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Sorry for the long wait, I'll try to do better. It's been a long weekend!

“It's almost time. Is it ready?”

“Just give me a second Vos. I need to wait for the energy crystal to stabilize.”

”Just hurry up! The underworld legion is gonna be here in a few days. The newbies need to train and learn.”

“I honestly don't know why you wait so long.”

“Ragnel, you know that if we didn't wait then the rookies would think this was a game, they would do what they wanted but not what they needed.”


I just realized something. Today is the third day! That means today I get some answers. I'm ready for it. When will I go? I don't even know………….

I don't know how I could've forgotten about that. I wonder what's gonna happen. I'm all excited about it now.


I was so excited and distracted I hit my head on a stalactite.

“Fuck that hurts! Huh?”

I looked forward, trying to get a good look at whatever this was. From the high ceiling, all the way to myself was a stalactite. It was huge. It wouldn't have been odd if it was a whole bunch but it was just the one. The only fucking stalactite and I hit it with my head?! What are the odds?

I go around the stalactite, not hitting my head on it again. I didn't even take a step before the ground rumbled under me. I jumped backwards, not wanting to fall for whatever trap this was. A huge stalagmite shot up into the air, right where I was standing! It kept going right up j heard a…..


It sounded like two rocks colliding with immense force. It took about 4 seconds for the stalagmite to hit the ceiling. Hmm this might hurt a little.

“Alright Ness, hold on.”

I run as fast as I can forward. Stalagmites begin popping up all around me while the stalactites are rushing down, trying to make a Bishop-kebob! A stalactite comes down right in front of me. I run around it and trip over a growing stalagmite. I roll on the ground, trying to avoid as many as I can. I try to stand up, but I immediately hit my head on a growing stalactite! It comes down, trying to piece me against the floor. I roll out of its way.


I stalagmite begins to grow under me. I jump off of it, aiming for a clear spot, when a stalagmite shoots up into the air. I collide with the growing rock. Disoriented from the collision, all I can do is grab on. My right hand that was laying on to of the point was crushed and pierced when it hit the ceiling! I couldn't move! I was stuck there! Nessie, thankfully, was safely inside my jacket.

My hand was bleeding profusely. The blood was oozing out of my hand and down the rock. It fucking hurts. The bone was completely crushed, the skin, muscle, nerves and blood vessels were completely pierced. I couldn't even move my fingers. I screamed and yelled.

The stalagmite grew so much it already hit the ceiling, dragging me along with it. In pain, I looked around for anything that could help. My eyes began to linger on the top of the rock. It was the thinnest part of the whole thing. If I could break just a little from the top off I could slide my hand up and over. At least if I did that I had a chance of living. Regrettably I'll be one handed.

Hmphf well there's nothing to it but to do it.

Since I was already at the top, I didn't have to climb any. I look at the top of the stalagmite with a mixture of hate and malice. I already dropped the pitchfork a long time ago so I couldn't use that. The only thing left was my left fist. I drew it back and punched with all my force………

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh FUCK”. It was a rock, what should I expect?

Anyway, despite the pain I continued with the punches. It. Hurt. Like. Hell. I soon began to feel woozy because of the loss of blood but no matter the pain, no matter the dizziness, no matter what else is gonna come my way I have to get through this. Why? I got three reasons why.

“I got to protect Nessie!”

I started punching faster

“I've got to make sure no one else has to go through what I did!”

Cracks were forming on the rock.


I gave one more massive punch…………..and the top of the stalagmite broke! It actually came off! My dumbassness finally saved myself!

[Feat of strength performed! Title [Persistence Is Key] has been achieved!]

[Persistence Is Key: Congratulations, you've either done something stupid so much until it worked, or you kept trying your hardest in the worst challenges. Either way, you did good! Increases willpower by a large margin.]

[Willpower increased to 10!]

A title? That's……………new. Granted all of this is new but was what I did really that dumb? I mean it was the ONLY option besides chewing through my hand. Still, it was worth it. I got a title AND a stat increase! Now back to less important matters, like my bleeding hand which I have yet to pick up because of the immense pain. Honestly I can't catch a break………….

I began to pick my hand up. Sliding it gently overtop the stalagmite, it bleeds uncontrollably. I raise it up triumphantly, I feel great about myself.

“Ok before I bleed out I need to get this taken care of. Nessie can you please stop this?”

Nessie began charging up a [Solar Flare] when suddenly the brightest light I've ever seen envelopes both of us. The light feels warm. Like a towel you get out if the dryer. I feel myself moving. I don't know where I'm going but it feels nice. I look at my hand. It stopped bleeding! It felt warm! The bone began to grow back! When the bone was finished then the muscles and nerves began to heal, it looked so unreal. After that a new layer of skin grew! I felt so relieved! I thought I would have to use my left hand from now on, I suck with my left hand!

My fatigue began recovering too. I was relaxed. Nessie looked relaxed too. She had her eyes closed, chilling.

After a few minutes a screen popped up.

[Tamer and beast has been thoroughly analyzed. Synchronization process has begun. Primal form will be activated. Tamer and beast will merge.]

Nessie began disappearing! I was too shocked to do anything!

I felt an immense pain all over my body! The light was no longer warm, that dreadful light was a fire! My skin burned, I looked at it………….. Unreal was only how I could describe it.

I could see my arms turning yellow. I watched the scales grow, every single one of them felt like the sun. My fingernails grew until they became claws, claws meant to take a life. My legs then began to grow longer! My toenails became just like my claws! By the time they were done I was at least 5’7! A tail began to grow at my backside! I could feel the bones and muscles growing, I searing blaze covering it all! The teeth in my head became longer and sharper, my face grew longer, more……..lizard-like. A sharp pain was felt in my head as two horns sprouted out above where my ears should be.

My muscles became more dense and robust. My bones became tougher. My organs worked harder. My brain worked a little faster. And with a final cry of “Mommy!” The transformation was completed.

[Synchronization completed. Tamer's skills and visible stats have merged with the beast’s skills and visible stats. Status is as follows.]



Hp 385/386

Mp 140/140

Sp 405/405



Mental Fortitude: 12 Added Effect: Illusions have a 15% less chance of working.

Endurance: 20 Added Effect: Will not get tired while running.

Willpower: 10



[Berserk lvl 1 50/100: When a life-threatening injury is inflicted upon the user, the user will recover 10% of max Hp and Stamina and will gain and attack boost for the duration of the battle. Stackable. Increases health stat and strength stat by a small amount.]

[Merciless lvl 2 23/200: Mercy is for the weak. Allows user to keep a clear mind and not be affected as much by mental attacks. Increases the mental fortitude stat by a large amount.]

[Skinning lvl 2. 17/200: You can now clean what you kill, a skill every hunter needs. Increases dexterity by a small amount]

[Spirit’s protection lvl 1 21/100: Respect the dead and the dead will respect you. Grants the user a spirit's shield for a Max of 3 attacks before breaking. Cost: 50 MP Duration: One minute. Increases spirit purity stat and endurance stat by a small amount]

[Patience lvl 1 11/100: The longer the battle goes on, the better you become. Temporarily increases highest stat by 1% for every 20 seconds that goes by in a battle. Increases endurance by a lot.]

[Bask lvl 3 200/400. Sunlight is a lizard's best friend. Speed and energy increased by 20% in sunlight. Collects even more solar energy. Speed stat and energy stat increases by a little.]

[Solar Flare lvl 1 80/100: Shoots a small concentration of solar energy out of the body. Attack power: weak Range: 10ft Consumes 15 mp Can cause burns. Increases energy stat and sunlight affinity by a small amount]


[Persistence Is Key]



I felt different. Like someone was living inside me but that person was my closest friend. It felt invasive but also loving. Like your mom going through your diary to make sure you're ok. I was stronger. I could tell that without the status.

The white light began disappearing. I could finally start to see! I look around and find myself in a crowd. I don't know what I'm in a crowd of though. There were some with wings that flew, some with horns. Some carried hatchets and swords while others grabbed whatever they could get their hands on. Some stood on two legs and some stood on four. They looked amazingly different, no two were alike. There was even a guy that had the bottom half of a black stallion! I couldn't believe what I saw! But then again I'm just like them. I'm a tamer. And this is what us tamers look like in our prime.

I looked around at all the half people half beasts. It looked like there were at least a million people here. I couldn't really tell. The sun was setting and dust blew about. Everyone looked as dazed and confused as I felt. I kinda looked like we were in a medieval courtyard. We all stayed quiet in the courtyard. No joking around or fights or anything! A large, fur-covered hand shot up in front of the crowd. It was from a wolf-like man wearing spiked, metal armor. His fur was black and sleek, like the night sky. His eyes spoke of dominance and his voice oozed with command. This was a guy who knew how to get things done.

“Alright you dirty group of hellspawn! I'm your general Vos. And I'm here to put you all through hell to get you ready for the enemy! Now, who's ready to fight the Vos?”

A note from end

 Hmm I've been thinking about letting him contract another beast. Comment if you have a good idea of what it should be.

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martsst @martsst ago

You should make is second contracted beast is grand father dalmatian, if he survied of course.

DealWithIt? @DealWithIt? ago

Snake would fit with a lizard. He could potentially have venom, be more agile, and stealthy.

Rhino or hippo would be cool I don't where he'd find one or what it'd do other than make him bigger and stronger.

SaltyNigeria @SaltyNigeria ago

Maybe you should give him another lizard. Go on the road of being a lizard/dragon king. That would be pretty cool. Maybe a lightning or darkness lizard to complement Nessie.