapters so far has been entertaining in a different way, a trend I know can't continue forever but it shows the skill of the author.


Edit: the story took a hiatus so I felt a need to update the review post-return but honestly while there's a clear change in story direction and a slight change in style that starts a few chapters into the new ones my review remains unchanged.  Every chapter is a delight and often is in a different way than the one before it was a delight.

Mighty Moushie
  • Overall Score

Happy I decided to check it out

Reviewed at: Chapter 17: Level Up

This isn't your traditional isekai story. The MC gets one skill that has yet to be useful, and a curse that is most definitely a detriment. The characters are great, worldbuilding is on point, and there are no grammar issues. There are enough teases as hidden mysteries that you won't be disappointed that the plot is taking its time to get things right from page one. This is after reading through chapter 17.

  • Overall Score

Review as of Chapter 8

The author seems to be making a fresh look on tired tropes. The characters so far have been captivating and the world building well done 

  • Overall Score

Well done, worth reading

Reviewed at: Chapter 12: Dungeoneering

It is very well done.  I'll admit, I would have liked it more without the concept of [Player], but I guess I'll have to see how that ends up influencing the direction the author is going.

  • Overall Score

Read it on a flight, its short but well written with interesting characters and solid world building. semi what you expect from with reincarnation stories but everything has a fresh twist so far. hope the author adds about 100 more chapters and releases a book id at least try it on kindle.

  • Overall Score

So all i can really say is i love it. I started reading this around 7 am this morning when i found it and finished at 9:53 PM 

Give it a read or regret it for the rest of your life. Your choice

  • Overall Score

a decent way to pass the time

Reviewed at: Chapter 40: Postlude

It's definitely wish fulfillment but not the worst example of it. I enjoyed reading it through to the end. The start is probably the worst bit and the story focuses altogether too much on how the women look, though if you can look past those flaws there's a sweet core story only mildly bogged down by it's detractors.

  • Overall Score

very entertaining and well planned book

Reviewed at: Chapter 40: Postlude

This is an amazing self contained work. I didnt expect the author to complete it, but the foreshadowing was great. The plot resolves itself very well in a satisfyjng ending.

The characters are flawed but believeable, I mean that in a good way

If you have any interest in light fantasy (I figure most people on RR do...), give this a try


  • Overall Score

The Concept is interesting but it's also Jarring

Reviewed at: Chapter 21: Locked

I'm going to be brief here and say that I like just about everything in this story except for the scale gimmick. Every time the story feels like it's about to kick off this gimmick is used and it throws off the pacing and tone. It feels like you're watching an anime that has a really good plot, but every few chapters someone decides to change it into an ecchi anime.

It may be a plot point, but it's annoying as hell and detracts from the story every time it comes up. I feel like it could be used to comedic effect, but it's too mind-altering and too much of a major plot point to do so. Once the gimmick was explained I felt like one of them was going to kill the other to get out of the spell. Honestly, I would have preferred it.

Edit: Having reading farther in it's much more of the same, unfortunately. It feels like it's devolving from its interesting opening into a slice of life like Death March. The plots still there but it's slow-moving and with the chapter size I don't feel like it will go anywhere for a while.

If it keeps up like this I'll probably stop reading and adjust my review accordingly.

Edit #2: I gave this about gave more chapters and it was more of the same. The world and overall story were interesting but the forced romance just ruined it for me. It was like the main characters were actual people until any type of romance came along whatsoever. No one would act like Walter in this situation let alone a computer programmer like him. It's like when this was written the original idea was to have a powertrip but it ended up as half a good story mixed with forced romance.

All of the roots of that type of story are there but every time one is revealed it's ignored for something else. Overall I feel like a certain audience can find enjoyment in this, but it requires a suspension of belief on a few major plot points and characters to do so.

I feel like the story would have benefitted if the romance wasn't there or bettered developed beyond "Magic Muggfin and plot! Boom make babies!" The stuff to do it is there, but in the end, it feels really forced and almost disgusting when looked upon in the context of what is actually happening.

I'll still give it three stars because it's enjoyable to an extent, and it's up to snuff in the English department.