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After the battle was over I was lead to a small medical building to get looked over. I was given light healing magic to reset my ribs and recommended at least a week to rest my body. I was forbidden for any hard work for at least five days though.

Chisai was in a good condition and stayed with me as I recovered. We chatted a lot and I discovered a variety of things about her. Her class is called “Beginner Guardian” and gave her the basic knowledge on how to wield shields. She was also determined to be an adventurer like me. Also, her actual age seems to be fifteen even though she looks around twelve. I kind of understand her pain. I explain my actual age as well to her just in case she thought what I thought about her.

The place we were given to stay was a small hut with basic commodities. Although it didn’t have running water or anything like that. It was definitely better than sleeping outside with nothing at least.

I was visited by the elder who invited Chisai and I to a training group, for the newer people. Chisai and I agreed and we were told to meet in the town square in a weeks time. Meanwhile I experimented with my shadow magic in an attempt to learn more about it.

My discoveries were rather interesting. First it seems shadows are required to be where I’m using my magic to be able use my magic. Second I could use two shadow warps and have a small amount of mana left, or I could use basic shadow control for about one hundred and ten seconds before running completely dry on mana.Third and lastly It took me ten and a half hours to completely regain my mana.

I also slightly refined my control over the shadows. My magic wasn’t quite to the point of being able to make a spike of shadow, but it had definitely improved.

After a relaxing week the time for the training group.

I woke up early in the morning to prepare. I first woke Chisai before having a hearty breakfast of eggs and bacon with her. It was provided by the town. I grabbed my claymore and she grabbed her shield. After our preparation we went directly to the town square.

When we arrived we noticed a group of people standing with the village chief. I walk over with Chisai at my side and throw out a greeting.

“Hello chief, and hello to everyone else as well.”

The group’s attention shifts towards us as a result. The chief responds shortly after

“Ah, Lykos and Chisai, seems you made it in time. Anyways let me introduce you to the group you’ll be working with.”

He goes on to introduce the group to both of us and us to them. After introductions are finished we can ask questions about this world or anything in general. I decide to ask something that had been on my mind for quite some time.

“So do classes do anything else other than just give us basic starting knowledge?”

“Yes, they can evolve and grow with you at certain key levels. At every key level your class will have something important happen to it. It could be a new ability or an improvement to an ability you already have. Most classes grow more and more unique as you reach these key levels.”

Hmm, that makes me curious about what my class will become..

“What are the key levels?”

“Generally they are every five levels, though there are exceptions. I’m currently level fifty, you can use that for a way to measure your current power. The attackers were generally around their twenties or thirties in levels.”

“Alright, thanks for the info.”

“Now, everyone get into pairs and spar. I have a set of wooden weapons over here that you can choose from. We’ll have a large number of spars for you to try all of the weapon types.”

I paired up with an adult that had strange glyphs all over their body. It seems their race or class allowed them to imbue certain attributes in their body using tattoos as a medium. It increased their physical stats but at the cost of permanent mana reduction. At least that’s what they told me.

We sparred with a variety of weapons, the strange man usually winning. Though I did win a couple of times when he went with a weapon he was poorly matched with. After testing out such a large variety of weapons I discovered my favorites.

I enjoyed wielding a scythe the most, even if it was awkward sometimes. Though also enjoyed long swords, short swords, claymores though they were tiring and spears. I decided to obtain a scythe that was of decent quality and wieldable as soon as possible.

After the sparring was complete we were brought back together by the village chief.

“Now, if you’ve all decided on weapons I can get everyone a basic order for their chosen weapon from the blacksmith. Though you would owe us if you decide to order a weapon. We would accept a payment of two dungeon symbols or one month of work for the town. Work can include going on hunts, building, cooking or anything similar. I’ll give everyone five minutes to decide.”

Taking in this info I decide to ask Chisai about her opinion on it first before deciding. I’m also curious if she will accept it, and if she does what she would want made. I walk over to Chisai and ask

“So, what do you think we should do? I rather like the scythe, and am considering accepting so I can obtain one of decent quality.”

A thoughtful look appears on her face and her mouse ears twitch slightly as if deep in thought. I can’t help but find her focused expression rather adorable.

“Hmmmmm, I-I think you should accept it… I’m not sure what weapon I would want though… maybe a spear or something? O-Of course we would continue partying for this right?!”

“Of course, I think we make a good team!”

I guess I’ll accept and try to get some dungeon symbols.

I decide to accept the offer from the village chief. After we accept we each tell the chief which weapon we want.

I decide to look around for a way to get some form of armor as well while I wait for my weapon to be made. Chisai alos ordered a spear to go with her shield.

I find a rather quaint armor store and ask the man at the counter my question.

“Do you have any cheap and light-weight armor for someone my size. Also do you have any cheap, medium to heavy armor for my companions size?”

“I do have both. The armor for you would cost one dungeon symbol and the armor for the girl would cost two.”

“Alright, I’ll return when we have the money to buy them. Thanks for the help.”

Damn, everything seems to require dungeon symbols…

Chisai and I return to our hut and wait for our weapons to be finished. We decide to set out on our dungeon raid as soon as the weapons are ready. We do need to get plenty of dungeon symbols after all.

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