Hero of Edea

Hero of Edea

by pandapao

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

John Sparks was just your regular 25-year old man, a recent graduate from a prestigious university looking for his first job in a mundane world. He didn’t go out much to parties, he didn’t smoke, he didn’t drink alcohol and his typical hobbies would have you labeling him as an otaku. And he was fine with all that. He was fine with his life as it was. Or so he thought. John soon finds himself reminiscing about all the times he wished something out of an anime or manga or what have you would happen to him when something thought to be impossible occurs. He gets summoned to another world as a Hero. And boy was he stoked! This is the dream! Or well, one of them anyway. Seriously, many times has John wondered what it would be like to be a Hero with powers and everything. And so he gets his chance to find out. In a world with RPG elements abound.

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Cliched but fun read with solid potential

The series is pretty good. But there is very little originality.

Plot is okay, and moves fairly quickly. There's nothing super unique to the story, it's a standard Isekai and OP Hero story. That said it's absolutely not all that original though. There are tons of cliches used in this story. But some are more in Johns head than anything else. The lack of originality is okay, not super mind you, but it's okay to do that as long as the author is upfront about it. 

Character wise there is nothing new here, but given how few chapters there have been (4 at time of writing this) that's probably a result of the author not having the opportunity to flesh them out. The good news though is that John is absolutely a genre savvy individual and his otaku imagination allows him to do some crazy things. Blatant plagiarism sort of things, although the character admits it freely so at least there's that. 

Grammar is pretty good, there are some mistakes but they are relatively minor mostly missing letters and the like.

The biggest problem is that the story updates so infrequently, so Author if you read this try and be consistent with at minimum weekly chapters. That should be pretty doable given the length of your chapters thus far. That's why you are getting a 3.5 score. I'll revise my score if that changes, so good luck. I'll be checking in about 6 months so I hope to see at least 26 more chapters, preferably a ton more as this series could have some good potential.