Rush to Level 0

by Lise Eclaire

Original COMPLETED Action Adventure Female Lead LitRPG Virtual Reality

Equipped with nothing but a promise and her childhood AI companion, Sarah triggered an event that shouldn’t occur.

From that moment darkweb hackers, information brokers, and secret techno cults plagued her as she raced to find the hidden clues and complete the challenge before time runs out. The closer she got, the more it becomes apparent that reaching the hidden level was merely the beginning

Cover commissioned from Ligerstorm

Edited by Take Walker

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Lise Eclaire

Lise Eclaire

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Great bones, good flow

The story flows along smoothly and kept me engaged, there were a few parts I would lke some more explanation and details on.  All in all the story has progressed well I am bought into the in game plot, I would like to see the RL plot developed a little more. The relationship between the MC and her boss needs to fleshing out.  I look forward to reading more from Lise, I am engrossed in finding out if the MC will finish the quest and how close it will come to the time limit, im interested to see how the addition of a pro player will affect the way the MC has to play.  The immediacy of the MC's exams haging over her head is a nice push to show that she is trying to better herself in anyway possible.

This is a nice entry into the Gamelit genre, an easy read, easy to follow, nice use of stats when needed but not overloaded.

Keep up the good work Lise, I can't wait to follow along as you add to the adventure.

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Lise Eclaire creates a quasi-dystopian future so cynical and oppressively smothering that it seems probable rather than simply possible. Jaded young gamer Sarah and her enthusiastic but unappreciated AI cat companion Twinkle luck onto a quest leading to the fabled Level 100 in the VR game Vesperia, something thought to be urban legend.

What could possibly stand in her way? The ticking clock of a quest deadline counting down, quest tips so unfathomable that underworld information brokers struggle for clues, an unforgiving job and dearth of personal resources, a dangerous pro gamer fighting for the same quest, and a deep web tangle of wealthy hackers who render the legitimacy of the quest itself in question.

Rush to Level 0 features cyberspace that has become defined by an economy of paywalls and microtransactions, where our protagonist has long-since adjusted to weighing the cost of her every action. Lise does well in also deeply establishing a world where this is by no means a new business, a believable setting wherein parents have raised their children in MMOs and where one can even hire babysitters to help guide them through newbie quests.

Readers will find themselves drawn deep into the story as it unfolds—or rather as the story entraps them within an origami of mystery and misdirection all the way to the very end.



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From the prologue alone I am captured and only wonder the biography of such a writer as Lise to think of such a great story. 

Just begining how you introduced the game and system in a matter of fact and ominous way had me asking so many questions, only to have them answered in the very next sentence. 

Tldr; This book is a Gem. Jump in and try your best not to drown in your Rush to level 0.

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The plot/setting/characters are good though nothing special, BUT there is something more to it.

It is hard to put into words exactly what this story has that others lack. Something about subtle familiarity and wrongness. Like how waking up to find everything in your house moved three inches to the left could be more unsettling than the most fang covered monster.

I actually felt fear while reading this.

Shani Colbang
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A Great Blend of Fantasy, Cyberpunk, and Thriller

Rush to Level 0 is hands-down a well executed thriller, that gets the tense ball rolling and rolling until it abruptly cuts it short towards the cliffhanger ending. It'll leave you wanting for more when you get hooked at the awesome mash of cyberpunk reality against the Fantasy MMO VR game, and the tense mystery that crosses over these two worlds.

Meet your spunky protagonist, the plainly named Sarah, who isn't a pushover girl and drives most of the story forward with her haughty, cocky, and bold nature and that rebellious spirit. Although living by the strings in questionable conditions she's not one to back down of a challenge, and often will work her mind to what she wants even if it kills her. Despite being a rather confident to the point of being full of herself, her wit holds up water where it matters if not blanketed by her impulses. Her decisions provide the active twists in the story, whenever the world around her isn't screwing her over.

Side characters stick to the scene, and fit the world as they are. Every character in the VR game has their own flare of personality, and some even play a huge role in the plot, but never would they seem to act out of character when the plot demands it. Heck, the twists go well with who they are that you just get sucked in to the mess of it.

Every plot point all boils down to reaching a mysterious secret hidden level in an outdated old game. What makes it super fun is the hourney to get there. Our protagonist is thrown left and right, gaining and losing control, getting and losing allies or enemies, and when it starts to spread all over reality, the stakes blow through the roof. The setting ties in so well with the plot that the many everyday details that make up the world doesn't break you out of the fantasy, and all the more adds to it.

At times, the writing could get slow, but the pacing never slows down to a crawl. Some instances could have been rephrased to be less confusing, but overall the writing fits the mood and does well to deliver the story. Chill scenes are slow. Tense scenes are snappy. Grammar errors are irrelevant.

Overall, I recommend this novel for those that dig the VR Fantasy MMO genre combined with Cyberpunk. It's a must read thriller that promises and delivers, and keeps you wanting more.

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very good book

 Good blend of lots of genres,

plot is good,

I got a bit confused by the timeline but otherwise it was good 

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The story has a very strong dotHack 4th wall break vibe but cyberpunk rather than fantasy. Could be good, could be bad but after twenty chapters I just couldn't keep reading it.

We've all been there with the banality of end game content and the unspoken hope that somehow there is more to it.

If the repetitive dark web posers get lost, and something in the way of a decent entertaining hook is set? It just needs a lot more content to move past the end game which is the beginning and set the hook for the real mystery.